The Whoppers


The Whoppers is an advertising program created to promote international fast food restaurant chain Burger King's signature product, the Whopper. Created by the Miami-based advertising firm Crispin Porter + Bogusky (abbreviated to CP+B), the ads feature a fictional family in which all male characters are played by actors wearing Whopper costumes.



  • Mr. Whopper - The father
  • Mrs. Whopper - The mother
  • Whopper Jr. - The son
  • Missy Whopper - The daughter
  • Spicy - The son's friend, implied to be a bad influence on the son


The commercials are designed in 15-, 30 and 60-second formats and usually feature Whopper and his son Jr. in an average parent-teen situation. All versions are used to promote products on the Burger King value menu.

  • The Rules - The family is arguing over the Whopper Jr. being priced at a dollar. The father and son have a stereotypical fight over the family dynamic, implying a dysfunctional family relationship.
  • Psyched - Whopper is trying to talk Jr. out of selling himself for a dollar. Jr. tells Whopper that every one is psyched about the pricing and that Whopper should get his head out of his bun.
  • Intrusion - Whopper walks in on Jr. with a girl. Whopper disparages Jr.'s behavior and Jr. makes a snarky comment of "Eat Me".
  • The Talk - Whopper and Jr. are having the Talk and Whopper tells Jr. that since he is only costs a dollar, Jr. will be meeting lots of girls. Embarrassed, Jr. asks Whopper to stop, and Whopper gives Jr. a napkin which stands in for a condom.
  • The Party - Whopper comes home to find a party hosted by Jr. being broken up by the police. He yells at the kids to leave and demands to know what is going on. Jr. states that he and his "bud" Spicy are hanging with some friends, Whopper demands to see Spicy and Jr. tells him he is upstairs with Missy. Whopper storms upstairs and tries to get Spicy but cannot fit through the door. Used to promote the Spicy Chick'n Crisp.
  • The BK Value menu - Jr. and Spicy are seen disparaging competitors value menus for having inferior products. The actors are filmed "live" outside a McDonald's and Wendy's restaurant trying to discourage customers from eating at those locations.

The ads often feature familiar or risqué comments rephrased for a humorous effect, e.g. "Get your head out of your ass" becomes "get your head out of your bun," where "buns" being American English slang for buttocks.

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