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Union Européenne de Cyclisme

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Title: Union Européenne de Cyclisme  
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Subject: Portuguese Cycling Federation, Austrian Cycling Federation, Danish Cycling Federation, Hellenic Cycling Federation, Hong Kong Cycling Association
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Union Européenne de Cyclisme

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The Union Européenne de Cyclisme (abbreviation: UEC, English: European Cycling Union) is the European confederation of national cycling bodies; the national federations of the Union Cycliste Internationale form confederations by continent.

European Cycling Championships

The federation organizes all the European Cycling Championships (such as the European Road Championships and the European Track Championships) for all cycling disciplines, including road cycling, track cycling, cyclo-cross, BMX, mountain biking and indoor cycling and awards the UEC European Champion jersey to the European Champions.

Member Federations

Country Federation
 Albania Albanian Cycling Federation (Federata Shqiptare e Ciklizmit)
 Andorra Andorran Cycling Federation (Federacio Andorrana de Ciclismo)
 Armenia Armenian Cycling Federation (Federation du Cyclisme de la Republique d'Armenie)
 Austria Austrian Cycling Federation (Oesterreichischer Radsport Verband)
 Azerbaijan Cycling Federation of Azerbaijan (Federation Cycliste de la Republique d'Azerbaijan)
 Belgium Royal Belgian Cycling League (Royale Ligue Velocipedique Belge / Koninklijke Belgische Wielrijdersbond)
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Cycling Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
 Belarus Belarusian Federation of Cycling Sport
 Bulgaria Bulgarian Cycling Union (Български колоездачен съюз)
 Croatia Croatian Cycling Federation (Hrvatski Biciklisticki Savez)
 Cyprus Cyprus Cycling Federation (Κυπριακη Ομοσπονδια Ποδηλασιας)
 Czech Republic Czech Cycling Federation (Český Svaz Cyklistiky)
 Denmark Danish Cycling Federation (Danmarks Cykle Union)
 Estonia Estonian Cyclists' Union (Eesti Jalgratturite Liit)
 Finland Cycling Union of Finland (Suomen Pyöräilyunioni)
 France French Cycling Federation (Fédération Française de Cyclisme)
Great Britain British Cycling
Georgia Georgian Cycling Federation
 Germany German Cycling Federation (Bund Deutscher Radfahrer)
 Greece Hellenic Cycling Federation (Ελληνικη Ομοσπονδια Ποδηλασιας)
 Hungary Hungarian Cycling Federation (Magyar Kerékpársportok Szövetsége)
Ireland Cycling Ireland
 Israel Israel Cycling Federation (איגוד האופניים בישראל)
 Italy Italian Cycling Federation (Federazione Ciclistica Italiana)
 Latvia Latvian Cycling Federation
 Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Cycling Federation (Liechtensteiner Radfahrerverband)
 Lithuania Lithuanian Cycling Federation (Lietuvos Dviračių Sporto Federacija)
 Luxembourg Luxembourgian Cycling Federation (Fédération du Sport Cycliste Luxembourgeois)
 Moldova Moldavian Cycling Federation
 Macedonia Cycling Federation of Macedonia
 Malta Maltese Cycling Federation
 Montenegro Cycling Association of Montenegro
 Monaco Monegasque Cycling Federation (Fédération Monégasque de Cyclisme)
 Netherlands Royal Dutch Cycling Union (Koninklijke Nederlandsche Wielren Unie)
 Norway Norwegian Cycling Federation (Norges Cykleforbund)
 Poland Polish Cycling Federation (Polski Związek Kolarski)
 Portugal Portuguese Cycling Federation (Federação Portuguesa de Ciclismo)
 Romania Romanian Cycling Federation (Federația Română de Ciclism)
 Russia Russian Cycling Federation (Федерации велосипедного спорта России)
 San Marino San Marinese Cycling Federation (Federazione Ciclistica Sanmarinese)
 Serbia Cycling Federation of Serbia (Biciklisticki Savez Srbije)
 Slovenia Slovenian Cycling Federation (Kolesarska Zveza Slovenije)
  Switzerland Swiss Cycling
 Slovakia Slovak Cycling Federation (Slovenský Zväz Cyklistiky)
 Spain Royal Spanish Cycling Federation (Real Federación Española de Ciclismo)
 Sweden Swedish Cycling Federation (Svenska Cykelförbundet)
 Turkey Turkish Cycling Federation (Türkiye Bisiklet Federasyonu)
 Ukraine Ukrainian Cycling Federation

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