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World Heavyweight Championship (National Wrestling Association)

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Title: World Heavyweight Championship (National Wrestling Association)  
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Subject: Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum, Yvon Robert, Lou Thesz, National Wrestling Association championships, National Wrestling Association
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World Heavyweight Championship (National Wrestling Association)

The World Heavyweight Championship was a professional wrestling world heavyweight championship of the National Wrestling Association (NWA), an offshoot of the National Boxing Association (NBA). The title existed from 1929 through 1949, when it was unified with the National Wrestling Alliance's World Heavyweight Championship.


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Title history

Wrestler Times Date Days held Place Notes
Jim Londos 1 June 6, 1930 1847 Philadelphia, PA Recognized as the first official champion by the National Wrestling Association after he defeated Dick Shikat for the NYSAC World Title. The wrestling section of the National Boxing Association previously stripped Gus Sonnenberg of the World Title in July, 1929. Also won the NYSAC World Title in June, 1934 and unified both titles.[1]
Danno O'Mahony 1 June 27, 1935 249 Boston, MA Defeats Boston AWA World Title and becomes the "Unified World Champion".[2]
Dick Shikat 2 March 2, 1936 54 New York City, NY
Ali Baba 1 April 25, 1936 62 Detroit, MI
Everett Marshall 1 June 26, 1936 end date needed Columbus, OH
Vacated September 1936 start date needed Title vacated when the NBA and NWA recommend at their annual meeting that a tournament be held.
John Pesek 1 September 13, 1937 end date needed Title awarded when Pesek is the only contender to post a $1000 bond.
Vacated start date needed Pesek's recognition as champion withdrawn.
Lou Thesz # December 29, 1937 44 St. Louis, MO Defeats Marshall for the Boston AWA title; whether or not this reign was recognized by the NBA/NWA is unknown.
Steve Casey 1 February 11, 1938 end date needed Boston, MA
Vacated September 1938 start date needed Casey's recognition as champion withdrawn due to his being out of the country.
Everett Marshall 2 September 14, 1938 101 Title awarded at the NBA/NWA annual meeting.
Lou Thesz 1 February 23, 1939 120 St. Louis, MO
Bronko Nagurski 1 June 23, 1939 258 Houston, TX
Ray Steele 1 March 7, 1940 369 St. Louis, MO
Bronko Nagurski 2 March 11, 1941 86 Houston, TX
Sandor Szabo 1 June 5, 1941 259 St. Louis, MO
Bill Longson 1 February 19, 1942 230 St. Louis, MO
Yvon Robert 1 October 7, 1942 20 Montreal, Quebec
Bobby Managoff 1 November 27, 1942 115 Houston, TX
Bill Longson 2 February 19, 1943 1463 St. Louis, MO
Whipper Billy Watson 1 February 21, 1947 63 St. Louis, MO
Lou Thesz 2 April 25, 1947 210 St. Louis, MO
Bill Longson 3 November 21, 1947 232 Houston, TX
Lou Thesz 3 July 10, 1948 505 Indianapolis, IN
Title retired November 27, 1949 N/A Title unified with the National Wrestling Alliance's World Heavyweight Championship, which is forfeited to Thesz by previous champion Orville Brown when he cannot defend due to career-ending injuries from an automobile accident on November 1.

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