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Ungava (electoral district)

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Title: Ungava (electoral district)  
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Subject: Jean Boucher (MNA), Dubuc (electoral district), Quebec provincial election, 1994/Ungava, Quebec provincial election, 1998/Ungava, Quebec provincial election, 2003/Ungava
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Ungava (electoral district)

Quebec electoral district
Provincial electoral district
Legislature National Assembly of Quebec
Jean Boucher
District created 1980
First contested 1981
Last contested 2014
Population (2011) 42,595
Electors (2012)[1] 25,998
Area (km²)[2] 855,110.7
Pop. density (per km²) 0.05
Census divisions Nord-du-Québec
Census subdivisions Akulivik (northern village), Aupaluk (northern village), Baie-James, Chapais, Chibougamau, Chisasibi (Cree village municipality), Eastmain (Cree village municipality), Inukjuak (northern village), Ivujivik, Kangiqsualujjuaq (northern village), Kangiqsujuaq (northern village), Kangirsuk (northern village), Kuujjuaq (northern village), Kuujjuarapik (northern village), Lebel-sur-Quévillon, Matagami, Mistissini (Cree village municipality), Nemaska (Cree village municipality), Puvirnituq, Quaqtaq (northern village), Salluit (northern village), Tasiujaq (northern village), Umiujaq (northern village), Waskaganish (Cree village municipality), Waswanipi (Cree village municipality), Wemindji (Cree village municipality), Whapmagoostui (Cree village municipality); Oujé-Bougoumou; Akulivik (Inuit reserved land), Aupaluk (Inuit reserved land), Chisasibi (Cree reserved land), Eastmain (Cree reserved land), Inukjuak (Inuit reserved land), Kangiqsualujjuaq (Inuit reserved land), Kangiqsujuaq (Inuit reserved land), Kangirsuk (Inuit reserved land), Kiggaluk, Killiniq, Kuujjuaq (Inuit reserved land), Kuujjuarapik (Inuit reserved land), Mistissini (Cree reserved land), Nemaska (Cree reserved land), Quaqtaq (Inuit reserved land), Salluit (Inuit reserved land), Tasiujaq (Inuit reserved land), Umiujaq (Inuit reserved land), Waskaganish (Cree reserved land), Waswanipi (Cree reserved land), Wemindji (Cree reserved land), Whapmagoostui (Cree reserved land); Baie-d'Hudson, Rivière-Koksoak (part)

Ungava is a provincial electoral district in the Nord-du-Québec region of Quebec, Canada that elects members to the National Assembly of Quebec. It includes all of the Nord-du-Québec region (which is also a single census division) except for the Naskapi village municipality of Kawawachikamach.

It covers the Ungava Peninsula of northern Quebec and includes the municipalities of Matagami, Chibougamau and Chapais as well as the hydroelectric dams near James Bay, numerous First Nations reserves including the Cree communities of Eeyou Istchee, and the Inuit communities of Nunavik.

It was created for the 1981 election from Abitibi-Est and Abitibi-Ouest electoral districts.

In the change from the 2001 to the 2011 electoral map, it lost the Caniapiscau and Lac-Juillet (in Côte-Nord region) to Duplessis electoral district.


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Members of the National Assembly

  1. Marcel Lafrenière, Parti Québécois (1981–1985)
  2. Christian Claveau, Parti Québécois (1985–1994)
  3. Michel Létourneau, Parti Québécois (1994–2007)
  4. Luc Ferland, Parti Québécois (2007–2014)
  5. Jean Boucher, Liberal (2014-present)

Election results

Quebec general election, 2014
Party Candidate Votes % ∆%
Liberal Jean Boucher 4,615 42.34 +7.63
Parti Québécois Luc Ferland 3,599 33.02 -12.51
Coalition Avenir Québec Michael Donald Cameron 1,800 16.51 +5.48
Québec solidaire André Richer 512 4.70 -1.45
Option nationale Zoé Allen-Mercier 235 2.16 -0.44
Parti nul Matthew Guillemette 140 1.28
Total valid votes 10,901 98.14
Total rejected ballots 207 1.86
Turnout 11,108 41.47 -0.15
Electors on the lists 26,786
Liberal gain from Parti Québécois Swing +10.07
Quebec general election, 2012
Party Candidate Votes % ∆%
Parti Québécois Luc Ferland 4,854 45.52 -1.77
Liberal Gérald Lemoyne 3,701 34.71 +0.09
Coalition Avenir Québec Stéphane Robichaud 1,176 11.03 +0.49
Québec solidaire Sylvain Couture 655 6.14 +1.10
Option nationale Dominic Hamelin-Johnston 277 2.60
Total valid votes 10,663 98.18
Total rejected ballots 198 1.82
Turnout 10,861 41.62 +5.53
Electors on the lists 26,098
Parti Québécois hold Swing -0.93

^ Change is from redistributed results. CAQ change is from ADQ.

Quebec general election, 2008
Party Candidate Votes % ∆%
Parti Québécois Luc Ferland 4,119 47.30 +5.89
Liberal Pierre Gaudreault 3,015 34.62 +2.10
Action démocratique Pascal Dion 918 10.54 -10.94
Québec solidaire Mélanie Dufour 439 5.04 +0.44
Independent Gilbert Hamel 218 2.50 -2.10
Total valid votes 8,709 98.61
Total rejected ballots 123 1.39
Turnout 8,832 36.09 -10.38
Electors on the lists 24,474
Quebec general election, 2007
Party Candidate Votes % ∆%
Parti Québécois Luc Ferland 4,555 41.41 -8.70
Liberal Aline Sauvageau 3,577 32.52 -4.63
Action démocratique Jacques L. Cadieux 2,363 21.48 +8.74
Québec solidaire Gilbert Hamel 506 4.60
Total valid votes 11,001 98.88
Total rejected ballots 125 1.12
Turnout 11,126 46.47 -4.05
Electors on the lists 23,944
Quebec general election, 2003
Party Candidate Votes % ∆%
Parti Québécois Michel Létourneau 5,744 50.11 +1.89
     Liberal Donald Don Bubar 4,258 37.15 -3.89
     Action démocratique Gloria Trudeau 1,460 12.74 +2.00
Quebec general election, 1998
Party Candidate Votes % ∆%
Parti Québécois Michel Létourneau 6,482 48.22 -5.97
     Liberal Claude Éric Gagné 5,517 41.04 +1.04
     Action démocratique Steve Paquette 1,443 10.74
1995 Quebec referendum
Side Votes %
Non 10,396 53.09
Oui 9,187 46.91
Quebec general election, 1994
Party Candidate Votes % ∆%
Parti Québécois Michel Létourneau 7,276 54.19 +3.23
     Liberal Victo Murray 5,371 40.00 -9.04
Green Thomas DeMarco 407 3.03
     Natural Law Steve Paquette 372 2.77
1992 Charlottetown Accord referendum
Side Votes %
Non 10,549 62.08
Oui 6,444 37.92
Quebec general election, 1989
Party Candidate Votes % ∆%
Parti Québécois Christian Claveau 6,442 50.96 -0.88
     Liberal Jacques Bérubé 6,199 49.04 +4.62
Quebec general election, 1985
Party Candidate Votes % ∆%
Parti Québécois Christian Claveau 6,414 51.84 -9.69
     Liberal Jacques Bérubé 5,497 44.42 +5.95
     Christian Socialist Denis Turgeon 463 3.74
Quebec general election, 1981
Party Candidate Votes %
Parti Québécois Marcel Lafrenière 9,679 61.53
     Liberal Laurent Levasseur 6,052 38.47


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  2. ^§ion=superficie

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