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Gerhardsen's Fourth Cabinet

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Title: Gerhardsen's Fourth Cabinet  
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Subject: List of heads of government of Norway, Minister of Foreign Affairs (Norway), Minister of Transport and Communications, Minister of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion, Jens Boyesen
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Gerhardsen's Fourth Cabinet

Gerhardsen's Fourth Cabinet governed Norway between 25 September 1963 and 12 October 1965. The Labour Party cabinet was led by Einar Gerhardsen. It had the following composition:

Cabinet members

Portfolio Minister Period[1] Party
Prime Minister Einar Gerhardsen Labour
Minister of Foreign Affairs Halvard Manthey Lange Labour
Minister of Defence Gudmund Harlem Labour
Minister of Industry Trygve Lie – 20 January 1964 Labour
Karl Trasti 20 January 1964 – Labour
Minister of Finance and Customs Andreas Zeier Cappelen Labour
Minister of Wages and Prices Karl Trasti – 20 January 1964 Labour
Idar Olav Norstrand 20 January 1964 – Labour
Minister of Local Government and Labour Jens Haugland Labour
Minister of Social Affairs Olav Gjærevoll Labour
Minister of Transport and Communications Trygve Bratteli – 20 January 1964 Labour
Erik Himle 20 January 1964 – Labour
Minister of Trade and Shipping Erik Himle – 20 January 1964 Labour
Trygve Lie 20 January 1964 – Labour
Minister of Fisheries Magnus Andersen Labour
Minister of Agriculture Leif Granli Labour
Minister of Justice and Police O. C. Gundersen Labour
Minister of Family and Consumer Affairs Aase Bjerkholt Labour
Minister of Church Affairs and Education Helge Sivertsen Labour

State Secretaries

Ministry State Secretary Period[1] Party
Office of the Prime Minister Olaf Solumsmoen Labour
Dagfin Juel Labour
Kjell Gjøstein Aabrek – 25 September 1965 Labour
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Jens Mogens Boyesen 15 January 1964 – Labour
Ministry of Finance Per Dragland 10 February 1964 – Labour
Ministry of Industry Reidar Alfred Melien 27 September 1963 – Labour
Ministry of Local Government and Labour Ingvald Ulveseth 1 February 1964 – 31 July 1965 Labour
Brynjulv Sjetne 1 August 1965 – Labour
Ministry of Social Affairs Bjørn Skau Labour
Ministry of Transport and Communications Erik Andreas Ribu 1 February 1964 – Labour
Ministry of Fisheries Trygve Hoem 1 February 1964 – Labour
Ministry of Agriculture Oskar Øksnes 1 June 1964 – Labour
Ministry of Church Affairs and Education Enevald Skadsem – 24 January 1965 Labour
Tønnes Andenæs 15 January 1965 – Labour


  • Einar Gerhardsens fjerde regjering 1963-1965 -


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