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Valerie 23

"Valerie 23"
The Outer Limits episode
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 2
Directed by Timothy Bond
Written by Jonathan Glassner
Production code 3
Original air date 31 March 1995
Guest actors

William Sadler as Frank Hellner
Sofia Shinas as Valerie 23
Tom Butler as Charlie Rogers
Nancy Allen as Rachel Rose
Paula Shaw as Executive
Bruce Harwood as Technician

Episode chronology
← Previous
"The Sandkings"
Next →
"Blood Brothers"
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"Valerie 23" is an episode of The Outer Limits television show. It first aired on 31 March 1995, during the first season.


Frank Hellner, a researcher at a robotics company (Innobotics Corporation), is left paraplegic after an automobile accident. His friend and boss Charlie Rogers arranges for Frank to test Innobotics' latest robotic innovation — the "perfect woman". Reluctantly, Frank agrees. The fourth season episode "Mary 25", is a semi-sequel to this episode.

Opening narration


Valerie 23 (Sofia Shinas) is the latest development from the Innobotics Corporation. She is an gynoid: designed to be attractive, helpful and a perfect companion for a disabled man. Although he is the ideal test candidate, because of his condition and qualifications, Frank Hellner (William Sadler) is extremely reluctant to take part and wants nothing to do with Valerie. Nevertheless he eventually agrees to a one-week test period.

Valerie proves to be an excellent caregiver, and more. Over the course of the test, Valerie becomes increasingly affectionate and Frank eventually gives in. After the sexual encounter, Frank explains to Valerie that he thinks it was a mistake.

Frank begins to grow closer to his physiotherapist Rachel (Nancy Allen), and she invites him to a bar. Valerie responds by displaying more human traits such as anger and envy. After following Frank and Rachel on a rock climbing outing, Valerie attempts to dispose of her rival Rachel and is shut down before being returned to Innobotics.

Frank decides that he must speak to Valerie before she is dismantled and asks for her to be reactivated. While restrained at Innobotics, Valerie tries to explain her feelings for Frank and rekindle the relationship, but to no avail. When asked by Frank about being afraid of death, she stated that one shouldn't be afraid of death, because death was nothingness, and one shouldn't fear nothingness.

Valerie escapes, follows Frank and again tries to kill Rachel. Frank is forced to destroy Valerie with an electric shock. As she lies dying, she tells him that she is afraid to die. Earlier Frank had been told by Rachel that anything that fears its death is alive.

Closing narration

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