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Bobo (magazine)

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Title: Bobo (magazine)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: List of fictional rabbits and hares, Bobo, Kompas Gramedia Group, List of magazines published in Indonesia, Sherina Munaf
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Bobo (magazine)

Bobo (Netherlands)
Frequency Bi-Weekly
Publisher Blink Publishers
First issue 1968
Language Dutch
Website [1]
Bobo (Indonesia)
File:Bobo (magazine).jpg
Frequency Weekly
Publisher Kompas Gramedia Group
First issue 1973
Language Indonesian
Website [2]

Bobo is a monthly Dutch magazine for children. The magazine follows the adventures of the protagonist Bobo, a nine years old blue rabbit. Every month there is a new theme. The magazine consists of stories and comics. The purpose of the magazine is learn and play, for an audience primarily consisting in children aged 3 to 6 years, and it is for the most part distributed through primary schools.[1] It's published by Blink Publishers. Since 2010, Bobo has developed into a crossmedial brand. Bobo has its own apps, an educational television series (started in 2011), an online training program to be used on digital schoolboards and smartboards in the classroom, and a complete merchandise line.[1][2]

The magazine in Indonesia has several 'trademark parts'. In July 2012, it already has:

  • Cergam (cerita bergambar) (picture stories): some sort of comics without speech bubbles. There are currently three comic series in the Indonesian version: Cergam Bobo; Negeri Dongeng (short of Ceritera dari Negeri Dongeng (Stories From The Land Of Tales)); Paman Kikuk, Husin, & Asta; and Bona.)
  • Chosen Stories: This is a collection of short stories.
  • FB Friends Story: This stories' happenings are decided on the readers' ideas on Facebook. There are two titles already, Rahasia Hantu (Ghosts' Secret) and Liontin Pusaka Kerajaan Peri (The Heirloom Pendant Of The Fairy Kingdom).
  • Dear Nirmala, Halamanku, Arena Kecil, Tak Disangka: Dear Nirmala is an advice column and the readers can send a letter by Facebook to have their questions answered. There are two letters featured each week. Halamanku is a page to show fan art and poems sent by readers. Arena Kecil, Tak Disangka are two specific collumns in one page. Arena Kecil (Little Arena) is where readers can tell their fun and memorable experiences, while Tak Disangka (Unexpected) is a place where readers can tell embarrassing and funny experiences.
  • Kreatif: This page is filled with an art suggestion each week. It has been put there since Kreatif Magazines (by Kompas Gramedia Group) was not published anymore.
  • Potret Negeriku (The Portrait Of My Nation), features about specific parts of Indonesia.
  • Keliling Dunia (Travel Around the World) is somehow like Potret Negeriku, but specifies on a place outside Indonesia.

There are several yearly events organized by Bobo magazine in Indonesia and is held at Jakarta and Surabaya: Bobo Fair, which has fun activities meant for the readers, and Operet Bobo, which is held every year until it was discontinued and joined with the Bobo Fair.

In 2010 the magazine was completely renewed[2] and in 2012, Bobo magazine Indonesia launched Bobo Online, the Indonesian magazine's official website.


External links

  • Bobo homepage, in dutch
  • Bobo homepage, in Indonesian

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