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Sharp EL-500W series

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Title: Sharp EL-500W series  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Sharp Corporation, Takaya, Tokuji Hayakawa, Sharp PC-1600, X68000's MDX
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Sharp EL-500W series

Sharp EL-500W series include a range of scientific calculators capable of displaying 2 lines, with multi-line playback. It is the successor to the Sharp EL-500V series.


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Starting with the W series, this product line supports dual-line displays with multiple line playback, constant calculation, chain calculation, similar to the Casio FX-MS series, TI-34 II Explorer Plus.

The upper line shows entered expression (up to 12 characters at a time).

The basic EL-509W, EL-531W models includes 272 functions, which include power/root/logarithm functions, trigonometry functions, factorials, random functions, fractions, angle unit conversion, polar/cartesian coordinate conversion, binary/pental/octal/hexadecimal calculations (includes logical ops), 1-2 variable statistics with 6 regression models (linear, logarithmic, exponential, power, inverse, quadratic). Calculations are done in 14 digits internally.

EL-509W uses 2 LR44 batteries

EL-531WG uses 2 LR44 batteries and solar cells.

EL-531WH runs on 1 AA battery instead of 2 LR44 batteries.

EL-520W adds 52 physical constants, 44 unit conversions, complex number calculation, 2-3 variable linear equation solver, quadratic equation/cubic function equation solver, Newton generic equation solver, numeric derivative/integral functions, formula memory (max 4 formulae, 256 characters total), algebraic substitution (simulation calculation) to EL-509/531W, for total of 419 functions. It is powered by 2 LR44 batteries or light.

EL-506W adds matrix calculation, list calculation (max 4 lists, 16 elements/list) to EL-520W, for total of 469 functions.

EL-500M is a single line version of EL-509W, which contains only the dot matrix line. Dot matrix line only shows 11 characters. Memory register is reduced from 9 to 1. Removed functions include engineering unit display mode, cubic root/power, hyperbolic trigonometry, random dice, random coin, random integer, angle unit conversion, polar/cartesian coordinate conversion, multi-line playback, binary/pental/octal/hexadecimal calculations, 2-variable statistics, 2-key roll-over. However, it adds reduction study, highest common factor/lowest common multiple, quotient/remainder calculation. Total function is 131. The keyboard is not plastic like the others in the lineup.

EL-501W does not support DAL (Direct Algebraic Logic), and only has the 7-segment digit line in EL-509W. It only supports 8-digit mantissa display in scientic notation mode. Functions are further stripped down from EL-500W. Removed functions include last answer recall, nPr/nCr, reduction study, highest common factor/lowest common multiple, quotient/remainder calculation, equation playback. However, it gains cubic power/root, hyperbolic trigonometry, angle unit conversion, polar/cartesian coordinate conversion, complex number calculation, Bin/Oct/Hex calculations (without logical ops) over EL-500W. Total function is 131.

Regional variants

EL-506W is sold as EL-546W in Canada.

EL-730 series

EL-730 series uses the same interface as the EL-500W series, but contains financial functions.

EL-735 displays 9-digit mantissa in scientific display mode. There is only 1 memory register. Functions include Cost/Sell Margin, Compound Interest, Amortisation of Payment, Bond Calculation, 360-Day Calendar, Non-Uniform Cash Flow, Constant Calculation, Chain Calculation, 1-Var./2-Var. Statistics, Date Calculation, Database, Sign Change, Right Shift. It is powered by 1 CR2016 battery.

EL-733 is a scaled down version that does not have the dot matrix line. It displays 8-digit mantissa in scientific display mode. Removed functions include Bond Calculation, 360-Day Calendar, Date Calculation, Database. It is powered by 2 LR44 batteries.

External links

  • Sharp global calculation site
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