The Kingston Trio discography

The Kingston Trio's discography is large and diverse, covering over 50 years and many record labels. Their early—and primary—output was virtually all recorded on Capitol Records and produced by Voyle Gilmore. After their release from Capitol in 1964, they recorded four albums for Decca.

Principal releases

Year Album Billboard Label
1958 The Kingston Trio 1 Capitol
1959 ...from the Hungry i (live) 2
Stereo Concert (live) 15
At Large 1
Here We Go Again! 1
1960 Sold Out 1
String Along 1
The Last Month of the Year 11
1961 Make Way 2
Goin' Places 3
Close-Up 3
1962 College Concert (live) 3
Something Special 7
New Frontier 16
1963 The Kingston Trio #16 4
Sunny Side! 7
Time to Think 18
1964 Back in Town (live) 22
The Kingston Trio (Nick Bob John) 53 Decca
1965 Stay Awhile 126
Somethin' Else
1966 Children of the Morning
1969 Once Upon a Time (live double album) 163 Tetragrammaton
1973 The World Needs a Melody (The New Kingston Trio) Longines Symphonette
1979 Aspen Gold Nautilus Records
1983 Looking for the Sunshine Xerxes
1989 Everybody's Talking Folk Era
1994 An Evening with The Kingston Trio Folk Era
Live at Newport Vanguard
Live at the Crazy Horse (live) Silverwolf
Live! at the Historic Yuma Theater (live with DVD) Kingston Trio LLC
2007 The Lost 1967 Album: Rarities Vol. 1 Collector's Choice
The Final Concert
Live at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium
2008 On a Cold Winter's Night (live) Kingston Trio LLC
Turning Like Forever: Rarities Vol. 2 Collector's Choice
2009 Flashback! 1963 (live) Folk Era
2010 Above The Purple Onion (live) Kingston Trio LLC
2012 Born At The Right Time Kingston Trio LLC

Selected Compilations

Capitol Records also released vinyl albums of The Best of the Kingston Trio, Vols I, II, and III between 1961 and 1966, a "duophonic" reissue of cuts from the first two albums named The Kingston Trio Encores in 1961, and a number of CD compilations and re-issues in the 1980s and 1990s. There are literally scores of vinyl, tape, and CD compilations and reissues by a multitude of companies in the U.S., Germany, Japan, and elsewhere.

Year Album Billboard Label
1961 The Kingston Trio Encores Capitol
1962 The Best of the Kingston Trio 7
1965 The Best of the Kingston Trio Vol. 2
1966 The Best of the Kingston Trio Vol. 3
1972 The Patriot Game/Tell It On The Mountain Pickwick
1982 25 Years Non-Stop Xeres
1985 Rediscover The Kingston Trio Folk Era
1987 Hidden Treasures
1990 Capitol Collectors Series Capitol
1993 Treasure Chest Folk Era
1995 The Capitol Years Capitol
1997 The Lost Masters 1969-1972 (The New Kingston Trio) Folk Era
The Kingston Trio: The Guard Years Bear Family
1998 The Best of the Decca Years Decca
2000 The Kingston Trio: The Stewart Years Bear Family
2002 The Decca Years Folk Era
2004 Once Again
2005 Still Goin' Places Kingston Trio Productions
All Sides of the Kingston Trio Silverwolf
2006 Snapshot Folk Era
The Essential Kingston Trio Shout Factory
2007 The First Fifty Years Kingston Trio Productions
2008 Twice Upon a Time Collector's Choice

Video releases

  • The Kingston Trio and Friends Reunion (WhiteStar Video, 1982)
  • An Evening With The Kingston Trio (Rhino Video, 1989)
  • The Kingston Trio 45th Anniversary Tribute Concert (EDI, 2002)
  • Wherever We May Go (Shout Factory, 2006)
  • The Kingston Trio: Fifty Years Of Having Fun (EDI, 2006)
  • Live At The Yuma (Kingston Trio Productions, 2007)
  • Young Men In A Hurry [TV Series Pilot] (Paramount, 2007)

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