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The Monster Walks

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Title: The Monster Walks  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Willie Best, Rex Lease, Robert Ellis (actor), 1930s horror films, Mystery film
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The Monster Walks

The Monster Walks
Film poster for The Monster Walks from Astor Pictures re-release (1938)
Directed by Frank R. Strayer
Produced by Cliff P. Broughton
Ralph M. Like
Written by Robert Ellis
Starring Rex Lease
Vera Reynolds
Sheldon Lewis
Mischa Auer
Music by Jean de la Roche
Charles Dunworth
Cinematography Jules Cronjager
Edited by Byron Robinson
Distributed by Mayfair Pictures Corporation
Astor Pictures (1938 re-release)
Commonwealth Pictures (1948 re-release)
Release dates
  • February 7, 1932 (1932-02-07)
Running time 63 min
Country United States
Language English

The Monster Walks (1932) directed by Frank R. Strayer, is a black-and-white horror movie.


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The film opens with Ruth Earlton and her fiance Dr. Ted Carver arriving at her father's house. She has been told that her father has died, and is returning to find out what will be done with the estate. They arrive on a stormy night, and are greeted by her invalid uncle Robert, the housekeeper Mrs. Krug and the housekeeper's son Hanns.

While exploring the mansion, Ruth is dismayed to find a large ape her father used to conduct experiments in the basement. She and the others then gather to learn how the Earlton estate will be divided. Earlton has left his estate to Ruth, but it will go to her uncle Robert in the event of her death. Very small monthly sums are also left to the housekeeper Mrs. Krug and her son Hanns. These two are very upset about the small amount of the allowance.

When Ruth goes to bed that night, a large, hairy hand reaches through the headboard and attempts to strangle her. When she screams, it disappears. Her fiance and Mrs. Krug arrive at her room, and attempt to comfort her. Ted gives her a sleeping potion, and she falls asleep in a chair in her room while Mrs. Krug stays with her, taking the bed.

The hairy hand reappears and strangles Mrs. Krug this time, killing her. Ruth awakens and alerts the rest of the household as to what has happened. Afterward, Hanns Krug meets with Robert Earlton in secret, and tells him that their plan to kill Ruth Earlton has failed and he has accidentally murdered his own mother. He blames Robert for this, and after mentioning the fact that Robert is his father, he strangles him as well, leaving him for dead.

Dr. Clayton visits Robert's room, and Robert regains consciousness. He tells Clayton about the plan he and Hanns had to murder Ruth, so that the estate would go to them instead. Clayton rushes out to find Ruth and warn her. She has already been taken by Hanns to the basement though, where he attempts to force the ape to kill her. The ape turns on him instead, killing him. Clayton arrives to find Ruth alive and well.[1]

Cast (in credits order)

Copyright Status

This film is widely available, because its copyright has lapsed, placing it in the public domain in the United States and other countries.

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