The Howard Stern show staff

Throughout its run spanning four decades and multiple media, The Howard Stern Show has been home to a number of staff members and contributors.

Current staff

These staffers currently work for and appear on the show on a regular, if not hourly basis.


These people currently sit in the studio throughout the entire broadcast.

Howard Stern

Main article: Howard Stern

Howard Stern is host of the show, which essentially is a discussion of topics that include world affairs, celebrity gossip, self-deprecation, bodily functions, conflicts among his staff, his own personal family matters, and the antics of the show's Wack Pack.[1] Self-proclaimed "King of All Media".

Robin Ophelia Quivers

Main article: Robin Quivers

Robin Ophelia Quivers is a native of Baltimore, Maryland, and first met Stern after being assigned as his newswoman at WWDC in March 1981. She has been his co-host and news reader ever since. She is a former nurse and Captain in the United States Air Force. Quivers briefly left the show towards the end of her time at WWDC when Stern made a deal at WNBC in 1982, and did not realize WNBC initially refused to hire her. Quivers returned to the show at WNBC a month after Stern.[2]

Stern once said that Quivers is the only person on the show that he would allow to talk freely during the broadcast, although comedian Artie Lange was allowed this privilege as well during his years on the show.[3]

Fred Norris

Main article: Fred Norris

Of the show's staff, Stern met Norris first, in 1979, when the two worked as disc jockeys at WCCC in Hartford, Connecticut. Norris would work the overnight slot, after which Stern would host the morning slot.[4] Although Stern left shortly afterwards, Norris stayed at WCCC until joining Stern and Quivers at Washington, D.C.'s WWDC in 1981.[1] The "Earth Dog Fred" nickname originated in Washington, as Norris replaced an engineer nicknamed "Earth Dog Brent."[5]

Norris is married to Allison (née Furman) and they have one daughter, Tess.

Norris' current role on the show is to provide sound effects, organize and direct commercials and live reads, and occasionally perform writing duties. Norris also provides impersonations of show regulars, celebrities and others.[6][7]

Benjy Bronk

Bronk began working on The Howard Stern Show as an intern in 1998, at age 37.[8] He eventually earned a paid position conducting pre-interviews of show guests and gathering articles for Robin Quivers' news. In 2000, Benjy was given an in-studio seat next to writers Jackie Martling and Fred Norris, writing on-the-spot jokes for Stern as the show transpired.[9] After Martling left the show in early 2001, Bronk continued as an in-studio joke writer with Norris. When the Howard Stern Show moved to satellite in January 2006, Bronk continued in his role as an in-studio joke writer. In addition to joke-writing, he is well known and often mocked on the show for his blotchy complexion,[10] purposely odd (and annoying) behavior,[11] and his chronic lateness.[12]

George Takei

Main article: George Takei

George Takei serves, one week per quarter, as the show's announcer.[13] Before joining the show, Takei became popular among the cast after soundbites of his audiobook about his career on Star Trek were played on the show. The clips stood out due to his deep baritone voice and pitch perfect enunciation, and, thus, were frequently played on the show. In 2006, when the show moved to Sirius, it was announced that Takei would be the show's official announcer.

Outside the studio

These are the behind the scenes (though in the Stern world even the behind the scenes folks are frequently on air)

Steve Brandano

Steve The Intern is an associate producer, former intern, and host of the Thursday night intern show.

Richard Christy

Main article: Richard Christy

While working as an electrician in Florida and playing as a drummer in a number of heavy metal bands including Iced Earth and Death, Christy began calling into the show from October 1999, initially sending voice mails to the show's assistant producer K. C. Armstrong which would get played on-air. From 2001 to 2003, Christy would send song parodies and bits about Armstrong and show co-host Robin Quivers including some like "It's K.C.'s Sausage Party" (a parody of "It's My Party")[14] and "Gay Photograph" (a parody of the Def Leppard song "Photograph")[15] that continue to be played on the show to this day. Christy would also make his first visit to the show on April 24, 2003 where he played a round of blackjack to win a date with a porn star.

In July 2004, when the show was holding a "Win John's Job" contest following the departure of Stuttering John from the show, Christy won the position as voted by fans. Since joining the show, Christy has become known for his prank calls, song parodies, unique personality, and "show stunts" he's performed with his writing partner Sal the Stockbroker.[16]

Christy is currently the drummer in the heavy-metal band Charred Walls of the Damned.

Gary Dell'Abate

Main article: Gary Dell'Abate

Gary Dell'Abate, aka Baba Booey, serves as the show's head producer. Hired right after graduating from Adelphi University in 1984 and briefly anglicizing his name to Gary Dell, he has worked for the show ever since. Dell'Abate is mocked on the Stern Show for his appearance, gullibility (he once booked a mentally challenged woman who claimed to be Madonna's sister), and frequent mispronunciations (for example, insisting that actor Nick Nolte's last name was pronounced "Nolt"). He earned the nickname "Baba Booey" after insisting it to be the correct name of the cartoon character Baba Looey.[17]

Sal Governale

Salvatore "Sal or Sallie" Governale (aka "Sal the Stockbroker") was originally a frequent caller who worked as a stockbroker. Stern took notice after numerous calls mocking Gary Dell'Abate. Although he came in second in the "Win John's Job" contest (to his writing partner, Richard Christy), Sal was eventually hired as a prank caller/writer/makeup wearer for the show, and is now credited as a producer.

JD Harmeyer

Jamie David "JD" Harmeyer is Howard's head media producer. He records television shows, pulls clips from the internet and edits together highlights from recent happenings in movies and TV. He attended Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida.

Jon Hein

Main article: Jon Hein

Jon Hein has made guest appearances on the show since May 3, 2001,[18] discussing television shows that have "jumped the shark", a term he uses to describe when a show has passed its prime (based on an episode of the show, Happy Days, where a previously popular and well-done show clearly and memorably began to go downhill). In late 2005, while experimental programming was broadcast on Howard 100 and Howard 101, Hein presented the first edition of Superfan Roundtable. His success in on-air hosting led him to become the co-host of the The Wrap-Up Show when the show moved to Sirius XM in January 2006.[19]

Hein is also a cohost on the weekly Thursday show, "Jon Hein's TV Show" with J. D. Harmeyer, Steve Brandano, and Jenny Hutt, as well as the weekly Friday show "Geek Time" with Jason Kaplan and Ralph Cirella.

Jason Kaplan

Jason Kaplan is a senior producer for the show. He has many duties, including writing the daily show rundown that appears on the show's website, and taking photos that appear alongside the daily rundown. Starting in September 2007, Jason and HowardTV director Scott DePace engaged in an intense feud stemming from their political differences; Jason is a liberal Democrat, DePace is a staunch conservative.

Jason was married to his girlfriend, Janis on November 8, 2008. Notable guests at the ceremony included Howard Stern, Robin Quivers, Gary Dell'Abate, as well as the majority of Stern's staff. The reception featured speeches from fellow staff members, Ronnie Mund and J. D. Harmeyer. Kaplan hosts "Page 69" along with Will Murray. On the wrap-up show on August 19, Kaplan stated that he grew up in Stanhope, NJ and attended Rutgers University.

Kaplan hosts a monthly show called The Fat Guy Show,.[20] Kaplan is also a producer of the monthly show Geek Time that airs on every Friday with Jon Hein and Ralph Cirella.[21]

Tracey Millman

Tracey Millman is the office manager and self-described "intern wrangler." She briefly hosted a show on SiriusXM Channel 101 called Tracey Millman's Happy Hour.

Ronnie Mund

Ronald Mund, commonly referred to as Ronnie the Limo Driver, is Howard's limousine driver and bodyguard, and the head of security for the Stern show complex at Sirius Radio.[22][23][24] After a career in the air force, Mund started a limo business. He started driving for Howard Stern in 1986, and quickly became a character on the radio show. In 2011, Ronnie began touring the US with other talent from the Howard Stern Show on the Ronnie Mund Block Party.[25] In March 2013, Ronnie hosted a 4-day event in Jamaica called the Ronnie Mund Jamaican Getaway.[26]

Will Murray

Will Murray is the show's researcher and segment producer. He preinterviews all guests, and compiles pages of notes of research for Howard to use during interviews. He and fellow producer Jason Kaplan host the Howard 100 News segment "Page 69."

Will is now married as of September 5, 2008 to his long-time girlfriend. Will is from the Philadelphia area, is a huge Philadelphia sports fan, and is a graduate of Syracuse University.

Scott Salem

Scott the Engineer is the show's long-time engineer, having joined on February 10, 1986.[27] Having previously worked at WABC (AM) and WPLJ in New York City, Salem received a voice mail from Jimmy Fink, then the morning personality at WXRK informing him of his new position.[28]

In 1996, the Austin American-Statesman wrote that Scott is "always threatening to quit or on the verge of being fired, he's the show's whipping boy for technical problems".[29] In 2007, Salem made a onetime appearance on tour with the Killers of Comedy, performing stand-up followed by a Q&A session with the audience. Salem is an avid bowler and has competed in and appeared at several PBA tour events.[30]

Howard TV

Howard TV is the video companion to the Stern radio show broadcast via the subscription video-on-demand service iN DEMAND.

Ralph Cirella

Ralph Cirella is paid by Howard TV to be Howard Stern's personal stylist, a job he previously held for Stern's E! show. Cirella was first hired to construct a "talking penis", for a broadcast at the Felt Forum on New Year's Eve 1986.[31] He has been a listener since Stern's time at WNBC from 1982 to 1985.[32] Cirella did not make on-screen appearances until 1990, when he worked on costumes, special effects and make up on The Howard Stern Show on WWOR-TV. In his book, Miss America, Howard Stern calls Ralph the most universally hated member of his staff. Throughout 2006, Cirella briefly co-hosted the now defunct The Friday Show with Gary Dell'Abate and Jon Hein, on Howard 100 and Howard 101. He is currently host of "Geek Time" which airs on Howard 101 on Fridays with Jon Hein and Jason Kaplan.

Cirella is known for his collection of movie memorabilia, particularly science fiction films such as Star Wars. In 2008, he asked Dell'Abate for a life-sized cardboard cutout of Iron Man; he has a similar decoration of David Hasselhoff from the show Baywatch.[33]

Scott DePace

Scott DePace is the television director for the daily broadcast of The Howard Stern Show for Howard TV. He is known for being one of the few staff members to openly support the Republican Party. His wife, Pamela, won an Emmy for her work on "The Daily Show." He is originally from Delaware, attended a college that no longer exists,[34] and, in a rigorous, independent examination, was determined to be an awful father.[35]

Mike Gange

Mike Gange started at the show as an intern, and, after years of toil, worked his way up to cameraman/interviewer for the former Stern TV show on E! Gange is now supervising producer for Howard TV, and is best known for teaching Gary Del'Abate madeup television terms like "hard out".[36]

Doug Goodstein

Doug Z. Goodstein was Stern's E! show producer and is currently executive producer for Howard TV On Demand.

Howard 100 News

Main article: Howard 100 News

The Howard 100 News team reports on events that relate to the Howard Stern Universe.

Brad Driver

Brad Driver is the News Director at Howard 100 News and is responsible for managing the news team. He has held the position since December 2006.

Shuli Egar

Shuli Egar is a comedian who first appeared on the show in June 2003. When Stern announced his planned move to Sirius and created Howard 100 News in 2005, Egar was an early hire. He was quickly promoted to The Wack Pack beat and also filled in for Lisa G and Steve Langford when they are out.[37] Among other duties, he hosted the Miserable Men Show on Howard101 from 2006 through 2011 when the show was discontinued. As of October 29, 2012, Egar has been an occasional occupant of the in-studio "Artie chair," made vacant by Artie Lange.

Lisa Glasberg

Main article: Lisa Glasberg

A former co-host with Doctor Dre and Ed Lover on New York hip-hop radio station WQHT-FM, known as Hot 97, Lisa Glasberg, known informally as Lisa G, an on-air reporter for Howard 100, updating live news headlines each morning and filing reports for hourly Howard 100 news updates.[38][39] Glasberg is a native of Woodmere, New York.

Ralph Howard

Ralph Howard was the anchor who read the Howard 100 News every afternoon. In September 2010, he underwent lung transplant surgery. He retired from the show on May 30, 2013 after 53 years of news broadcasting. Howard is married to Broadway actress and longtime Charles Busch collaborator, Julie Halston.[40]

Jon Leiberman

Main article: Jon Leiberman

Jon Leiberman is an in-studio and remote correspondent for Howard 100 News who was hired in July 2011.

Michael Morales

Michael "High Pitch Mike" Morales is Howard 100 News producer, reporter, and on-air regular. Publicly came out as gay on the show.[41] Mike has an uncanny, squeaky voice, leading to his nickname.

"The Tapes" Team

The Tapes Team produces specials out of the archives of the Howard Stern Show, such as "Howard Stern: The Peacock Years", "The Gayest Week Ever", and the annual (and award winning) "History of Howard Stern".[42] Members of this team do not appear on the air.

  • David Heydt: Executive In Charge of Production
  • Rich Gibbons: Senior Producer
  • Paul Grassini: Senior Producer
  • Jeremy Lipkin: Head Writer
  • David LeClaire: Producer
  • Ben Barto: Coordinating Producer
  • Ryan Rasmason: Editor
  • Rahsaan Rogers: Production Assistant
  • Frank Fernandez: Production Assistant
  • Brandon Williams: Production Assistant
  • Mark Nowak: Production Assistant

Hosts of Other Howard Stern Channel Shows

Scott Ferrall

Main article: Scott Ferrall

Scott Ferrall was the host of The Scott Ferrall Show heard weekdays at 8 pm EST on Howard 101.[43]

Greg Fitzsimmons

Main article: Greg Fitzsimmons

Greg Fitzsimmons is the host of The Greg Fitzsimmons Show heard Mondays at Midnight EST on Howard 101.

Abe Kanan

Abe Kanan is host of The Abe Kanan Show, which airs on Howard 101 weekends and late nights. Kanan's show originates in Chicago. It began as a series of podcasts and was picked up by the Stern channels in February 2011.[44]

Riley Martin

Main article: Riley Martin

Riley Martin is a self-described alien contactee, author, and host of The Riley Martin Show heard Tuesdays at Midnight EST on Howard 101.[43]

Jackie Martling

Main article: Jackie Martling

Jackie Martling is the former head writer and in-studio laugh track of the Howard Stern Show. He is now the host of Jackie's Joke Hunt. The show, co-hosted by fellow friar Ian Karr, premiered on October 3, 2006 at 7 pm EST. It continues to air, live, every Tuesday at 7 pm EST on Sirius Howard 101, with reruns scheduled for Thursday mornings at 12 am EST and Saturday afternoons at 2 pm EST.


Mutt is the founder of the Stern Fan Network message board and host of The Super Fan Roundtable heard Wednesday's at 7 pm EST on Howard 101.[45]

Red Peters

Main article: Red Peters

Red Peters is the host of The Red Peters Music Comedy Hour which airs periodically on Howard 101. Peters (real name Douglas Stevens) is a Boston-based songwriter/comedian who specializes in a musical form best described as "lounge smut" and the show presents a compilation of songs packed with scat jokes and double-entendres.

Jeff Probst & Natalie Maines

Main article: Jeff Probst
Main article: Natalie Maines

Jeff Probst is best known for his role as the host of the U.S. version of the reality show Survivor and Natalie Maines is best known as the lead singer of The Dixie Chicks. Together after each season of Survivor has wrapped-up they host a two-hour Celebrity Superfan Roundtable on Howard 101, where they bring in big name Hollywood stars such as actor David Arquette, LA weatherbabe Jillian Reynolds, producer Damon Lindelof, singer Mark McGrath, actor Jerry O'Connell, actor Ryan Phillippe, comedienne Sarah Silverman, and actor Steven Weber to discuss their favorite moments on the Stern show.[46]

Jay Thomas

Main article: Jay Thomas

Jay Thomas is an American actor and comedian who hosts The Jay Thomas Show Monday through Thursday at 3 pm EST on SiriusXM Stars Too 104 and Friday mornings at 7 am EST on Howard 101.[43]

Chuck Zito

Main article: Chuck Zito

Chuck Zito is an actor, amateur boxer, martial artist, celebrity bodyguard, stuntman, former boxing trainer and former president of the New York City chapter of the Hells Angels, and is host of the periodic Chuck Zito's View on Howard 101.[47]

Former staff and associates

The following people all saw significant air-time when they worked with Howard. Some were either show staffers who went on to bigger and better things, interns, Howard's bosses, and station support staff who for a time were all integral to the show.

Former radio staff

K. C. Armstrong

Main article: KC Armstrong

Kyle Casey "K. C." Armstrong (born July 17, 1975), who grew up in nearby Suffolk County, New York, began working on the show as an intern in 1997 and later became associate producer from 1998 to 2004.[48][49] In a 2005 interview, Armstrong revealed that he had been fired from the show by WXRK general manager Tom Chiusano for lapsing back into drug use after spending time in rehab.[50]

Armstrong now lives in Newport Beach, California, where he is trying to start a career in acting. He has his own comedy DVD called Die Laughing. He has acted in three movies – Death4Told, Grace and the Storm and Secret War and stars on the comedy DVD series Meet the Creeps.

Lee Davis

"Boy" Lee Davis was the original Stern show producer at WNBC before Gary Dell'Abate. He left to become the producer of the Soupy Sales show.[51] Lee Davis is now the General Manager of WFAN, an all sports station in New York that occupies WNBC's former frequency at 660 AM.

Steve Freid

Steve "the Engineer" Freid first worked with Ben Stern and later worked with Howard when he arrived at K-Rock. He gained notoriety performing as the character Wood Yi, a parody of actor/director Woody Allen. Billy West came up with the idea for the character in the early 1990s and Steve was chosen to play the part due to having a similar sounding voice. When performing as Wood Yi, Steve would read lines supplied to him by the shows' staff, reciting them in a deadpan manner with a complete (and comical) inability to think on his feet and do anything but read the exact lines in the order written.

Gary Garver

Gary Garver was a West Coast based correspondent for The Howard Stern Show. He was sent to awards shows, movie premieres and television conventions to ask "Stuttering John"-type questions to celebrities and has-beens.

Steve Grillo

Former Stern Show intern and associate producer at WXRK, known as "Gorilla". Howard dedicated his second book Miss America to Steve. Grillo conducted movie reviews for Howard 100 News in 2006. As an homage to his former duties as an Stern show intern, he would rate the films by awarding them a certain number of potatoes. Steve is the announcer for Howard 101's "The Intern Show".

Artie Lange

Main article: Artie Lange

Lange's first appearance on the show was as a guest alongside fellow comedian Norm Macdonald on January 8, 1998, following a bit involving Scott the Engineer and his challenge to perform 17 complete push-ups. Although appearing with Macdonald to promote the film Dirty Work, Lange had been a fan of Stern since the 1980s when on one occasion following the paralysis of Lange's father in 1987, show producer Gary Dell'Abate sent Lange an autographed jacket which Lange auctioned off for $2,000 to support his family.

Following the departure of the show's writer and comedian Jackie "The Jokeman" Martling in 2001, several comedians "auditioned" for Martling's seat by sitting in for a couple of shows. Lange's first appearance in what became known as "The Jackie Chair" occurred for 2 days, on May 7 and 8, 2001. The temporary appearance consisted of being Stern's sidekick along with Quivers, and Lange frequently told personal stories, usually regarding alcohol, drugs, food and prostitutes. On October 29, 2001, Lange joined the show full-time and was voted favorite by the Howard Stern´s fans on 2009.

Lange left the show in December 2009. At first the leave was thought to be temporary, but in early 2010 he attempted suicide at his apartment in Hoboken, New Jersey.[52] The incident has not been discussed in great detail on the show and for much of 2010, Stern mentioned that Lange would return when he was healthy. However, in 2011 the show and the Howard 100 News began to reference Lange as a "former" staffer. On October 3, 2011 Lange began co-hosting The Nick & Artie Show with comedian Nick DiPaolo. This show airs on Sirius XM.

John Melendez

Main article: John Melendez

In 1988, Stuttering John was attending New York University's film school, and belonged to a band called "Rock Slide". His college roommate, Mitch Fatel, was on the verge of quitting his internship with The Howard Stern Show, when Melendez begged him for a recommendation for an internship on the show, whose producer, Gary Dell'Abate, interviewed Melendez and mentioned his stuttering problem to Stern, who decided to hire him as a field reporter.

On Stern's show, Melendez conducted outrageous street interviews and appeared at press conferences, asking off-the-wall questions to various celebrities, including Gennifer Flowers, Ringo Starr, Burt Reynolds, Tommy Lasorda, Larry King and the Dalai Lama. He also provided comic relief on the show itself with his misadventures, poor grammar, and sloppy pronunciation. Melendez left the show after being offered a half-million dollar contract as the announcer for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Al Rosenberg

Al Rosenberg was a writer/performer for Howard on WNBC, and also worked for Imus in the Morning during that period. He did numerous voice impressions including Sue Simmons and Dr. Ruth Westheimer. In The History of Howard Stern, Howard stated that he hired Al after Imus fired him so that he (Imus) could hire his girlfriend to replace Rosenberg. He stayed on at WNBC after Howard was fired because he was still under contract to the station. Al also worked on WNEW-AM radio as one half of the morning team with Bob Fitzsimmons. He also worked with Ted Brown. He would later work again for Howard on the "Channel 9 Show" as a writer. Al called in to Howard's show in 2007 (during a Paul Mooney interview) to discuss Imus' racism.[53] He also appeared on Howard 101's defunct "Miserable Men" program.[54]

He currently works doing speaking engagements and voice-over work.[55] He also serves on the board of Rise, a non-profit organization and currently serves as a councilman from East Windsor Township, New Jersey.[56]

Tim Sabean

Tim Sabean is the Senior Vice President of the Howard Stern Channels for Howard 100 & 101. He manages the channels and their personnel for Howard. Before coming to Sirius he was the program director at Stern's Philadelphia affiliate WYSP-FM. Sabean's departure from the show was never formally announced, but he is no longer listed as a staff or front office member on the Stern show web site.[57] The last entry on his official Twitter feed was on 1 August 2013[58] and his last on-air appearance was around that time.

On September 9, 2013 it was announced by Sirius/XM that he'd been promoted on Senior Vice President of all the Entertainment and Comedy channels.[59]

Billy West

Main article: Billy West

Billy West provided the show with comedy impersonations, part-time, beginning on November 7, 1988.[31] He would be known for his impressions for Marge Schott and show comedian Jackie Martling. West's final appearance was on November 1, 1995, before he left the show over contract and salary disputes.[60][61] On February 19 and 20, 2007, a special two-part retrospective of West's work on the show was broadcast on Howard 100 and Howard 101, covering over 11 hours.[62]

West was an occasional contributor to The Adam Carolla Show, a syndicated morning radio show that replaced Stern along cities in the West Coast.

Former Radio Associates

Bubba Clem

Main article: Bubba the Love Sponge

Bubba the Love Sponge is both the title of, and name of the host of, a radio show airing on Howard 101 from 2005 to the end of 2010. Bubba (actual legal name Bubba The Love Sponge Clem, born Todd Clem) had previously been "exiled" from radio after a great deal of controversy over his terrestrial radio show, based in Tampa, Florida. Stern brought Bubba's show aboard and in so doing relaunched Bubba's career and show. Bubba credits Stern for reviving his career.

The show left Sirius XM at the end of 2010[63] and moved to RadioIO Internet Radio and syndicated terrestrial radio.

Donna Fiducia

Main article: Donna Fiducia

Donna Fiducia was an on-air reporter on WNBC radio during Stern's tenure there. They had frequent by-play while she was on the air.

Rev. Bob Levy

Main article: Reverend Bob Levy

"Reverend" Bob Levy is a standup comedian who was a frequent on and off air contributor to the Sirius XM radio show from the show's debut until around 2009. He hosted the Miserable Men show and created a series of roasts, which sometimes were unforgettable (Artie Lange) and sometimes unlistenable (Daniel Carver). The placement, frequency and number of plugs given during the Stern show for Levy's off-air efforts was a constant source of tension, especially after the availability of plugs was severely restricted.[64] After Artie's departure, Levy complained on air that some details of the situation were being "covered up" and blamed Howard Stern for the suicide attempt. Levy's departure from the Stern channels soon followed and he is almost never mentioned on the air.[65]

Former TV staff

Scott Einziger

Scott Einziger is a former Producer of Howard's syndicated Saturday night TV show and E! show. Left the show in November 2001 to become a producer on The Amazing Race. He has since worked on other reality shows such as Kid Nation, Big Brother, and Are You Hot?. Stern sued Einziger and his production company for ripping off his "The Evaluators" which Are You Hot? mirrored.[66]

Robin Radzinski

Robin Radzinski is a former E! network executive and former Producer of Howard's E! show who has also worked for G4, HBO, and TBS.[67]

Former bosses

Randy Bongarten

Randy Bongarten[68] is a radio executive and former Vice-President and General Manager at WNBC who was later promoted to be President of the entire NBC Radio Network. Robin Quivers said that Randy's tenure at WNBC were the "good years" at the station because Randy "understood the show, and was interested in letting the talent do the things that would let the talent be successful."[69]

Tom Chiusano

Tom Chiusano was the general manager at WXRK, the frequent target of Stern show jokes, and in the later years of the show the master of the "dump button" to prevent content he deemed inappropriate from reaching the airwaves.[70] Chiusano remained at WXRK when Stern and company moved to Sirius, and after several format changes at his station, he eventually announced his retirement in January 2008.[71]

John Hayes

Main article: John Hayes (radio)

John Hayes is a radio executive, famously named "The Incubus" by Howard during his days as Vice-President and General Manager at WNBC replacing Randy Bongarten. He and Kevin Metheny were portrayed by Paul Giamatti as a composite character under the name Kenny "Pig Vomit" Rushton in the 1997 movie, Private Parts. It was Hayes who actually fired Stern from WNBC-AM in 1985 on the orders of NBC network executives. In 2002, Hayes once again pulled Stern's show from CILQ-FM in Toronto.[72] Hayes proudly calls himself "the man who fired Howard Stern twice,".[73]

Kevin Metheny

Main article: Kevin Metheny

Kevin Metheny is a radio executive, famously named "Pig Virus" by Howard during his days as Program Director at WNBC. He and his replacement John Hayes were portrayed by Paul Giamatti as a composite character under the name Kenny "Pig Vomit" Rushton in the 1997 movie, Private Parts.[74]


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