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University of Guyana

University of Guyana
Photograph of the Entrance to the University of Guyana
Entrance to the University of Guyana
Established 1963
Type Public University
Chancellor Bertrand Ramcharan
Location Guyana
Colours Green
Nickname UG
Affiliations IHSE
University of Guyana COLOUR

The University of Guyana, in Guyana, is a public university established in 1963 by the Guyanese government.


  • History 1
  • Organisation and structure 2
  • Notable people 3
    • Alumni 3.1
    • Faculty and administrators 3.2
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Cheddi Jagan, then Premier of British Guiana, considered that the University of the West Indies, to which his government had contributed since 1948, was not meeting the demand of his countrymen for higher education. On 4 January 1962, Jagan wrote to Harold Drayton, then in Ghana, to ask him to seek the advice of W.E.B. Du Bois on starting a new university.[1][2]

Drayton returned to British Guiana in December 1962, and it was on his advice that Jagan wrote to socialist scholars in the United Kingdom and United States, including Joan Robinson at the University of Cambridge, Paul Baran at Stanford University, and Lancelot Hogben at Birmingham to involve them in the recruitment of staff.[3]

The University opened on the grounds of Queen's College in late 1963. Its first chancellor was Edgar Mortimer Duke and its first Principal and Vice-Chancellor was the British biologist and mathematician, Lancelot Hogben.

Organisation and structure

The university is divided into a number of faculties:

  • School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Director - Shanomae Rose
Coordinator - Linda Johnson-Bhola
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences
Dean - Abdullah Ansari
Assistant Dean - Medeba Uzzi
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
Dean - Paloma Mohommed
Assistant Dean - Sharon Roopchand Edwards
  • School of Education and Humanities
Dean - Claudette Austin
Deputy Dean - Bonita Hunter
  • Faculty of Health Sciences
Dean - Emanuel Cummings
Assistant Dean - Davon Van-Veen
Director - Madan Rambaran
  • Faculty of Technology
Dean - Verlyn Klass
Assistant Dean - Elena Trim
  • Institute of Distance and Continuing Education
  • Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry

It also contains the Institute of Distance and Continuing Education.[4]

Notable people


Faculty and administrators

See also


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External links

  • University of Guyana official website
  • Institute of Distance and Continuing Education Official Website
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