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Urethral gland

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Title: Urethral gland  
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Subject: Spongy urethra, Alexis Littré, Urethra, Bus (disambiguation), Smegma
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Urethral gland

Urethral gland
Latin glandulae urethrales urethrae masculinae
Gray's p.1250
Anatomical terminology

The urethral or periurethral glands (also Littre glands after Alexis Littré)[1] are glands that branch off the wall of the urethra of male mammals. The glands secrete mucus[2] and are most numerous in the section of the urethra that runs through the penis. Urethral glands produce a colloid secretion containing glycosaminoglycans; this secretion protects the epithelium against urine.[3]

Unsafe sex can lead to urethritis. Untreated, this can lead to infection of the urethral glands, which can cause the urethra to be impeded by strictures.


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