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The League (web series)

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Title: The League (web series)  
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The League (web series)

The League
Genre Comedy
Created by Kevin Regan
Joel Rickenbach
Directed by Joel Rickenbach
Starring Jim Burns
Gordon Holmes
Kerry Kristine McElrone
Composer(s) Christopher Tolomeo
Country of origin  United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 11
Executive producer(s) George Stulak
Producer(s) Jim Burns
Jim McCabe
Kevin Regan
Joel Rickenbach
Location(s) Wilmington, DE, and West Chester, PA
Running time Approx 15 minutes
Original channel [1] (Season 1 & 2)
Original run April 1, 2008 – Present
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The League is an Internet series[1] that can be found at

The League is an original scripted content web series created by Kevin Regan & Joel Rickenbach. Regan does the bulk of the writing, while Rickenbach directs most of the series. It is produced by the duo along with stars Jim Burns and Jim McCabe, and is Executive Produced by George Stulak. The League has a low-budget aesthetic that works perfectly with its tongue-in-cheek tone.[2] It is filmed in Wilmington, DE, and West Chester, PA.

The series chronicles the everyday lives of Hitmen - Todd Britches (Gordon Holmes)[3] and Gary Goldman (Jim Burns)- Think The Odd Couple meets Pulp Fiction.[4] Episodes often feature a dark figure in silhouette known as "The Boss," (Matt Lake) giving the League their "assignments." In season two, the mysterious Anastasia/Claire (Kerry Kristine McElrone) goes from trying to "eliminate" The League, to joining their forces.

The first two seasons of The League, are heavily influenced by "The Ring of Domination," or R.O.D. Ring. The ring makes its first appearance in episode 3 (The R.E.D. Folder). It has been revealed that ring is some sort of "key." As of season two's "The R.E.D. Folder Part 2," The B.O.S.S., Mother RUSSIA, and R.O.S.S (Robert Oswald Safford Scott) all have possession of one ring each. There is a fourth ring that each of them is willing to kill (or have others killed) for. The whereabouts of this ring have yet to be divulged.

The League premiered at The Theater N in Wilmington, Delaware, on April 1, 2008, to a sold-out crowd.

In September 2008, the series won BusinessWeek's Best of the Web 2008 Award for Humor.[5]

The series has completed its second season, there are no plans for a third season yet.

Kevin Regan, Joel Rickenbach (co-creators of "The League") and Jim Burns ("Gary") along with Brendan Carr (The Magician/The Magician's Twin in ep 1.4) and Andrew John Mitchell (The Fright Knight Part II in ep 2.2) are currently working on a new series, "The Clink" which will debut its first episode on November 1, 2010 on

Episode list

The web series premiered on April 1, 2008.

Season 1

Episode 1.1: Pickle Tosser[6] (Pilot) Gary finds he's out of TP and has Todd go to the supermarket to pick some up. Todd sees McGill, the League's target. He has misplaced his gun and is forced to improvise to finish the job. This episode features the faux commercial for "Doe Dill Pickles."

Episode 1.2: TA DA![7] The Boss saddles the boys with making a Magician "disappear." Watch The League pull a rabbit out of their hat and pay their rent at the same time.

Episode 1.3: The R.E.D. Folder[8] Todd and Gary's task is made easy when they see their target in the obituaries. They will need evidence that R.O.S.S. is in deed dead. They end up with more than they bargained for when they crash the funeral. This is the first episode to feature the R.O.D. Aka "Ring of Domination."

Episode 1.4: Coulrophobia[9] Todd's crippling fear of clowns will need to be over come in order for the League to complete this assignment. Luckily, Gary is skilled in over coming ones fears...and he dons a Bear Suit.

Episode 1.5: Touch of Death[10] If the boys are going to defeat The Ninja, they are going to need to learn the ways of the fist. However, they encounter children that may be more formidable an opponent than The Ninja himself.

Episode 1.6: What Kind of Jacket Has It Been[11] Todd finds his lucky jacket missing while the League tried to unravel the mystery of the Ring. Perhaps finding one will help them find the other.*The title of this episode is an homage to the last episode of the first season of every Aaron Sorkin TV show.

Christmas Special: Twas the Nite Before the Nite Before Christmas[12] This episode happens out side of the League timeline. The Boss employees the League to kill St Nick himself...or at least someone dressed as him. Can they bring themselves to kill Santa this close to Christmas?

Season 2

Episode 2.1: In The Shadow of Two Idiots The season begins with Todd & Gary tied up in an unfamiliar place. They come face to face with the agent who stole their ring, Anastasia. We learn that Anastasia isn't what she seems, and might herself be a victim of Mother Russia.

Episode 2.2: Fright Knight the Second Todd & Gary, with the help of Claire, must vanquish the dreaded Fright Knight[13] at their local Renaissance Faire. Can the League best this celebrated jouster?

Episode 2.3: R.E.D. Folder Part 2 It seems a deadly new group known as "The Triad" are eliminating The League's targets before they can. Outnumbered and outmatched, The League must make a difficult choice if they are to stand a chance against this new foe.

Episode 2.4: Belly To Back Flashback In a string of Gary flashbacks, we learn how Todd gets caught in a wrestling ring with The HillBilly, and how they "take care" of Even Steven for The Boss.

Episode 2.5: Open Mic Night Rob Stewart gets his own as the search for the Ring Of Domination becomes critical to The League's survival. RoboGary returns in a surprise twist and frequently seen cast member Katie Brady (the other blonde) finally gets a line.

Cast & Crew

Jim Burns - Gary Goldman/Argy the Land Lord

Gordon Holmes - Todd Britches[14]

Matt Lake - The B.O.S.S.

Kerry Kristine McElrone - Anastasia/Claire

John Barbone - Security Guard #1 (ep 2.1)

Tonya “TS” Baynes - Madam Cleopatra Jones (ep 1.6)

Steve Berger - Dave "The Clown" (ep 1.4)

Katie Brady - The Girl with "No Lines" (ep 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.6, 1.7, 2.1 & 2.2)

Jacie Bryk - Ren Faire Attendee (ep 2.2)

Brenden Carr - The Magician/The Magician's Twin (ep 1.4)

Carol Casarino - Beer Wench (ep 2.2)

Matt Casarino - Creepy Guy in Bookstore/Creepy Guy at Ren Faire (ep 1.6, 2.2)

Avery Chambers - Ren Faire Attendee (ep 2.2)

Erika L. Chambers - Ren Faire Attendee (ep 2.2)

Brian Couch - Otto Von Schatzie (ep 2.1)

Melissa Dammeyer - The Widow (ep 1.3, 1.6)

Christian Deisler - Wrong Number (ep 1.5)

Tony Dattilo - Tranny/Jogger (ep 1.3, 2.1)

Danielle Finlay - Street Walker #1 (ep 1.3)

Michael Gray - Robert Oswald Safford Scott (ep 1.3, 2.3)

Melissa Hart [15] - Mother Russia (ep 1.2, 1.3, 2.1)

Stephen Heath - The Pinata (ep 2.3)

James Kassees - The Funeral Director (ep 1.3)

Seth Kirschner - Begging Victim (ep 1.6)

Allan M. Kleban - Ren Faire Announcer (ep 2.2)

Tanya Lazar - Ren Faire Attendee (ep 2.2)

Steve Manocchio - The Sound Engineer (ep 1.2)

Emily McAllister - Ren Faire Attendee (ep 2.2)

Jim McCabe - Don Doe/The Ninja/Dave Driscoll (ep 1.1, 1.5, 1.7)

Lee McCormick - Ren Faire Attendee (ep 2.2)

Daniel Metz - Ren Faire Attendee (ep 2.2)

Carrie Meyermann - Street Walker #2 (ep 1.3)

Andrew John Mitchell - The Fright Knight Part II (ep 2.2)

Alex Orgera - Meegan, the Boss's Secretary (ep 2.2, 2.3)

Ron Ozer - The Squire (ep 2.2)

Dave Perillo - Steve "the Nerd" (ep 1.2, 1.6, 2.1)

David Piccolomini - Ren Faire Attendee (ep 2.2)

Julie Snow Regan - Talent Show Judge/Save the Clock Tower Girl/Ren Fair Attendee (ep 1.2, 1.6, 1.7, 2.2)

Kevin Regan - Talent Show Judge/Pickle Salesman (ep 1.2, 2.2)

Valerie Regan - Doe Dill Girl (ep 1.1)

Joel Rickenbach - Mr. Britches (Todd's Dad) (ep 1.1, 2.2, 2.3)

Jen Roberts - Ren Faire Attendee (ep 2.2)

Michael Sandler - Ren Faire Attendee (ep 2.2)

Tom Shade - Photo Only - (ep 2.3)

Ben Shapira - Ren Faire Attendee (ep 2.2)

Georgiana Staley - Sister Hooperbukowski (ep 1.2, 2.1)

George Stulak - McGill (ep 1.1, 1.4)

Ron Succarotte - Karate Instructor (ep 1.5)

George Tietze - Mrs. Britches (Todd's Mom) (ep 1.1, 1.4, 2.2, 2.3)

Bob Trate - Security Guard #2 (ep 2.1)

Chris Turner - The Ninja (ep 2.3)

Hailey Weiner - Santa Maria (ep 2.3)

Barton Yoder - Ren Faire Attendee (ep 2.2)

David Yoder - Ren Faire Attendee (ep 2.2)

Ohana Yoder - Ren Faire Attendee (ep 2.2)

Kevin Regan - Creator

Jim Burns - Producer

Jim McCabe - Producer

Kevin Regan - Producer

Joel Rickenbach- Producer

George Stulak - Executive Producer

Joel Rickenbach - Director

Jim Burns - Writer

Gordon Holmes - Writer

Kevin Regan - Writer

Joel Rickenbach - Writer

Christopher Tolomeo - Composer


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