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Tosh (Hasidic dynasty)

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Title: Tosh (Hasidic dynasty)  
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Subject: Hasidic Judaism, Palm branch (symbol), Samaritans, Radoshitz (Hasidic dynasty), Anipoli (Hasidic dynasty)
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Tosh (Hasidic dynasty)

Grand Rebbe Meshulim Feish Lowy in Hungary, 2005

Tosh (also "Tash"; Hebrew/Yiddish: טאהש) is a Hasidic dynasty originating in Nyirtass, Hungary. Today it is based in Kiryas Tosh, Quebec, Canada, outside Boisbriand, a suburb of Montreal. The current leader is Grand Rabbi Elimelch Segal-Loewy, who succeeded his late father Meshulim Feish Lowy upon the latter's death on 12 August 2015. Tosher Hasidim have synagogues in the United States in Boro Park, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Kiryas Joel, and Monsey, as well as in Montreal and in London, England.

The Tosh Dynasty

The first Tosher Rebbe was Grand Rabbi Meshulam Feish Segal-Loewy I, a disciple of Rabbi Yitschok Ayzik of Komarno, author of Heichal HaBrocho. Rabbi Yitschok Ayzik was a disciple of Rabbi Tzvi Hirsh of Zidichov, a disciple of the Chozeh of Lublin. The Chozeh was a disciple of Rebbe Elimelech of Lizhensk, author of Noam Elimelech. The Rebbe Elimelech was a disciple of the Rebbe Dovber, the Maggid (Preacher) of Mezeritch, the primary disciple of the Baal Shem Tov, the founder of Hasidism.

  • Grand Rabbi Meshulam Feish Segal-Lowy I of Tosh - disciple of the Heichal HaBrocho.
  • Grand Rabbi Elimelech Segal-Lowy of Tosh - son of Rebbe Meshulam Feish.
  • Grand Rabbi Mordechai Segal-Lowy of Demecser - son of Rebbe Elimelech of Tosh.
  • Grand Rabbi Meshulam Feish Segal-Lowy of Tosh II - reviver of the Tosh dynasty after the holocaust - son of Rebbe Mordechai of Demetsche and his wife Tzirl.
  • Grand Rabbi Elimelech Segal-Lowy of Tosh - present Grand Rebbe of Tosh - son of Rebbe Meshulam Feish Segal-Lowy of Tosh.

The Tosh community was revived after the holocaust by Rabbi Meshulim Feish Lowy Ztl (Magyarized form: Lőwy Ferencz), the Rebbe of Tosh. Rabbi Lőwy was born in Nyirtass, Hungary in 5682 Anno Mundi (1921 or 1922). He survived the Holocaust in the Hungarian Labour Service, and was liberated by the Red Army from a camp outside Marghita in October 1944. The few surviving hasidim of his father Grand Rebbe Mordechai Márton Lőwy, who perished in Auschwitz with most of his extended family, appointed him their Rebbe and he established his court in Nyíregyháza. In 1951, fearing the Communist government, he ordered his followers to leave Hungary and emigrated to Canada, settling in Montreal. In 1963, he and his hasidim purchased an area in Boisbriand, Quebec, forming the enclave of Kiryas Tosh. Lőwy was married to Chava (née Weingarten), a direct descendant of Rebbe Elimelech of Lizhensk, from 1946 until her death in 1996. He married Malka Hass in 2007.

The Tosh community is headed by Rabbi Elimelech Segal-Lowy, the current Rebbe of Tosh.

Collected teachings

Many of Rabbi Lőwy's sermons and discourses have been written down in a series of five books entitled Avodas Avodah. Two of them are Hebrew language books that explain the weekly Torah portions, and Jewish holidays with practical insights into divine service which are subtitled: Dibros Kodesh. Further two are Yiddish language books that explain the weekly Torah portions, and the Jewish holidays with practical insights into divine service which are entitled: Imros Kodesh. Another is mostly in Hebrew, but has Yiddish segments. It is a compilation of addresses that the Tosher Rebbe has made regarding the Yahrzeit (day of passing) of a large number of Jewish holy men, arranged according to the Jewish calendar. It is subtitled Sichos Kodesh. A second volumes of 'Sichos Kodesh' appeared in 2009.

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