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The Seekers' Greatest Hits

The Best of The Seekers
The Seekers
Released 1968
Genre Folk rock
Label EMI

The Seekers' Greatest Hits was released in Australia by EMI's Columbia label (Catalogue No. SCXO 7830) in 1968 on the break-up of The Seekers. This album did not include "I'll Never Find Another You" or "A World of Our Own" which were previously released on The Seekers Sing Their Big Hits (1965) W&G 25/2512.

In the UK, the album was released at the same time and was titled "The Best of The Seekers" (Catalogue No: sx 6268 (Mono) scx 6268 (Stereo))

In October 2010, The Seekers' Greatest Hits, was listed in the book, 100 Best Australian Albums.[1]

Track listing (Best Of The Seekers)

Side One

Side Two

  • 1. "Morningtown Ride" (Reynolds)
  • 2. "When Will the Good Apples Fall" (Young)
  • 3. "Island of Dreams" (Springfield)
  • 4. "Open Up Them Pearly Gates" (Trad-arr The Seekers)
  • 5. "Emerald City" (Fowley-Martin)
  • 6. "Georgy Girl" (Springfield-Dale)

Track Listing (The Seekers' Greatest Hits)

Side One

  • 1. "Morningtown Ride" (Reynolds)
  • 2. "The Carnival Is Over" (Springfield)
  • 3. "Turn, Turn, Turn" (Seeger)
  • 4. "Walk With Me" (Springfield)
  • 5. "When the Stars Begin to Fall" (Trad. Arr. The Seekers)
  • 6. "Someday, Oneday" (Simon)

Side Two

  • 1. "On the Other Side" (Springfield-Osbourne-Sage)
  • 2. "Georgy Girl" (Springfield-Dale)
  • 3. "When the Good Apples Fall" (Kenny Young)
  • 4. "Myra" (Durham-Guy-Potger-Woodley)
  • 5. "Emerald City" (Kim Fowley-Martin)
  • 6. "Love Is Kind, Love Is Wine" (Woodley)

Chart positions

Year Chart Position
1968 Australian Kent Music Report Albums Chart 1
1969 UK Albums Chart number-one album[2]


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