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Xiong (surname)

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Title: Xiong (surname)  
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Subject: Xiong, Alex Yoong, Chu (state), List of common Chinese surnames, Xiong Qinglai, Gu Long, Xiong Ni, Hundred Family Surnames, Wei (surname), Yan (surname)
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Xiong (surname)

Xiong is the pinyin romanization of the Chinese surname 熊 (Xióng).


熊 is also romanized as Hsiung2 in Wade-Giles and Yoong among some Malaysian Chinese. It is Hung or Hong in Cantonese; Him in Hokkien, Hiōng in Gan; Ung in South Korean;Hùng in Vietnamese; and Xyooj in Hmong.

Note that "Hong" and "Hung" may also refer to the unrelated surname .


熊 is the 71st most common surname in mainland China, but does not appear at all among the 100 most common Taiwanese surnames.

Although Chinese make up the largest part of America's Asian and Pacific Islander population,[1] none of the romanizations of 熊 appeared among the 1000 most common surnames during the AD 2000 US census.[2]


Xiong's literal meaning is "bear", Xiong (熊) is surname from Zhuanxu, branch to Mi (surname) (芈) of Chu (state).

Xiong traces back to the legendary Chinese culture hero Fuxi, who was also styled "Huangxiong" (, lit. "Yellow Bear"). One archaic form of the surname combined this into a single character 𪏛.[3]

Zhuanxu (顓頊) the Gaoyang (高陽)'s grandson Jilian (季連) took the ancestral name Mi (芈, '). His descendant Yuxiong was the tutor of King Wen of Zhou and died during his reign.

After Zhou overthrew the Shang Dynasty, Yuxiong's descendants took Xiong as their clan name and remained prominent at court.

King Wen's grandson King Cheng of Zhou (reigned 1042 – 1021 BC) awarded Yuxiong's great-grandson Xiong Yi the hereditary title of (, roughly "viscount") and the fiefdom of Chu.[4] As it grew in power and importance, the Xiong dynasty formed its ruling house and the ruling houses of some of its successor states. To this day, the surname remains prominent in the provinces comprising the former territory of Chu.

during the Warring States Period, Chu (state) do annex territory of Jiāngsū and Zhèjiāng the old Yue (state), later Yue people (越族) of Zhèjiāng merge to Noble of Chu, they not Xiong (熊) family. Yue people (越族) has Public Office in the Post Chu (state), they too, not Xiong (熊) family.

the Surname of Xiong (熊)

List of persons with the surname


  • Brenda song (changed from brenda xiong)


  • Xiong Ming Hua, Chinese businessman




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