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Venues of the 1896 Summer Olympics


Venues of the 1896 Summer Olympics

The Venues of the 1896 Summer Olympics consisted of seven venues that hosted events for the 1896 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece. Panathinaiko Stadium was the main venue, hosting four of the nine sports contested. The city of Marathon served as host to the actual marathon and the individual road race events. Swimming made its debut in the Bay of Zea while fencing was held at the Zappeion. Sport shooting was held in Kallithea. Tennis made its debut in Greece at the Athens Lawn Tennis Club, a sport unfamiliar to Greeks at the time of the 1896 Games.


Venue Sports Capacity Ref.
Athens Lawn Tennis Club Tennis Not listed. [1]
Bay of Zea Swimming Not listed. [2]
Kallithea Shooting Not listed. [3]
Marathon (city) Athletics (Marathon (sport)), Cycling (Individual road race). Not listed. [4]
Neo Phaliron Velodrome Cycling (track) Not listed. [5]
Panathinaiko Stadium Athletics, Gymnastics, Weightlifting, and Wrestling 80,000 [6]
Zappeion Fencing Not listed. [7]

The Bay of Zea was used as the swimming venue because the organizers of the Games refused to spend money on constructing a special purpose swimming venue.[8]

After the Olympics

Four of the 1896 venues were reused as competition venues for the 2004 Games. The

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The Bay of Zea is a seaport and marina in the Athens area.[15] Meanwhile the Athens Lawn and Tennis Club remains popular in Greece and helped expose the country to tennis for the first time.[1]


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