The Duke Plays Ellington

The Duke Plays Ellington
Duke Ellington
Released 1953
Recorded April 13 & 14, and December 3, 1953
Genre Jazz
Label Capitol
Duke Ellington chronology

Premiered by Ellington
The Duke Plays Ellington
Ellington ‘55

The Duke Plays Ellington is an album by American pianist, composer and bandleader Duke Ellington featuring trio sessions recorded for the Capitol label in 1953.[1] The album was rereleased with additional tracks on CD as Piano Reflections in 1989


The Allmusic review by Scott Yanow awarded the album 4½ stars and stated "Ellington sounds modern (especially rhythmically and in his chord voicings) and shows that he could have made a viable career out of just being a pianist".[2]

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars[2]

Track listing

:All compositions by Duke Ellington except as indicated

  1. "Who Knows?" - 2:37
  2. "Retrospection" - 3:58
  3. "B Sharp Blues" - 2:47
  4. "Passion Flower" (Billy Strayhorn) - 3:05
  5. "Dancers in Love" - 1:56
  6. "Reflections in D" - 3:35
  7. "Melancholia" - 3:20
  8. "Prelude to a Kiss" (Ellington, Irving Gordon, Irving Mills) - 3:04
  9. "In a Sentimental Mood" (Ellington, Mills, Manny Kurtz) - 2:30
  10. "Things Ain't What They Used to Be" (Mercer Ellington) - 2:56
  11. "All Too Soon" (Ellington, Carl Sigman) - 3:08
  12. "Janet" - 2:15
  13. "Kinda Dukish" - 2:32 Bonus track on CD reissue
  14. "Montevideo" - 2:33 Bonus track on CD reissue
  15. "December Blue" - 2:40 Bonus track on CD reissue
  16. "It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)" - 10:17 Bonus track on CD reissue
  • Recorded at Capitol Studios, Los Angeles on April 13 (tracks 1-8), April 14 (tracks 9-12), and December 3 (tracks 13-5), 1953.



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