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World Badminton Grand Prix Finals

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Title: World Badminton Grand Prix Finals  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Razif Sidek, Susi Susanti, Yap Kim Hock, Cheah Soon Kit, Eddy Hartono
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World Badminton Grand Prix Finals

The World Badminton Grand Prix Finals was an annual badminton tournament organized by the International Badminton Federation (IBF) to crown the best badminton player of the year. The tournament only invited the top eight players in the year-end world rankings. The tournament started in 1983, with the last tournament held in 2001 (delayed from 2000). Since then the tournament has not been included in the IBF's events calendar.


Year No. Host City Country
1983 I Jakarta  Indonesia
1984 II Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia
1985 III Tokyo  Japan
1986 IV Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia
1987 V Hong Kong  Hong Kong
1988 VI Hong Kong  Hong Kong
1989 VII Singapore  Singapore
1990 VIII Bali  Indonesia
1991 IX Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia
Year No. Host City Country
1992 X Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia
1993 XI Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia
1994 XII Bangkok  Thailand
1995 XIII Singapore  Singapore
1996 XIV Bali  Indonesia
1997 XV Jakarta  Indonesia
1998 XVI Brunei  Brunei
1999 XVII Brunei  Brunei
2000 XVIII Brunei  Brunei

* Held in 2001.

Past winners

Year Men's singles Women's singles Men's doubles Women's doubles Mixed doubles
1983 Luan Jin Li Lingwei
1984 Morten Frost Han Aiping
1985 Han Jian Li Lingwei
1986 Yang Yang Jalani Sidek
Razif Sidek
Hwang Hye-young
Chung Myung-hee
Nigel Tier
Gillian Gowers
1987 Xiong Guobao Li Yongbo
Tian Bingyi
Guan Weizhen
Lin Ying
Stefan Karlsson
Maria Bengtsson
1988 Zhang Qingwu Han Aiping Jalani Sidek
Razif Sidek
Wang Pengren
Shi Fangjing
1989 Xiong Guobao Tang Jiuhong Rosiana Tendean
Erma Sulistianingsih
Eddy Hartono
Verawaty Fadjrin
1990 Eddy Kurniawan Susi Susanti Eddy Hartono
Thomas Lund
Pernille Dupont
1991 Zhao Jianhua Jalani Sidek
Razif Sidek
Hwang Hye-young
Chung Myung-hee
1992 Rashid Sidek Ricky Subagja
Rexy Mainaky
Lin Yanfen
Yao Fen
1993 Joko Suprianto Gunawan
Bambang Suprianto
Lili Tampi
Thomas Lund
Catrine Bengtsson
1994 Ardy Wiranata Ricky Subagja
Rexy Mainaky
Ge Fei
Gu Jun
Thomas Lund
Marlene Thomsen
1995 Joko Suprianto Ye Zhaoying Cheah Soon Kit
Yap Kim Hock
Trikus Heryanto
Minarti Timur
1996 Fung Permadi Susi Susanti Ricky Subagja
Rexy Mainaky
Michael Søgaard
Rikke Olsen
1997 Sun Jun Ye Zhaoying Candra Wijaya
Sigit Budiarto
Liu Yong
Ge Fei
1998 Zhang Ning Denny Kantono
Antonius Ariantho
Kim Dong-moon
Ra Kyung-min
1999 Peter Gade Ye Zhaoying Candra Wijaya
Tony Gunawan
2000 Xia Xuanze Zhou Mi Huang Nanyan
Yang Wei
Jens Eriksen
Mette Schjoldager

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