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White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf

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Title: White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf  
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Language: English
Subject: 1994 in film, Don LaFontaine, Husky, Alfred Molina, White Fang (1991 film), Geoffrey Lewis (actor), List of Walt Disney Pictures films, Scott Bairstow, Byron Chief-Moon, Ken Kirzinger
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White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf

White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf
Promotional film poster
Directed by Ken Olin
Produced by Preston Fischer
Written by David Fallon
Starring Scott Bairstow
Charmaine Craig
Al Harrington
Anthony Ruivivar
Victoria Racimo
Alfred Molina
Geoffrey Lewis
Ethan Hawke
Music by John Debney
Cinematography Hiro Narita
Edited by Elba Sanchez-Short
Distributed by Buena Vista Pictures
Release dates
  • April 15, 1994 (1994-04-15)
Running time 106 min
Country United States
Language English
Box office $8,878,839 (US)

White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf is the sequel to the 1991 film White Fang. It was released on April 15, 1994 by Walt Disney Pictures. The film was directed by Ken Olin, and stars Scott Bairstow, Alfred Molina, and Geoffrey Lewis. Ethan Hawke reprises his role of Jack Conroy. The filming locations were Aspen, Colorado and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Walt Disney Home Video released this movie on VHS October 19, 1994.


While Jack Conroy (Ethan Hawke) was in San Francisco, White Fang lives with his master's friend, Henry Casey (Scott Bairstow).

At a Native American village, the tribe leader Moses (Al Harrington) has a dream about a wolf. He wakes his niece Lily (Charmaine Craig) and tells her that she is the one who will find the 'white wolf' who can save their tribe by finding the caribou. Lily sets off in a canoe to find the wolf.

Henry and White Fang are sailing on a raft to bring their gold to town. As they pass over rapids the raft is overturned and they are separated in the water. Lily sees White Fang go under the water and then sees an unconscious Henry lifted up by a water wheel. Lily rescues Henry and returns with him to the village. Moses explains to Henry that the tribe has been starving since the caribou have not returned for two years. He tells Henry that he is the 'white wolf' who will deliver the caribou to the tribe. Henry is grateful for the villagers help but does not believe he can help hunt the caribou. Lily is angered by Henry's decision to leave the Native American village and travel to a nearby town.

White Fang manages to struggle out of the river and onto land. He walks through the forest and follows a wolf pack. He shows interest in a female wolf with striking pure white coloring. Eventually, the female wolf leaves the pack to follow White Fang to the Native American village.

In town Henry sees the suffering of the Native Americans who have chosen to leave the village. Henry dreams of travelling with White Fang and Lily and finding the caribou. He decides to return to the Native American village. The town minister appears to support Henry's decision but later sends an armed townsman to stop Henry. The townsman has the chance to shoot Henry but chooses not to and returns to town.

Henry is happy to discover White Fang has survived. During a tribal ceremony, Henry hears White Fang howling. He goes to the forest with a torch and reunites with White Fang. Moses prepares Henry for his quest by giving him arrows and a bow and sending him to the forest to practice hunting. Lily rejects a gift from Henry but demonstrates her skill with a bow and volunteers to teach Henry how to hunt. Henry spends time with Moses' son Peter and confesses his feelings for Lily. Peter explains that the women in his tribe choose their men. Peter doubts Lily will choose Henry but advises him on how to show his interest without offending Lily. Peter explains some of the beliefs of the tribe. He says that when he dies he will return as a Raven and make enough noise to wake the whole village.

When the time of the hunting comes, Henry, with White Fang and Peter, goes to the forest. Moses has given permission for Peter to join the quest despite warning from the Holy Man that one of them will not return from the quest. Moses forbids Lily from joining the hunt as she is female. Lily appears to accept his decision but later takes her bow and secretly follows. Henry and Peter find the dead body of one of the village's hunters and are pursued by a man with a gun. Peter leads the gunman away to allow Henry to escape, a shot is heard and the gunman looked triumphant.

Henry meets up with Lily who saves his life by shooting an attacker with her bow. They continue travelling with White Fang and discover a secret mining area. As they hide they see Reverend Drury and his men working the mine along with several Native American prisoners. They realize a wall built by the miners is blocking the path of the caribou. They decide to take the miners dynamite and use it to open the path.

As they steal the dynamite they are caught by Reverend Leland Drury. He admits he is not really a minister and that he worships gold. Henry manages to escape but Lily is captured by Drury's men. While escaping, Henry sees Peter and follows him to safety. He loses sight of Peter but sees a Raven flying free. White Fang guards Henry from Reverend Leland Drury's men while he plants the dynamite on the path. The wall then explodes, and the animals are free. Reverend Leland Drury orders his men to get Lily. Henry and White Fang rescue Lily but White Fang is seriously injured.

Henry and Lily carry White Fang back to the village where they discover that Peter was killed by the gunman who shot him in the back. A distraught Henry tells Peter's mother that Peter had just been running beside him in the forest. Lily cares for White Fang overnight. Henry wakes to the cries of a Raven flying free around the village. Henry sees his friend Peter in the Raven. White Fang has recovered and is playing with the female wolf.

Lily leads Henry to the forest. She reveals his gold which had been washed ashore and tells him he can leave now. Henry tells Moses there is nothing for him in San Francisco. Believing Lily wishes him to leave, Henry sets off with White Fang. AS the other villagers bid Henry farewell, Lily rushes after him calling 'White Wolf'. Lily tells Henry "I choose you." and they embrace. At the same time, White Fang reunites with the female wolf. Three months later, White Fang and his mate have several puppies.


Henry Casey

Henry Casey is a gold miner who travels with a wolf named White Fang. He is rescued by a Native American tribe who believe he is the fabled 'White Wolf' who will save them from starvation by finding the missing caribou. Although he is reluctant at first, Henry decides to help the tribe. Henry's love interest is the tribe leader's niece Lily.

Lily Joseph

Lily Joseph is a princess of the Native American tribe. She lives with her uncle Moses and cousin Peter, having lost her parents and brother to smallpox. Lily is the one that found Henry and took him to her tribe. Lily is a skilled with a bow and teaches Henry how to use one to hunt. Lily is reluctant to admit her feelings for Henry as she believes he will not wish to stay with her tribe. Lily goes against the wishes of her uncle to follow Henry, White Fang and Peter on their quest.

Moses Joseph

Moses Joseph is the leader of the Native American tribe. He is the uncle of Lily and father of Peter. He is the one that dreamed about White Fang and Lily and told Lily that she will guide their way through the White Wolf. He recognized Henry as the White Wolf. Moses allowed his son Peter to join Henry on the Hunt though he knew one of them would not return.

Peter Joseph

Peter Joseph is the cousin of Lily Joseph and son of tribe leader Moses. Peter warns Henry that the women of his tribe choose their men not the other way round. He tells Henry to declare his intentions to Lily by putting "your chin to her shoulder, and whisper through her ears." When Henry asks how Lily will answer Peter says "Maybe she'll break your nose." Peter joins Henry on the hunt for the caribou. When they are attacked Peter risks his life to create a distraction and allow Henry to escape. Peter is shot and killed but his spirit later appears to aid Henry in the forest.

Reverend Leland Drury

Reverend Leland Drury is a greedy man. He leads the mining activity that made the path of the animals blocked and the reason why the entire tribe is hungry. Reverend Drury's men prevents Henry in making the path of the animals not blocked and making the animals free. Reverend Leland Drury's one man had killed Peter, Lily's cousin and Henry's friend.


The movie received mixed reviews.[1][2][3][4]

Box office

The movie debuted poorly.[5]


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