TODAY (Angela Aki album)

Angela Aki
Released September 19, 2007 (Japan)
Genre J-pop
Length 65:33
Label Sony Music Japan
Angela Aki chronology

Singles from Today
  1. "Sakura iro"
  2. "Kodoku no Kakera"
  3. "Tashika ni"

Today is the second studio album from Angela Aki. This album will be released in two different versions. A limited edition CD+DVD version and a CD only version. It has topped the Oricon Top 200 Weekly chart and has so far sold over 200,000 copies.

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Sakura iro (サクラ色 Cherry Blossom-colored?)"   5:18
2. "Again"   4:33
3. "Today"   4:46
4. "Ai no Uta (愛のうた Love Song?)"   6:01
5. "Tashika ni (たしかに Surely?)"   4:58
6. "Silent Girl"   3:47
7. "Moral no Sōshiki (モラルの葬式 Funeral of Morals?)"   5:46
8. "Otome Gokoro (乙女心 Maiden Heart?)"   4:16
9. "One Melody"   5:34
10. "Tomo no Shirushi (友のしるし Symbol of Friendship?)"   4:53
11. "Kodoku no Kakera (孤独のカケラ Fragments of Solitude?)"   5:23
12. "On & On"   4:55
13. "Surrender"   5:22
(+DVD)(First Press Limited Edition)
No. Title Length
1. "Sakura iro (サクラ色?) Music Video"    
2. "Kodoku no Kakera (孤独のカケラ?) -Special Ver.- Music Video"    
3. "Tashika ni (たしかに?) Music Video"    
4. "Again (Live 2007.4.30 In NHK Hall)"    
5. "Sakura iro (サクラ色?) (Live 2007.4.30 in NHK Hall)"    
6. "Kodoku no Kakera (孤独のカケラ Fragments of Solitude?) (Live 2007.4.30 in NHK Hall)"    
7. "Making Of Sakura iro (サクラ色?)"    
8. "Making Of Kodoku no Kakera (孤独のカケラ?)"    
9. "Making Of Tashika ni (たしかに?)"    
10. "Today Recording Document"    

Promotional Performances

  1. 09/14 - Music Station (Again)

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  • Official Discography (Japanese)
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