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Turbo Assembler

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Title: Turbo Assembler  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: FastTracker 2, High Level Assembly, Borland Turbo C, Turbo C++, Comparison of assemblers
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Turbo Assembler

Turbo Assembler
Developer(s) Borland
Stable release 5.0
Operating system DOS, Windows
Type Assembler
License Proprietary
Website Archive of official webpage

Turbo Assembler (TASM) is a computer assembler (software for program development) developed by Borland which runs on and produces code for 16- or 32-bit x86 MS-DOS or Microsoft Windows. It can be used with Borland's high-level language compilers, such as Turbo Pascal, Turbo Basic, Turbo C and Turbo C++. The Turbo Assembler package is bundled with the Turbo Linker, and is interoperable with the Turbo Debugger. TASM can assemble Microsoft Macro Assembler (MASM) source using its MASM mode and has an ideal mode with a few enhancements. Object-oriented programming has been supported since version 3.0. The last version of Turbo Assembler is 5.0, with files dated 1996 and patches up to 2002; it is still supplied with Delphi and C++Builder.

TASM itself is a 16-bit program; it will run on 16- and 32-bit versions of Windows, and produce code for the same versions. There are ways to run 16-bit programs such as TASM on 64-bit Windows (e.g., on a virtual machine), but it will not generate 64-bit Windows code.

The Borland Turbo Assembler 5.0 package is supplied on three 3.5-inch diskettes and with three small books.

An example of Borland Turbo Assembly Language that prints 'Merry Christmas!':

model small
mymessage DB 'Merry Christmas!',0
mov bx, SEG mymessage
mov es, bx
mov si, OFFSET mymessage
mov bx, 0
mov DL, es:[si+bx]
cmp DL, 0
je ending
mov ah, 2
push bx
push si
push es
int 21h
pop es
pop si
pop bx
inc bx
jmp fetchcharacter
mov ah, 04ch
mov al, 0
int 21h

Lazy Assembler[1] is a freeware x86 assembler not associated with Borland that is compatible with TASM ideal mode and supports newer instructions not supported by TASM, including MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3 (PNI), SSE4 (MNI), and 3DNow!Pro. It was last updated to version 0.56 on 6 August 2007; the website is no longer available, but the program is available for download.[2]

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  • Archive of official webpage
  • Mastering Turbo Assembler: Programming with Objects
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