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The Original Singles: 1967–1969, Volume 2

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Title: The Original Singles: 1967–1969, Volume 2  
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The Original Singles: 1967–1969, Volume 2

The Original Singles: 1967-1969, Volume 2
Compilation album by The Byrds
Released 1982
Recorded 1966-1968
Genre Rock
Length 45:15
Label CBS
Producer Gary Usher, Bob Johnston
The Byrds chronology
The Original Singles: 1965-1967, Volume 1
The Original Singles: 1967-1969, Volume 2
The Very Best of The Byrds

The Original Singles: 1965-1967, Volume 2 is a compilation album by American rock 'n' roll band The Byrds. Originally released in 1982, it offered, for the first time, all of the mono single versions of the Byrds' singles released between 1967 and early 1969. The tracks on the album are laid out chronologically by release date of the single, and features the A-side first, then the B-side. For example, the album opens with the "My Back Pages" single, which had that on the A-side and "Renaissance Fair" on the B-side. The next single was "Have You Seen Her Face" with "Don't Make Waves" on the B-side, and so forth.


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  • Track listing 2
    • Side 1 2.1
    • Side 2 2.2
    • Track notes 2.3
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Because The Original Singles: 1965-1967, Volume 1 failed to achieve the success hoped for in the U.S. market, Volume 2 was only released in Europe, though it's obvious that the package was intended for U.S. release originally because, as with Volume 1, the single A and B sides that were used correlate with the U.S. single releases. Singles released abroad sometimes had different A and B sides. This album was released on LP in 1982 and has never seen a release on CD, though recordings of the vinyl circulate among Byrds traders as the album still contains certain things that are not available anywhere else. According to The Byrds' biographer Johnny Rogan, CBS approached him to compile a third volume for the UK market but as Rogan recalled, "I told them they were scraping the barrel, not least because there were not enough singles to make up a full 16-track compilation".[1]

Track listing

All tracks are in mono. They were all previously released on 45 RPM singles and most of them were also released on the Byrds' LPs Younger Than Yesterday, The Notorious Byrd Brothers, Sweetheart of the Rodeo and Dr. Byrds & Mr. Hyde.

Side 1

  1. "My Back Pages" (Bob Dylan) - 2:35
  2. "Renaissance Fair" (David Crosby, Roger McGuinn) - 1:54
  3. "Have You Seen Her Face" (Chris Hillman) - 2:33
  4. "Don't Make Waves" (Roger McGuinn, Chris Hillman) - 1:36
  5. "Lady Friend" (David Crosby) - 2:36
  6. "Old John Robertson" (Chris Hillman, Roger McGuinn) - 1:53
  7. "Goin' Back" (Carole King, Gerry Goffin) - 3:27
  8. "Change Is Now" (Chris Hillman, Roger McGuinn) - 3:24

Side 2

  1. "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere" (Bob Dylan) - 2:50
  2. "Artificial Energy" (Roger McGuinn, Chris Hillman, Michael Clarke) - 2:21
  3. "I Am a Pilgrim" (traditional, arranged Roger McGuinn, Chris Hillman) - 3:41
  4. "Pretty Boy Floyd" (Woody Guthrie) - 2:36
  5. "Bad Night at the Whiskey" (Roger McGuinn, Joseph Richards) - 3:24
  6. "Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man" (Roger McGuinn, Gram Parsons) - 3:44
  7. "Lay Lady Lay" (Bob Dylan) - 3:19
  8. "Old Blue" (traditional, arranged Roger McGuinn) - 3:22

Track notes

  • The mono mix of "Don't Make Waves" only appeared on this compilation and as the B-side to the "Have You Seen Her Face" single. It was never released on a Byrds studio album and has never been released on CD, however a modern-day stereo remix is available as a bonus track on the 1996 CD re-issue of Younger Than Yesterday.
  • "Lady Friend" was only released as a single and was never included on any Byrds studio album.
  • The single version of "Old John Robertson", commonly regarded as a different mix than the one that appeared on The Notorious Byrd Brothers, is in fact a different (slower) take. The album version is quite a bit faster, and also contains electronic phasing and also a fiddle overdub that does not appear on the single version. The only feature the two versions have in common is the string quartet bridge, which was spliced as-is into both versions (though on the album it is obscured by phasing).
  • The mono single mix of "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere" was never released on a Byrds studio album since Sweetheart of the Rodeo was the first Byrds album to only be released in stereo. The album was released in mono in the UK, but all eleven album tracks are stereo-to-mono fold-down mixes. This means that "You Ain't Going Nowhere" on the UK mono version of Sweetheart of the Rodeo is a fold-down of the stereo mix instead of this unique mono mix.
  • "Lay Lady Lay" was only released as a single and never appeared on a Byrds studio album. Also, the mono single mix remains unreleased on CD. A modern-day stereo remix of the single version appears on the 2002 CD compilation The Byrds Play Dylan.


  1. ^ Rogan, Johnny. (1998). The Byrds: Timeless Flight Revisited (2nd ed.). Rogan House. p. 548.  
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