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Toyama Chihō Railway Main Line

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Title: Toyama Chihō Railway Main Line  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Hokuriku Shinkansen, Toyama Station, Toyama Light Rail Toyamakō Line, Unazuki Station
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Toyama Chihō Railway Main Line

The Railway Main Line (富山地方鉄道本線 Toyama Chihō Tetsudō Hon-sen?) is a Japanese railway line that connects Dentetsu-Toyama Station in Toyama, Toyama with Unazuki Onsen Station in Kurobe, Toyama. It is owned and run by Toyama Chihō Railway.

Station list

Name Distance (km) Express Rapid Express Limited Express Connections Location
Dentetsu-Toyama 電鉄富山 0.0 Hokuriku Main Line, Takayama Main Line (Toyama)
Toyama Light Rail Toyamakō Line (Toyama)
Toyama Toyama
Inarimachi 稲荷町 1.6 Toyama Chihō Railway Fujikoshi Line
Shinjō-Tanaka 新庄田中 2.5  
Higashi-Shinjō 東新庄 3.6  
Etchū-Ebara 越中荏原 4.7  
Etchū-Sangō 越中三郷 7.0  
Etchū-Funahashi 越中舟橋 8.5   Funahashi
Terada 寺田 9.8 Toyama Chihō Railway Tateyama Line Tateyama
Etchū-Izumi 越中泉 10.5  
Ainoki 相ノ木 11.3   Kamiichi
Kamiichi 上市 13.3  
Shin-Miyakawa 新宮川 15.1  
Nakakazumi 中加積 17.1   Namerikawa
Nishi-Kazumi 西加積 18.7  
Nishi-Namerikawa 西滑川 19.8  
Naka-Namerikawa 中滑川 20.6  
Namerikawa 滑川 21.8 Hokuriku Main Line
Hamakazumi 浜加積 23.2  
Hayatsukikazumi 早月加積 24.4  
Etchū-Nakamura 越中中村 25.6  
Nishi-Uozu 西魚津 27.6   Uozu
Dentetsu-Uozu 電鉄魚津 28.9  
Shin-Uozu 新魚津 30.2 Hokuriku Main Line (Uozu)
Kyōden 経田 32.9  
Dentetsu-Ishida 電鉄石田 34.9   Kurobe
Dentetsu Kurobe 電鉄黒部 37.2  
Higashi-Mikkaichi 東三日市 37.8  
Ogyū 荻生 38.6  
Nagaya 長屋 39.6  
Shin-Kurobe (planned) 新黒部   Hokuriku Shinkansen Kurobe-Unazukionsen
(under construction, opened on spring 2015)
Shitayama 舌山 41.0  
Wakaguri 若栗 41.7  
Tochiya 栃屋 42.8  
Urayama 浦山 44.3  
Oritateguchi 下立口 45.6  
Oritate 下立 46.3  
Aimoto 愛本 47.6  
Uchiyama 内山 48.7  
Otozawa 音沢 49.5  
Unazuki Onsen 宇奈月温泉 53.3  
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