Veterans of the Spanish Civil War who died in 2006

The following is a list of known veterans of the Spanish Civil War (17 July 1936 – 1 April 1939) who died in 2006.

Veterans listed by death date–12 veterans

Name Rank/Regiment/Corps Nationality Born Died Notes
Singer, Conrad International Brigade Romania December 1912 October 2006 (95) Fought at Belchite and Teruel. He volunteered for the French Foreign Legion in summer 1940. He later served with the Pioneer Corps and the Royal Artillery in World War II. He lived in Manchester.[1][2]
Trettner, Heinrich (Heinz) Legion Condor Germany 19 September 1907 18 September 2006 (98) Joined the Condor Legion in Berlin, Germany. He was made Staffelkapitän of 1./K 88 on October 2, 1937. During World War II, he served on the Staff of the 7th Fliegerdivision until June 14, 1939. He was also an advisor with the Inspector of Paratroops between January 1939 and December 1940. He lived in Mönchengladbach.[3]
Sherman, Alfred International Brigade United Kingdom 10 November 1919 26 August 2006 (86) Volunteered in 1937. He was a prisoner in 1937-38. He served with the British Army in the Middle East during World War II. He was a member of the economic advisory staff of the Israeli government in the late 1950s and a political writer.[4]
Williams, Alun Menai International Brigade United Kingdom 20 February 1913 2 July 2006 (93) Second to last Welsh Veteran. He enrolled in the British Army for three years and became a trained paramedic in the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC). He was made a citizen of the Spanish Republic before leaving the country in 1938.[5]
O'Riordan, Michael Second Spanish Republic Ireland 12 November 1917 18 May 2006 (88) Joined the Communist Party of Ireland in 1935. He fought in all battles during the conflict. He was wounded at Battle of the Ebro. He trained Irish Republican Army (IRA) units in Cork in 1938.[6][7]
Dunlop, John International Brigade Canada 1915 5 May 2006 (90) Enrolled at George Watson's College. He volunteered and joined a British Anti-Tank Battery in May 1937. He served in the Scots Guards in World War II.[6][8]
Graham, Frank International Brigade United Kingdom 1913 30 April 2006 (93) Joined in December 1936. He studied Greek history and Latin at King's College in London. He was wounded by a stray bullet in March 1938.[9][10]
Bates, Ronald Henry (Ron) International Brigade United Kingdom 1912 19 April 2006 (94) [2][11]
Wheeler, Lawrence George International Brigade United Kingdom 2 March 1914 11 February 2006 (91) Fought with the British Army during World War II. He was a sportsman, writer and union representative.[12]
Navarro, Joaquín Pérez Durruti Column Spain 1907 2006 (99) One of the last survivors from the anarchist Durruti Column. Joined in 1936. He was captured in late 1938 by the Stalinists. He later escaped to France and then in the fall of 1940 to England. Writer[13]
Giménez, Juan Hernández Second Spanish Republic Spain 17 May 1914 2006 (92) Volunteered in November 1935. Pilot. He later joined the French Resistance. He was transferred to a labor camp to work for the Vichy French. He was recognized by the Ministry of Defense of Spain in 1958. He was a teacher and writer. He lived in Newcastle.[14]
Lipin Pavel Iosifovich International Brigade USSR 25 September 1909 2006 (95) Joined Red Army in 1932. He was discharged from the Spanish Civil War in November 1936. He served in the offices of military attaches. He was the commander of Tank unity since December 1936. He was awarded the Order of the Red Banner and Red Star. From May to December 1937, he fought in the Vice-tank battalion of the Red Army. War veteran for Finland during World War II. He retired from the army as a colonel.[15]

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