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Vaya Con Tioz

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Title: Vaya Con Tioz  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Böhse Onkelz, La Ultima / Live in Berlin, Vaya con Dios, Gehasst, Verdammt, Vergöttert, Peter Schorowsky
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Vaya Con Tioz

Vaya Con Tioz
Live album by Böhse Onkelz
Released 16 February 2007
Recorded 17 to 18 June 2005
Genre Hard rock
Length 6 h 43 min
Label Rule23 Recordings
Producer Stephan Weidner
Böhse Onkelz chronology
La Ultima / Live in Berlin Vaya Con Tioz Onkelz wie wir… (Re-recording)

Vaya Con Tioz is the seventh live album and the sixth concert movie of the German rock band Böhse Onkelz. The festival movie was recorded during their farewell show "Vaya Con Tioz" from 17 to 18 June 2005 at the Eurospeedway Lausitz, Germany. According to the band it was the biggest solo rock event of a German rock band. Along with the four DVDs comes a book with many pictures and reports from the concert.

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Source Rating (7/10) [1]


  • Track listing 1
    • DVD 1: Erster Tag (First Day) 1.1
      • Extras 1.1.1
    • DVD 2: Letzter Tag (Last Day) 1.2
      • Documentation 1.2.1
      • Live concert 1.2.2
    • DVD 3: Fanz 1.3
      • Making Of / Behind the Scenes 1.3.1
    • DVD 4: Support Bands 1.4
      • Erster Tag 1.4.1
      • Letzter Tag 1.4.2
      • Bonus Songs 1.4.3
  • Year-end 2
  • Sources and references 3

Track listing

DVD 1: Erster Tag (First Day)

  1. Intro 28
  2. 10 Jahre (10 Years)
  3. Ich bin in dir (I'm in you)
  4. Kneipenterroristen (Tavern Terrorists)
  5. Signum des Verrats (The sign of betrayal)
  6. Ein langer Weg (A long way)
  7. Bomberpilot (Bomber pilot)
  8. Nekrophil (Necrophiliac)
  9. Heute trinken wir richtig (Today we're gonna really drink)
  10. Falsche Propheten (False Prophets)
  11. Nenn mich wie du willst (Call me what you want)
  12. Ich lieb mich (I love myself)
  13. Keine ist wie du (No-one Is Like You)
  14. Stunde des Siegers (Hour of the Winner)
  15. Mexico
  16. Erinnerungen (Memories)


  1. Interview
  2. Test: Hier sind die Onkelz (Here Are The Onkelz)
  3. Test: Wieder mal 'nen Tag verschenkt (Another Day Given Away)

DVD 2: Letzter Tag (Last Day)


  1. Der letzte Tag (The last day)
  2. Dragsterrennen (Dragster Race)
  3. Support Bands
  4. Der letzte Gang (The last walk)

Live concert

  1. Intro
  2. Hier sind die Onkelz (Here Are the Onkelz)
  3. Dunkler Ort (Dark Place)
  4. Terpentin (Turpentine)
  5. Fahrt zur Hölle (Go To Hell)
  6. Onkelz vs. Jesus
  7. Entfache dieses Feuer (Candle This Fire)
  8. Die Firma (The Company)
  9. Nichts ist so hart wie das Leben (Nothing Is Harder Than Life)
  10. Leere Worte (Empty Words)
  11. Superstar
  12. Schutzgeist der Scheiße (Patron of Shit)
  13. Narben (Scars)
  14. Onkelz 2000
  15. Keine Amnestie für MTV (No Amnesty For MTV)
  16. Feuer (Fire)
  17. Danke für alles (Schlussansage) (Thanks For All - Last Announcement)
  18. Ihr hättet es wissen müssen (You Should Have Known)
  19. A.D.I.O.Z.
  20. Baja
  21. Abspann

DVD 3: Fanz

Making Of / Behind the Scenes

  1. Abschied (Farewell)
  2. Crew
  3. Fanz
  4. Interview
  5. Bühne (Stage)

DVD 4: Support Bands

Erster Tag

  1. Wonderfools: Last Night On Earth
  2. Discipline: Nice Boys Finish Last
  3. Sub7even: Raw Like Sushi
  4. D-A-D: Reconstructed
  5. Motörhead: Doctor Rock
  6. Machine Head: The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears

Letzter Tag

  1. Psychopunch: All Over Now
  2. Pro-Pain: Shine
  3. JBO: Ein guter Tag zum Sterben (A Good Day To Die)
  4. In Extremo: Vollmond (Full Moon)
  5. Rose Tattoo: Out of This Place
  6. Children of Bodom: Everytime I Die


Bonus Songs

  1. Pro-Pain: Terpentin
  2. Sub7even: Ja, Ja
  3. D-A-D: Jihad


End of year chart (2007) Position
German Albums Chart 55[1]

Sources and references

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