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Liber de Causis

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Title: Liber de Causis  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Neoplatonism, Jakub of Gostynin, Paul of Taranto, The Consolation of Philosophy, Hillel ben Samuel
Collection: Islamic Philosophy, Neoplatonism
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Liber de Causis

The Liber de Causis was a philosophical work once attributed to Aristotle that became popular in the Middle Ages, first in Arabic and Islamic countries and later in the Latin West. The real authorship remains a mystery, but most of the content is taken from Proclus' Elements of Theology. This was first noticed by Thomas Aquinas, following William of Moerbeke's translation of the works of Proclus into Latin. As such it is now attributed to a Pseudo-Aristotle.

The original title in Arabic was Kitāb ul-īḍāḥ li-Arisţūţālis fi'l-khayri'l-maḥd, "The book of Aristotle's explanation of the pure good". The title Liber de Causis came into use following the translation into Latin by Gerard of Cremona.


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  • Latin: critical text of Adriaan Pattin (1966) revised by Hans Zimmermann 2001
  • Arabic and German text: Bardenhewer edition (1822)
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