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The Time of Your Life

The Time of Your Life
First edition cover
(Harcourt Brace)
Written by William Saroyan
Date premiered 25 October 1939
Place premiered Booth Theatre
New York City
Original language English
Genre Drama
Setting a San Francisco bar, October 1939

The Time of Your Life is a 1939 five-act play by American playwright William Saroyan. The play is the first drama to win both the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and the New York Drama Critics Circle Award. The play opened 25 October 1939 at the Booth Theatre in New York City. It was produced by the Theatre Guild and with staging by Eddie Dowling, who also starred as Joe, and William Saroyan.[1]


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Main characters
  • Joe, a loafer with money and a good heart
  • Tom, his admirer, disciple, errand boy, stooge and friend
  • Kitty Duval, a young streetwalker who longs for a better life
  • Nick, owner of Nick's Pacific Street Saloon, Restaurant and Entertainment Palace
  • Arab, an Eastern philosopher and harmonica-player
  • Kit Carson, an old Indian-fighter
  • McCarthy, an intelligent and well-read longshoreman
  • Krupp, his boyhood friend, a waterfront cop who hates his job but doesn't know what else to do instead
  • Harry, a natural born hoofer who wants to make people laugh but can't
  • Wesley, a colored boy who plays a mean and melancholy boogie-woogie piano
  • Willie, a marble-game maniac
  • Dudley, a young man in love
  • Elsie, a nurse, the one he loves
  • Lorene, an unattractive woman
  • Mary L., an unhappy woman of quality and great beauty
  • Blick, a heel
Minor characters
  • A Newsboy
  • A Drunkard
  • Nick's Ma
  • Sailor
  • Killer, a streetwalker
  • Killer's sidekick
  • Society Gentleman
  • Society Lady
  • Cops


The play is set in Nick's Pacific Street Saloon, Restaurant and Entertainment Palace, a run down dive bar in San Francisco. Much of the action of the play centers around Joe, a young loafer with money who encourages each of the bar's patrons in their eccentricities. Joe helps out a would-be dancer, Harry, and sets up his flunky, Tom, with a prostitute, Kitty Duval. The bar is frequented by a number of colorful characters, including a frenetic young man in love, an old man who looks like Kit Carson, and an affluent society couple.

Nick's saloon is based on the café operated by Izzy Gomez in San Francisco, which Saroyan frequented.[2]


The Time of Your Life has been revived three times on Broadway – in 1940 with Dowling and Saroyan directing again, in 1969 directed by John Hirsch and in 1975 directed by Jack O'Brien.

The play was revived in March 17, 1972 at the Huntington Hartford Theater in Los Angeles where Henry Fonda, Richard Dreyfuss, Ron Thompson, Gloria Grahame, Strother Martin. Jane Alexander, Richard X. Slattery and Pepper Martin were among the cast with Edwin Sherin directing.[3]


The play was adapted for film in 1948 with H. C. Potter directing James Cagney as Joe and his sister, Jeanne Cagney as Kitty Duval. In 1958 an adaptation by A.J. Russell was presented in a live television broadcast directed by Tom Donovan with stars Jackie Gleason, Jack Klugman, and Dick York for the Playhouse 90 series.

Awards and nominations

  • 1939 New York Drama Critics' Circle Best Play
  • 1940 Pulitzer Prize for Drama


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