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United States Ambassador to Mexico

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Title: United States Ambassador to Mexico  
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Subject: Earl Anthony Wayne, J. Reuben Clark, Isaac P. Gray, Ambassadors of the United States, Thomas H. Nelson
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United States Ambassador to Mexico

Ambassador of the United States to Mexico
Embajada de Estados Unidos en México
Seal of the United States Department of State
Earl Anthony Wayne

since August 2, 2011
Nominator Barack Obama
Inaugural holder Joel Roberts Poinsett
as Minister
Formation June 1, 1825
Website U.S. Embassy - Mexico City

The United States has maintained diplomatic relations with Mexico since 1823, when Andrew Jackson was appointed Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to that country. Jackson declined the appointment, however, and Joel R. Poinsett became the first U.S. envoy to Mexico in 1825. The rank of the U.S. chief of mission to Mexico was raised from Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary in 1898.

Normal diplomatic relations between the United States and Mexico have been interrupted on four occasions:

In addition, the U.S. legation in Mexico was headed by an interim Chargé d'Affaires from April 1864 to August 1867, during the final years of the French Intervention.

List of Ambassadors

The following is a list of Ambassadors the United States has sent to Mexico, and other representatives that have served a similar function. The exact title given by the United States State Department to this position currently is "Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary".

Representative Title From To Appointed by
William Shaler Special Diplomatic Agent 1810 1812 James Madison
John H. Robinson Special Diplomatic Agent 1812 1814 James Madison
James Wilkinson U.S. Envoy 1816 1825 James Madison
Joel Roberts Poinsett Minister 1825 1829 John Quincy Adams
Anthony Butler Special Diplomatic Agent 1829
Anthony Butler Chargé d'Affaires 1829 1835 Andrew Jackson
William A. Slacum Special Diplomatic Agent 1835 1836 Andrew Jackson
Powhatan Ellis Chargé d'Affaires 1836 Andrew Jackson
Robert Greenhow Special Diplomatic Agent 1837
Powhatan Ellis Minister 1839 1842 Martin Van Buren
Henry E. Lawrence Special Diplomatic Agent 1842 John Tyler
Waddy Thompson, Jr. Minister 1842 1844 John Tyler
Moses Yale Beach Special Diplomatic Agent 1843 John Tyler
Gilbert L. Thompson Special Diplomatic Agent 1844 John Tyler
Wilson Shannon Minister 1844 1845 John Tyler
John Slidell Minister 1845 James K. Polk
David Conner Special Diplomatic Agent 1846 James K. Polk
Nathan Clifford Minister 1848 1849 James K. Polk
Robert P. Letcher Minister 1849 1852
Robert Greenhow Special Diplomatic Agent 1850
George G. Goss Special Diplomatic Agent 1850 1852
George W. Slacum Special Diplomatic Agent 1851 Millard Fillmore
Edward Smith Special Diplomatic Agent 1852 Millard Fillmore
Alfred Conkling Minister 1852 1853 Millard Fillmore
George E. Cooper Special Diplomatic Agent 1853
Christopher L. Ward Special Diplomatic Agent 1853
James Gadsden Minister 1853 1856
Richard S. Spofford Special Diplomatic Agent 1854 Franklin Pierce
John Forsyth Jr. Minister 1856 1858 Franklin Pierce
William M. Churchwell Special Diplomatic Agent 1858 James Buchanan
Alfred Mordecai Special Diplomatic Agent 1858 James Buchanan
Duff Green Special Diplomatic Agent 1859 James Buchanan
David R. Porter Special Diplomatic Agent 1859 James Buchanan
Robert Milligan McLane Minister 1859 1860 James Buchanan
Henry Roy de la Reintrie Special Diplomatic Agent 1860 James Buchanan
John B. Weller Minister 1860 1861 James Buchanan
Thomas Corwin Minister 1861 1864
Robert W. Shufelt Special Diplomatic Agent 1862 Abraham Lincoln
Lewis D. Campbell Minister 1866 1867 Andrew Johnson
Marcus Otterbourg Minister 1867 Andrew Johnson
William S. Rosecrans Minister 1868 1869 Andrew Johnson
Thomas H. Nelson Minister 1869 1873
John W. Foster Minister 1873 1880 Ulysses S. Grant
Philip Hicky Morgan Minister 1880 1885 Rutherford B. Hayes
Henry R. Jackson Minister 1885 1886
Thomas Courtland Manning Minister 1886 1887 Grover Cleveland
Edward S. Bragg Minister 1888 1889 Grover Cleveland
Thomas Ryan Minister 1889 1893
Isaac P. Gray Minister 1893 1895
Matt Whitaker Ransom Minister 1895 1897 Grover Cleveland
Powell Clayton Minister 1897 1898
Ambassador Presentation
of Credentials
of Mission
Appointed by
Powell Clayton 1899-01-03 1905-05-26 William McKinley
Edwin H. Conger 1905-06-15 1905-08-03 Theodore Roosevelt
David Eugene Thompson 1906-03-08 1909-12-01 Theodore Roosevelt
Henry Lane Wilson 1910-03-05 1913-02-18 William Howard Taft
Henry P. Fletcher 1917-03-03 1919-01-25 Woodrow Wilson
Charles B. Warren 1924-03-31 1924-07-22 Calvin Coolidge
James R. Sheffield 1924-10-15 1927-06-05 Calvin Coolidge
Dwight W. Morrow 1927-10-29 1930-09-17 Calvin Coolidge
J. Reuben Clark, Jr. 1930-11-28 1933-02-14 Herbert Hoover
Josephus Daniels 1933-04-24 1941-11-09 Franklin D. Roosevelt
George S. Messersmith 1942-02-24 1946-05-15 Franklin D. Roosevelt
Walter C. Thurston 1946-06-17 1950-11-04 Harry S. Truman
William O'Dwyer 1950-11-23 1952-12-06 Harry S. Truman
Francis White 1953-04-28 1957-06-30 Dwight D. Eisenhower
Robert C. Hill 1957-07-25 1960-12-01 Dwight D. Eisenhower
Thomas Clifton Mann 1961-05-08 1963-12-22 John F. Kennedy
Fulton Freeman 1964-04-06 1969-01-06 Lyndon B. Johnson
Robert H. McBride 1969-07-22 1974-01-25 Richard Nixon
Joseph John Jova 1974-01-30 1977-02-21 Richard Nixon
Patrick J. Lucey 1977-07-19 1979-10-31 Jimmy Carter
Julian Nava 1980-05-07 1981-04-03 Jimmy Carter
John A. Gavin 1981-06-05 1986-06-10 Ronald Reagan
Charles J. Pilliod, Jr. 1986-11-04 1989-04-07 Ronald Reagan
John D. Negroponte 1989-07-03 1993-09-05 George H. W. Bush
James Robert Jones 1993-09-10 1997-06-25 Bill Clinton
Jeffrey S. Davidow 1998-08-05 2002-09-14 Bill Clinton
Antonio Garza 2002-11-22 2009-01-20 George W. Bush
Carlos Pascual 2009-08-09 2011-03-19 [1] Barack Obama
Earl Anthony Wayne 2011-08-02[2] Barack Obama

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