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Wrestling World Cup

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Title: Wrestling World Cup  
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Subject: 2014 UCI Women's Road World Cup, 2014 UCI World Tour, Patricia Miranda, Boyan Radev, Parviz Hadi
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Wrestling World Cup

Wrestling World Cup is an international wrestling competition among teams representing member nations of the United World Wrestling (UWW), the sport's global governing body. The championships have been conducted every year since the 1973 tournament. The World Cup began as a dual-meet competition for the top teams on each continent, but now features the top teams in the rankings of the previous year's world championships.[1]


  • Competitions 1
    • Men's freestyle 1.1
    • Men's Greco-Roman 1.2
    • Women's freestyle 1.3
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Men's freestyle

Year Host city Dates 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
1973 Toledo May 19–20  URS  USA  JPN  CAN
1974 Las Palmas July 20–21  URS  IRI  BUL  USA
1975 Toledo March 29–30  URS  MGL  USA  CAN
1976 Toledo Feb. 29– Mar. 1  URS  IRI  USA  CAN
1977 Toledo March 26–27  URS  USA  JPN  CAN
1978 Toledo April 1–2  URS  USA  JPN  CUB
1979 Toledo Mar. 31 – Apr. 1  URS  USA  JPN  CAN Africa
1980 Toledo March 29–30  USA  URS  CAN  JPN Africa
1981 Toledo March 28–29  URS  USA  MGL Africa
1982 Toledo March 27–28  USA  URS  CAN  KOR Africa
1983 Toledo March 26–27  URS  USA  CAN  JPN Africa
1984 Toledo Mar. 31– Apr. 1  URS  USA  BUL  CUB  CAN Africa
1985 Toledo March 30–31  URS  USA  JPN  CUB  CAN Africa
1986 Toledo March 22–23  URS  USA  CUB  MGL  EGY  AUS
1987 Ulan Bator November 28–29  URS  MGL  USA  CUB  JPN  AUS
1988 Toledo March 26–27  URS  USA  CUB  KOR  AUS
1989 Toledo April 1–2  URS  USA  CUB  CAN  KOR
1990 Toledo Mar. 31– Apr. 1  USA  URS  CUB  TUR  CAN
1991 Toledo April 6–7  USA  URS  KOR  CUB  CAN  NGR
1992 Moscow November 14–15  RUS  IRI  USA  TUR
1993 Chattanooga April 2–3  USA  RUS  CAN  CUB  JPN
1994 Edmonton March 25–26  USA  IRI  RUS  TUR  CAN  JPN
1995 Chattanooga April 7–8  USA  RUS  TUR  IRI  CAN  JPN
1996 Tehran November 7–8  IRI  CUB  UZB  RUS
1997 Stillwater April 4–5  USA  RUS  CUB  GER  CAN
1998 Stillwater April 4–5  RUS  USA  IRI  CUB  GER  JPN
1999 Spokane April 2–3  USA  IRI  CUB  GER  CAN
2000 Fairfax February 5–6  USA  IRI  RUS  CUB  UKR
2001 Baltimore May 5–6  USA  IRI  RUS  TUR  UZB
2002 Spokane April 6–7  USA  RUS  KOR  MGL  CAN  GER
2003 Boise April 5–6  USA World  UKR  RUS  GER
2004 Baku April 3–4  AZE  RUS  CUB  CAN  IRI  RSA
2005 Tashkent March 12–13  CUB  UKR  RUS  USA  UZB  IRI
2006 Sari February 18–19  IRI  CUB  UKR  RUS  GEO  TUR
2007 Krasnoyarsk March 24–25  RUS  IRI  UZB  GEO  USA  UKR
2008 Vladikavkaz February 16–17  RUS  CUB  UZB  UKR  USA  TUR
2009 Tehran March 7–8  AZE  IRI  RUS  KAZ  UKR  GEO  CUB  UZB
2010 Moscow March 6–7  RUS  IRI  AZE  UKR  BLR  USA  TUR  UZB
2011 Makhachkala March 19–20  RUS  IRI  AZE  UZB  CUB  UKR HUN / KAZ  KGZ  GEO  BUL
2012 Baku May 12–13  IRI  AZE  USA  RUS  KAZ  GEO  TUR  BLR  JPN  BUL
2013 Tehran February 21–22  IRI  RUS  USA  BLR  TUR  GEO  JPN  KAZ  AZE  BUL
2014 Los Angeles March 15–16  IRI  RUS  USA  UKR  MGL  IND  TUR  JPN  GEO  ARM
2015 Los Angeles April 11–12  RUS /  IRI /  AZE /  TUR /  CUB /  MGL /  BLR /  USA

Men's Greco-Roman

Year Host city Dates 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
1980 Trelleborg December 1–2  URS  SWE  USA  JPN
1981 Sofia November 27–29  URS Unknown
1982 Budapest November 26–28  URS  HUN Europe  JPN  USA  EGY
1983 Thessaloniki November 25–27  URS  CUB  GRE  JPN Africa
1984 Seinäjoki November 10–11  URS  FIN  USA Europe  JPN  EGY
1985 Lund November 9–10  URS  SWE  CUB  USA  JPN
1986 Oak Lawn November 15–16  URS  HUN  USA  CUB  JPN
1987 Albany November 14–15  URS  CUB  USA Nordic  JPN
1988 Athens November 19–20  URS  CUB  USA  GRE
1989 Fredrikstad November 25–26  URS  CUB  USA  JPN  NOR Europe
1990 Gothenburg November 24–25  URS  CUB  USA  SWE  IRI
1991 Thessaloniki November 9–10  URS  USA  GRE  KOR  EGY
1992 Besançon November 20–21  CUB  USA  RUS  FRA
1993 Heinola November 6–7  RUS  KOR  FIN  HUN  USA
1994 Kecskemét October 29–30  UKR  HUN  USA  JPN  CHN  EGY
1995 Schifferstadt November 4–5  CUB  RUS  GER  KAZ  USA
1996 Colorado Springs November 9–10  CUB  RUS  USA  KOR  USA 2
1997 Tehran November 13–14  TUR  RUS  KOR  IRI  UZB  KAZ
2001 Levallois November 3–4  RUS  TUR  USA  FRA  EGY
2002 Cairo October 19–20  TUR  EGY  USA  CHN  TUN
2003 Almaty October 25–26  RUS  KAZ  GEO  TUR  USA
2004 Tbilisi November 6–7  GEO  IRI  USA  BLR  FRA
2005 Tehran February 3–4  CUB  RUS  IRI  UKR  KAZ  TUN
2006 Budapest March 4–5  TUR  RUS  CUB  HUN  KOR  BUL
2007 Antalya February 24–25  UKR  USA  TUR  RUS  IRI  GEO
2008 Szombathely February 28–29  RUS  HUN  IRI  GEO  KOR  USA
2009 Clermont-Ferrand February 20–21  RUS  FRA  ARM  CUB  KAZ  HUN  CHN  AZE
2010 Yerevan February 13–14  IRI  TUR  ARM  RUS  GEO  CUB  HUN Nordic
2011 Minsk February 19–20  IRI  RUS  BLR  AZE  TUR  KAZ  ARM  CUB  KOR  BUL
2012 Saransk May 19–20  IRI  TUR  KOR  AZE  RUS  HUN  BUL  KAZ  BLR  ARM
2013 Tehran February 19–20  RUS  IRI  TUR  ARM  KAZ  KOR  AZE  BLR  HUN  BUL
2014 Tehran May 15–16  IRI  RUS  AZE  HUN  TUR  KOR  KAZ  FIN  USA  ARM
2015 Tehran February 19–20  IRI /  RUS /  TUR /  AZE /  GER /  ARM /  HUN /  SWE

Women's freestyle

Year Host city Dates 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
2001 Levallois November 3–4  JPN  CHN  RUS  USA  CAN  FRA  TUN
2002 Cairo October 19–20  JPN  RUS  UKR  CHN  CAN  TUN  EGY
2003 Tokyo October 11–12  USA  JPN  CAN  RUS  CHN  GER  GRE
2004 Tokyo October 8–9  JPN  CAN  CHN  RUS  USA  IND
2005 Clermont-Ferrand May 20–21  JPN  UKR  RUS  FRA  USA  VEN
2006 Nagoya May 20–21  JPN  CAN  USA  RUS  CHN  UKR
2007 Krasnoyarsk March 22–23  CHN  JPN  RUS  BLR  USA  GER
2008 Taiyuan January 19–20  CHN  USA  JPN  KAZ  UKR  CAN
2009 Taiyuan March 21–22  CHN  CAN  JPN  UKR  USA  RUS  MGL  BLR
2010 Nanjing March 27–28  CHN  USA  JPN  UKR  RUS  MGL  CAN  AZE
2011 Liévin March 5–6  CHN  USA  JPN  CAN  MGL  RUS  KAZ  FRA
2012 Tokyo May 26–27  JPN  RUS  CHN  CAN  UKR  MGL  USA  AZE
2013 Ulan Bator March 2–3  CHN  MGL  JPN  USA  IND  BLR  CAN  KAZ
2014 Tokyo March 15–16  JPN  RUS  CHN  CAN  MGL  USA  HUN  UKR
2015 Saint Petersburg March 7–8  JPN /  RUS /  USA /  UKR /  SWE /  MGL /  POL /  AZE

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  1. ^ "Japan Qualifies for 2012 FS World Cup, 1st Time Since 1998". Japan Wrestling. 30 November 2011. Retrieved 13 January 2012. 

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