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Ice Lights

By Gurbin, Christopher, Lucas

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Reproduction Date: June 2013

Title: Ice Lights  
Author: Gurbin, Christopher, Lucas
Language: English
Subject: Non Fiction, Science, Northern lights
Collections: Authors Community, Science
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Publisher: Self-published
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Old timer ‘root-cellars’ had water barrels that froze when it was too cold. Northern lights are similar, but in the sky. Flaring denotes both freezing and perhaps atmospheric friction. Northern lights combine uranium chalk (for green lights), water, and collapsed balloons of atmospheres in the far north. At minus 35 degrees Celsius (C) or so, gaseous lights turn to icebergs and float in the sky. Think of these terms: • Ice lenses • Tesla’s atmospheric friction electrical generation (7 atmospheres) • ‘Root- cellar’ water barrels • Rivers- in- the- sky ...and think of Galileo, the Toronto School Board of Education, Copernicus, and ...GURBIN!

Northern Lights aren't simply part of ‘cosmic radiation’ but are mostly a phenomenon of Uranium in the water cycle. The Vikings may have called the place ‘Greenland’ due to the colour of the northern lights, but what if you had the logic to understand the Sun itself is a continuous northern light?

From approximately Dec 1/2012 to mid- may year 2013, I was very fortunate to have the unique experience of being a winter caretaker for Ennedai Lake Lodge, Nunavut territory, Kivaliq region. For about five months I had a wood burning stove on the edge of Canada's northern tree line to keep from freezing to death. I was supplied with proper gear to live through temperatures ranging from +15 C to a low of - 55 C, very cold! I was provisioned both at the camp and also upon being flown in. I planned to ice fish but ten feet of ice is tough to get through when a back injury prevents ‘quick- pull’ actions needed to start a power auger and also a snowmobile. I called HQ in Resolute Bay, or in Iqaluit, twice a week sometimes only getting through once (the local term is being 'weathered out'). I saw foxes, singular wolverines (purposeful tanks that can take out a grizzly), lots of birds, northern lights, sundogs, moondogs, green snow, blue snow, and many northern experiences unfathomable to southern warmer eyes. It is often hard to recall those eyes upon returning south, such is the absolute wonder I have witnessed in the north. I melted snow near the wood stove I had moved over a bit on its' firepad area so I could sleep next to it when -40 C hit the area with winds. I made a home for myself and could imagine the area logged and put to fields and orchards for human habitation I am familiar with. The Viking Empire also similarly is said to have expired by doing many old things in a new region, but who would ever guess that "Greenland" was named after the green northern lights? I call the Northern Lights as nls… repeated in this entire book. ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Background I've only seen northern lights (nls) mostly in Kincardine, Ontario, Canada- where I grew up. Perhaps it can be said that the lights coincided with the local large employers' 'accidental' spills from the nuclear plant. Greenpeace may not care to chronicle hazards of industry in Canada, within Canada. G-peas put their Liverpool placards in England, but they know politics in North Am don't allow for truth, even of 9/11. So they aren’t to blame for silence either. I've suggested to the Lodge owner that negligence on the part of the seller was forgetting to record and classify radiation levels here. There is a breed that knows glacier cracking on snowmobiles, so a bit of danger isn't unfair. It is good to question if Farley Mowat’s "People of the Deer" noticed the danger. I haven't read his book yet on the Inland Inuit of the area and their ancestry, history of relocation to Arviat from Ennedai Lake (E Lake). ```````````````````````````````````````````````` Just to give an idea of where Ennedai Lake is, just imagine north of Manitoba, east of North West Territories. The Stoney Mountain name itself isn’t in white people vocabulary, but it is at the base or within these hills. This unrecognized chain of hills runs almost from Coppermine to Churchill, or whatever their names are now. These mountains are about 2000 feet at the highest. You see, not only is northern science vastly different, but few live in the north to know what is actually ‘up there’. The end of the book is all nice colour maps for you! You can’t get lost. I was in the 8th wonder of the world, away from southern comforts, or southern knowin’. Call me a ‘Chillbilly’, ‘cause the mountains were cold. Reading Chuck Yeager’s life biography while being ‘up there’ let me know what a real’ hillbilly’ he was. Ol’ Chuckabilly himself actually has 10/10 vision! The nls are not space radiation, or not entirely, as when considering eggs- fried, poached, scrambled, sautéed, or you name it. The nls are as fog on an ocean.So why question the nls science? (remove your socks before they are knocked off). What if the sun is made of water? Why question southern science? What if Sundogs in collapsed, natural hemispheres can cut into ice as if a laser? Why question the nuclear industry? France did and has miniaturized the reactors. Also, answering questions with questions reveals the industry hides health effects of lung cancer at refining facilities (Port Colbourne in south Ontario, I think). How do of Ontario’s Elliot Lake region affect us? Why can’t we question an industry without threats by the sector? Is it that concerned that Serpent River residents, and Pangnurtung residents of the north will expose something hat nuclear doesn’t want to deal with? CLG

Table of Contents
CHAPTER ONE: A Maverick book … CHAPTER TWO: What if H2O is mixed with radioactivity? … CHAPTER THREE: Canada really is ‘Bloody Canada’ as was ‘little France’, aka ‘Bloody Scotland’. Or: So I think URANIUM is in the hydrology cycle. … CHAPTER FOUR: I’m baffled by this all… & older bro says “more iodized salt”. … CHAPTER FIVE: Snow White’s Palace for a Disney destination. … CHAPTER SIX: Lynn Andrews needs to move her people- not only because no one I’ve heard of has tried corralling Muskox (twice the iron content of bison). … CHAPTER SEVEN: ICE LIGHTS! and moondogs and skyquakes- OH MY! … CHAPTER EIGHT: Save the Queen, not the Wi-Fi. … CHAPTER NINER: The un-named 2000’ highpointed Stoney Mountains of Kug/ Coppermine to Churchill that hold the weather in, as in- ‘in’sanely cold (locally named). … CHAPTER X: Green mud forming around a small green chalky pebble- it’s a water-soluble-dissolving-pebble in a wet puddle.


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