Territory of Hawaii's At-large congressional district

Hawaii Territory's at-large congressional district was the congressional district for the Territory of Hawaii, which was established by the Newlands Resolution of 1898. On April 30, 1900, the Hawaiian Organic Act gave the Territory of Hawaii the authority to elect a single non-voting Congressional delegate.[1][2]

After Hawaii's admission to the Union as the 50th state by act of Congress on August 21, 1959, this district was replaced by Hawaii's at-large congressional district.

List of delegates

Delegate Party Years Electoral history
Robert W. Wilcox Home Rule December 15, 1900 –
March 3, 1903
First elected in 1900
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J. Kūhiō Kalanianaʻole Republican March 4, 1903 –
January 7, 1922
First elected in 1902
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Henry A. Baldwin Republican March 25, 1922 –
March 3, 1923
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William P. Jarrett
Democratic March 4, 1923 –
March 3, 1927
First elected in 1922
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Victor S. K. Houston Republican March 4, 1927 –
March 3, 1933
First elected in 1926
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Lincoln L. McCandless Democratic March 4, 1933 –
January 3, 1935
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Samuel W. King Republican January 3, 1935 –
January 3, 1943
First elected in 1934
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Joseph R. Farrington Republican January 3, 1943 –
June 19, 1954
First elected in 1942
Re-elected in 1944
Re-elected in 1946
Re-elected in 1948
Re-elected in 1950
Re-elected in 1952
Elizabeth P. Farrington Republican August 4, 1954 –
January 3, 1957
First elected to finish her husband's term
Re-elected in November 1954
Lost re-election
John A. Burns Democratic January 3, 1957 –
August 21, 1959
First elected in 1956
Re-elected in 1958
Statehood achieved


Coordinates: 21°18′41″N 157°47′47″W / 21.31139°N 157.79639°W / 21.31139; -157.79639

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