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Xinhui District


Xinhui District

Xinhui City (red) within Guangdong
Xinhui City (red) within Guangdong
Country People's Republic of China
Province Guangdong
Prefecture Jiangmen
 • Total 1,387.02 km2 (535.53 sq mi)
 • Total 740,000
 • Density 530/km2 (1,400/sq mi)
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Xinhui District
Simplified Chinese 新会区
Traditional Chinese 新會區
Alternative Chinese name
Simplified Chinese 新会
Traditional Chinese 新會
Postal Sunwui
Second alternative Chinese name
Simplified Chinese 葵乡
Traditional Chinese 葵鄉

Xinhui (Chinese: 新会), also known as Kuixiang (Chinese: 葵乡), is a city district in the City of Jiangmen in the province of Guangdong in southern China. Xinhui people are part of the greater Siyi people, in the Greater Siyi Region. Xinhui has a population of about 735,500, 98% of which are Han Chinese. It is located on the confluence of the Tan and Xi River. The local dialect is a variant of Cantonese. Xinhui's most famous produce is its chenpi, a kind of dried Mandarin orange peel. Xinhui is the ancestral home of Liang Qichao, Andy Lau, Hacken Lee, Amy Kwok, Gillian Chung, and Joey Yung.


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Xinhui is administered by Jiangmen. In turn, Xinhui has jurisdiction over 10 towns, 239 village commissions, 25 community residents' committees and 4 agencies. Xinhui administrated Jiangmen Town before being placed under Jiangmen rule.


During the Neolithic period the area where Xinhui is situated was a bay at the mouth of the Pearl River; silt deposited by the Xi and Tan rivers resulted in it gradually becoming land. This is when humans settled in the area. In the last ten years, evidence of neolithic settlement such as communal shell mounds, and ceramic and pottery fragments have been discovered.

Xinhui district was formerly known as Gugang district (古岡州). Famous people born in what is now known as Xinhui include Liang Qichao, Chen Baisha, Chan Heung.


Xinhui is situated in the southwest of the Pearl River Delta, borders on the South China Sea, and adjoins Hong Kong and Macau. It comprises a total area of 1387.02 m2. The geographical feature that characterizes the Xinhui and Jiangmen area is the large proportion of water in the region. Official Map of Xinhui:

According to geologists, 5000 years ago Xinhui was a shallow bay in the mouth of the Pearl river, with its southeast portion being a chain of islands. With the movement of the Xi and Tan rivers, a river delta was formed which in the last nine hundred years became the alluvial plain of today.


Over the last two centuries, more than 600,000 people from Xinhui have migrated overseas (mostly to the Americas, Indonesia and Hong Kong), making it one of the largest representative Chinese districts of overseas Chinese.


The paper company Vinda International has its headquarters in the Donghou Industrial Development Zone (东侯工业区) in Huicheng Town in the district.[1]


Xinhui food exports include rice and fruits, especially oranges. Dried orange peel produced in Xinhui is also used in traditional Chinese cooking.

Dried orange peel produced in Xinhui is world-renowned. It has been used for hundreds years in Chinese cooking and traditional Chinese cooking, adding a pleasant aroma and flavor to food.

Port development

Yinzhou Lake (銀州湖), or Yamen Channel (崖門水道), has an area of 65 km². The average 8–13 m deep river channel and the gentle water current can accommodate vessels up to 10,000 tonnes deadweight (DWT), and is an advantage for port development and in-river transport.

The Yinzhou Lake Economic Area (銀州湖經濟區), which is the key development area, is one of the four main economic areas in Jiangmen city. The Tianma port (天馬港), which is located in Yinzhou Lake inside Yamenkou (崖門口), is in a strategic location and is in excellent natural condition for port development in the western Pearl River Delta. Tianma port has designated as a regional hub port, similar to the status of Nansha (南沙港) in Shunde, by the governments of Guangdong, Jiangmen and Xinhui. Harbour industries and logistics services will be developed in the surrounding areas of the port.

List of famous people from Xinhui

Historical figures

  • Liang Qichao Known as " Mind of Modern China " was a Chinese scholar, journalist, philosopher, and reformist during the late Qing Dynasty and early Republic of China who inspired Chinese scholars with his writings and reform movements.
  • Liang Sicheng He was the son of Liang Qichao, known as "Father of modern Chinese architecture"
  • Cheong Yoke Choy - famous and well respected philanthropist during the British Malaya era
  • Chan Heung - Founder of Choy Li Fut one of China's most popular fighting system
  • Chan Siu-bak - One of the Four Bandits
  • Jian Youwen - Chinese historian, public official, and sometime Methodist pastor,
  • Jeong Yim is recognized as an important contributor to the expansion of Choy Li Fut
  • Leung Long Chau - is a Chinese poet and calligrapher. Born
  • Liang Zongdai - He was one of the most popular "new poets" writing in free verse.
  • Goot Yee Louey - Chinese poet. Also the first person from this district to move to Australia. She pioneered boat travel from Sanwui to Melbourne in the late 30's

Actors / singers

  • Lai Man-Wai -Father of Hong Kong cinema
  • Andy Lau - famous actor and singer "Nielsen Box Office Star of Asia"
  • Joey Yung - She won the prestigious JSG "Most Popular Female Singer" and "Ultimate Best Female Singer - Gold" awards a record breaking eight times, thus emerging as one of the premier Cantonese singers in Hong Kong. Joey is ranked 52nd on the Forbes 2013 Chinese Celebrity List, making her the highest paid Hong Kong-based Cantopop singer with an estimated income of $29,200,000 RMB last year.
  • Alan Tam - earning the nickname the "Principal" or "Principal Tam" of Hong Kong music industry
  • Ti Lung - known for his numerous starring roles in a string of Shaw Brothers Studio's films,
  • Lau Kar-wing - Hong Kong martial arts film director, action choreographer and actor.
  • Kenny Bee - Very famous actor in the 1980s to 1990's
  • Kenneth Chan (actor) - is a Hong Kong actor and television host for the Hong Kong-based Cable TV Hong Kong channel (previously working for TVB and ATV).
  • Connie Chan - She made more than 230 films in a variety of genres: from traditional Cantonese opera and wuxia movies to contemporary youth musicals; action films to comedies; melodramas and romances. Owing to her popularity she was dubbed "The Movie-Fan Princess".
  • Deep Ng - He is the winner of the 21st annual New Talent Singing Awards Hong Kong Regional Finals. Deep was well received by the viewers since the New Talent Singing Awards in 2002.
  • Michelle Yim -, Yim won the Best Drama Performance by an Actress Award at the Asian Television Awards 2009 for her role in Moonlight Resonance.
  • Anthony Chan (actor) - Hong Kong actor and the drum player for the band Wynners
  • Tina Leung - she recognized that she used to gather intelligence for the Chinese Communist Party in the 1960s.
  • Ha Yu (actor) - is a Hong Kong actor who has been working on the television network TVB since the 1970s.
  • Gigi Lai - She is popularly nicknamed by the Hong Kong media as the "Goddess of Beauty"
  • Gillian Chung -s a Hong Kong singer and actress. She is a member of Cantopop group Twins,
  • Bondy Chiu - is an actress and singer with Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB)
  • Leo Fong - Martial arts instructor and filmmaker. Friend and sparring partner of Bruce Lee.


  • Norman Kwong - Lieutenant-Governor of Alberta & professional football player, president & manager of the Calgary Stampeders. He was one of very few of his contemporaries to be voted one of the Canadian Football League's Top 50 players of the sport's modern era by Canadian sports network TSN.
  • Darryl O'Young - is a Canadian-bornHong Kong racing driver and Asia champion
  • Liang Caixia - Chinese modern pentathlete. She finished 29th in the Olympics
  • Wan Chi Keung - was a known as "Asia's top striker". Wan was a key player for the Hong Kong national football team in the 1970s and 1980s. Played for South China and Japan club seiko. After retired, he became an actor.
  • Yu Zhuocheng - Yu won a silver medal in the 3 metre springboard diving at the 1996 Summer Olympic Games.


  • Fernando Chui Chief executive of Macau
  • Yu Hung-Chun - was a Chinese political figure who served as premier of the Republic of China on Taiwan between 1954 and 1958.
  • Kam Nai-wai - is a member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong (Geographical constituency, Hong Kong Island). He is a founding member of the Democratic Party, and the member of Central and Western District Council. He currently (as of 2009) works as a social worker and a director of an IT company.
  • Philip S. Lee - is the 24th and current Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba.
  • Wu Tingfang - was a Chinese diplomat and politician who served as Minister of Foreign Affairs and briefly as Acting Premier during the early years of the Republic of China.
  • Vivienne Poy - She is the first Canadian senator of Asian ancestry. She graduated from St. Paul's Co-educational College, McGill University, Seneca College and the University of Toronto.
  • Ronny Tong - is a Senior Counsel and also Queen's Counsel and current member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong (Legco), representing the New Territories East constituency. He is also a member of the Civic Party Executive Committee.
  • Howard Young - was the member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong (Functional constituencies, Tourism) and the member of Southern District Council.
  • Judy Chu - She is the first Chinese American woman ever elected to the U.S. Congress. Chu was reelected in the 2010 United States midterm elections, defeating Republican challenger Edward "Ed" Schmerling.


  • Yip Hon - was a gambling tycoon in South China. His wealth was estimated to be HK$100 million known as " Ghost King "
  • Peter Chan (businessman) -, is a Hong Kong businessman and the former Feng shui geomancer to the late Nina Wang, who at the time of her death was chair of Chinachem Group and Asia's richest woman
  • Lee Hysan - A rich business man who founded the Hysan Development Company has a market capitalization in excess of HK$20 billion.

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  • City of Xinhui official website (Chinese)

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