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Braffis Spin

By Duquay, Eartha

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Reproduction Date: 6/30/2013

Title: Braffis Spin  
Author: Duquay, Eartha
Language: English
Subject: Non Fiction, Autobiography, Divorce
Collections: Biographies, Authors Community, Favorites from the National Library of China, Most Popular Books in China, Education
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Publisher: Self-published
Member Page: Eartha Duquay


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Masterwork of a Divorce Braffis Spin is an artistic opaque autobiography of a divorce. The writing and content of Braffis Spin is totally clean, chaste, aesthetic and decent.The work addresses the impact of a dead marriage on an innocent mother. The author uses the vehicle of adventure to carry the consequence of a family breakdown after a long, happy, faithful (on both sides) marriage. The story begins with a celebration after which “Tide” is kidnapped. "Spin" endeavors to find him and struggles to cope with changed circumstances. Central to understanding the work as an autobiography is that ALL the characters represent either the husband or the wife (H&W); with the exception of Stepupard (the argument) and (Scarlet Hugo, Tumbleweed, Lawrihn & Panan who represent the type of antagonist). For example: (H&W) Waindhy & Mah, Notepaper & Raine, Tide & Spin, Graham & Wooidyll, Papisad & Silla, Nod & Treon, Ed & Jani. (H) Chase, Dance, Outof, Brains. The work is divided into 7 parts: Mountbreakday, Abovesallee, Neversell, Fort Notcontest, Dyensell & Mustsell. Braffis Spin, first published as a draft under a different title in 2007 is acceptable for all ages to read. A book to appreciate, it is constructive and well worth reading.

Artistic opaque autobiography of a divorce.

A nimbus of azure light surrounded the glowing blue world of Paland. In orbit around Paland a crater filled Sewdapop shone brightly. Within Paland’s inner atmosphere the weather was frosty, the night clouds were silvery blue and the oxygen content in the air was negligible, but breathable. In stark contrast to Paland’s promising exterior, its red landforms were rocky, sandy and infertile. Deep canyons cut ragged scars into the surface of that dying world. Sand drifts rippled across the entire face of the world’s one huge continent. Red drifts peaked in sharp mountain shapes and fell in troughs like shadowy valleys. Rainfall was slight and fresh water stores were minimal. Surrounding Paland’s continent of drifts, a deep, quiet inky salt ocean lapped the shoreline of the desert capital, Mountbreakday. Rising out from a nearby Wet dock, the pinnacles of Forever Keep rose majestically above the smooth waves. Overlooking Mountbreakday, a multitude of unusually high drifts stood as sharp sentinels. Skulking about in the darkness at the shadowy base of one of those high drifts, a pack of ferocious Harmarts sniffed hungrily at the air. High above them, located on the crest of that same drift, two Knights, aware of the presence of the beasts, were fighting. The night was dark, the terrain was hazardous and most of the population of Mountbreakday were tucked up safely in their beds. Suffice to say, except for the two quarrelling Knights on high and the beasts below, there were no others around. Dressed in their raiment of metal plating and chainmail, under an inky sky, the Knights fought. They were athletic and commonly of thoughtful disposition, though this was not apparent at this very moment. The smaller and heavier of the two was sixteen years of age. The other, slim and nineteen, was Mah Risenite. As was customary in their society the Knights each wore a techy device that encircled the head like a crown. This thin platinum band, called a Wake-Ring, was set with smoky quartz crystals. It was used for ‘wayin’ and produced gamma waves, a special type of brain wave, in great quantity. By operating a Wake-Ring, the Wayin belonging to any slumbering person could travel across the world in an instant; for free. Anyone’s Wayin could appear on the Sewdapop and fully enjoy the experience while their physical self was slumbering safe at home. Wayin of a ghostly visage was a commonplace activity in Mah’s society, practised by all. Simple wayin was not Mah’s superpower. Advanced wayin was his extraordinary gift. To explain further, Mah could take a solid form, if he desired. For all intents and purposes this meant that Mah’s solid Wayin seemed to those who were none the wiser, to be a flesh and blood man. Wayin had been demonstrated just moments before when Mah had looked down over his slumbering figure, located in an historic dwelling situated on the outskirts of Mountbreakday. Currently Mah’s very same Wayin, which was amazingly tangible, was blocking blows rained down on him by the Knight hypnotist, Earnie ‘Waindhy’ Fallday. Begging the question was the reason why these two Knights were currently engaged in hand to hand combat. The answer lay in a difference of opinion regarding the weighty issue of revenge. Mah could be heard shouting as he tried to reason with his opponent, Waindhy. “You invited trouble on yourself from the start, Waindhy,” Mah called. “You are not going to waste my hours settling scores. This is just another one of your diversions.” “It’s Scarlet Hugo’s fault that I lost my family,” shouted Waindhy. “I will not participate in your vendetta,” Mah reiterated. Following Mah’s refusal to seek revenge, a torrent of offensive, untrue name-calling, directed towards Mah, fell off Waindhy’s tongue. “Where were you when you lost your family?” Mah interjected, breaking through the tirade of Waindhy’s slurs. “I know exactly where I was,” Waindhy replied proudly. “I was at the Well. I was standing on the back of a lame thoroughbred. You know the horse I mean, it’s named after you,” he continued viciously. “Several girls were chasing me. I was playing catch. I was having fun.” “And this means?” asked Mah. “Yes, it’s true. I lost my family because I am a cold, arrogant, show off!” shouted Waindhy. “It’s entirely my fault!” “You knew that Hugo was watching your family and mine, waiting for a chance to attack,” called Mah. “You as good as encouraged him with your rude neglectful behaviour towards those who loved you. You are the one who put your family in a dangerous place!” “Why didn’t you defeat Hugo,” Waindhy shouted. “I asked you to support me. You also lost your family by his hand!” “Hugo Scarlet has an army of duplicates, Waindhy. There is a limit to how many monsters I can fight at once,” replied Mah rather sadly. “Hugo believes you are his bosom buddy. He is extremely determined as a result.” “If I can’t get recompense from Hugo, I will get it from you instead!” Waindhy threatened. “You know you are like a Brafiss to me,” Mah responded calmly. “How about behaving like one?” Ignoring Mah’s request, Waindhy pushed Mah roughly down the sand drift. When Mah climbed back up, Waindhy hurled him away with such force that Mah landed at the bottom of the sand drift with a thud. Illuminated by the shining Sewdapop and twinkling stars, the Knights continued to fight on the drift for some minutes. Desert scorpions scuttled undercover as the Knights knocked each other down the sandy banks and hammered mercilessly at each other with their gloved fists. The determination and energy they both applied to the fight and the blow by blow details have been left to the imagination. Nevertheless the fight continued until Waindhy tired of the argument. With the quarrel behind them, the two Knights climbed the drift’s dishevelled sand and stood together. Protected by their Knight’s raiment neither showed signs of injury from their recent disagreement. Facing their world’s one Sewdapop, their cool shadows stretched out long and large over the drifts behind them. They began to talk. In contrast to their recent fight, this calm and thoughtful discussion was the actual purpose for their meeting. Waindhy addressed Mah. “Stepupard has an extremely nasty side; as evidenced by the behaviour of his associates.” Mah’s warm, graceful, full timbered voice was confident and relaxed. “Stepupard is my great grandfather,” Mah responded coolly. “In three weeks Stepupard proposes to vacate Paland, forcing everyone to travel with him to Dresdown. I want to remain in Paland.” Waindhy frowned. “Honestly Mah!” he exclaimed disparagingly. Mah heard the faint sound of movement at the base of the drift as the Harmarts below increased in number. He looked out at a rocky mountain range far beyond the red drifts. “Fuel supplies are zero along with your chances of not ending up in Dresdown,” Waindhy stated coldly. “You’ll need a vessel with an engine that doesn’t require fuel. It’s impossible.” “I am going to ask the owner-inventor of the ‘Traysee’ to fly to the Arcticdoll Theme Park,” responded Mah, his voice optimistic. “That’s where I have two escape vessels in the final stages of manufacture. The Traysee has a gravity drive that I can replicate! No fuel required!” Indifferently Waindhy watched a desert scorpion that was crawling menacingly up his arm. With distain he flicked it off. He frowned. “I’ve never heard of a Traysee before,” Waindhy growled. “Spin Stands is the owner,” Mah stated. “Oh, I’ve heard of her,” remarked Waindhy, contemptuously. “The Wake-Ring is also her invention. In addition to the Abovesallee Video that you gave me to scrutiny, I have a microfiche copy of her obituary here.” A gentle breeze blew inland and lifted the fine grains of red sand on the drifts, quickly turning the desert into a moving sea of treacherous red dust. “I don’t want to hear your forgone conclusions about the life of Spin Stands,” Mah stated flatly. “Yes you do,” Waindhy contradicted. “No, I don’t,” said Mah. Reacting aggressively to this part of the conversation, Waindhy shoved Mah hard in the chest. The blow knocked Mah down the face of the drift. Mah tumbled over thrice before he stopped and stood up. Brushing the red sand from his Knight’s raiment, Mah climbed back up to the top of the drift where Waindhy stood. “I’m not going to let this go,” said Waindhy. Mah frowned and kicked the red sand underneath his feet. “If you must,” Mah growled grudgingly. “The Wake-Ring was immensely popular from the very first moment that it was made available to the public,” Waindhy explained. “Rather than profit from the Wake-Ring, Spin paid for it with her life. She died soon after the Abovsallee, at the age of nineteen.” “What do the records tell us of her father, Tide?” asked Mah. “Tide disappeared,” replied Waindhy solemnly, “after the Abovesallee.” “Who got all the money from the Wake-Ring?” asked Mah. “Financial minutes indicate that Plankdirt, the distributors of the Wake-Ring, received all the money,” replied Waindhy. “Who was the owner of Plankdirt?” asked Mah. “Stepupard was, and still is the owner,” replied Waindhy. “That figures,” said Mah coolly. “Spin’s short life is the reason why I never wanted you to talk to her in the first place,” said Waindhy coldly. “No one wants you interfering and changing the status quo, Mah. Spin has outlived her usefulness. So many people benefit from the way things stand.” “Name those people?” asked Mah quietly. “I for one have benefited,” replied Waindhy. “Stepupard has been extremely generous to me.” Mah, unusually downcast, listened to the sound of the Harmarts snarling at the base of their high drift. A cloud bank passed across the round face of the Sewdapop, glowing in the night sky, and the long shadows of the two Knights disappeared from view. “No one wants you to give Spin a chance for a longer life, Mah. Just ignore her, get us the Traysee’s technology and everyone will be happy,” Waindhy advised. In a hurried move to leave, Waindhy snatched up his Spearme that lay nearby on the dishevelled sand. Waindhy’s gold Spearme was an innovative improvement on an ancient weapon. Etchings covered the Spearme from the handholds. Quartz crystals were embedded in the centre portion and shiny thick bands of silver casing tipped both sides. It was thought, but not yet proven, that the Spearme was a conductor of psychic energy. “Waindhy, I want you in one piece,” Mah warned in parting, after which his Wayin vanished from the place. “Mah Risenite does all the dreadful work,” Waindhy thought to himself happily. “And I have all the fun!” he yelled, joyfully running down the high drift towards the Harmarts below. Chapter 1 Celebrating the onset of a new era and the launch of two sensational inventions, the Abovesallee began as an exciting party. Hundreds of Headliners filled the sky. They flew over lofty buildings, towering terraces, landmark structures and gardens. Abuzz with the chatter of a massive crowd, bubbly laughter rose in the atmosphere like a heady sweet bouquet. Ambling forward revellers sang and laughed loudly. Interrupting their gaiety, Tide called out to the crowd from a massive speaker system. “Welcome to the Abovesallee!” Tide exclaimed, “Enjoy the free refreshments available on every street corner! We have prizes! We have fascinating exhibitions! We have music! Watch the show, beginning shortly! Discover the great secrets! Hear the controversial debate! See the spectacular demonstration of the mysterious secret inventions later this afternoon! Don’t miss out on your perfect life in a perfect world! See what Plankdirt has to offer you!” Entranced by Tide’s promise of an ideal world, a stream of bobbing heads coursed its way through the streets towards Tide’s location; the Nitebreak. Standing splendid and palatial on the corner of two familiar roads, the blue-flecked brick Nitebreak beckoned in the early afternoon sunshine. With five hundred VIP seats in the stalls, plus a further five thousand seats in the stands, the enclosed indoor Nitebreak was a moderate sized venue. Five thousand ticketed spectators stood in the street outside of that imposing building, all impatient to see two wondrous inventions that promised to enrich their lives. Zealously they watched the micro screen positioned in front of the Nitebreak, keen for the show to begin. They crammed against the grey metal fence railings. Eager to gain admittance they pressed against the closed grey gates. Summoned by an overwhelming curiosity the public gathering standing in the street enviously watched the VIP guests, called Abovesallee Delegates. Privileged to wait inside the closed gates, on the front entrance steps of the Nitebreak; the Delegates would soon enter the foyer. Subsequently they would take their seats in the stalls in the covered arena. Armed with their prized invitations all of the Delegates were handsomely dressed. Of interest to the crowd outside of the gates, each of the Delegates wore a jewelled platinum diadem. Set with smoky quartz crystals, the device encircled the forehead like a crown. Waiting at the top of the steps, some of the Delegates looked in through the locked glass entrance panels. Admiringly they gazed in, up at the plastered ceilings, the high arched portals and the marble Pointneedles of the Nitebreak’s empty foyer. Suddenly there was an excited shout. A Delegate had just spotted the curator of the Nitebreak approaching from inside. Moments later the elderly curator, who was curiously known by the not uncommon name of Scarlet Hugo, unlocked and slid back the glass entrance panels. Wisely standing aside and with a delighted look on his face, the curator watched the bubbly excited Delegates flood into the foyer. Booming out from the Nitebreak, the eager multitude once again heard Tide, calling to them. Tide was a celebrated orator, and he exclaimed enthusiastically, “Thank you for joining the Abovesallee! Today you are celebrating the launch of two immensely powerful inventions that will bring untold wealth to each and every one of their owners! The inventions will be revealed during the show! The show will commence shortly,” Tide continued, “so keep watching those micro screens and benefit from being one of the first to discover three fantastic secrets! You will learn the names of the inventions. You will learn how to use the mysterious inventions to reshape your lives! You will gaze in awe at the creation that has been shrouded in mystery! Once you know the three secrets you will have everything that you ever wanted!” Tide promised. “Take advantage of being the first to know and being the first to own the inventions! Thanks to Plankdirt and our spectacular new inventions you can look forward to an idyllic life in your ideal world!" Tide's gripping promises eclipsed all other sounds, quashing the loud clamour of an indestructible alien helicopter that had suddenly appeared as a daunting haze on the horizon. Fast approaching the Nitebreak, flying high over the nearby parks and hauling a mysterious glowing blue crate underneath its long fuselage; the propeller blades of the helicopter chopped noisily through the air. Formed by the bright daylight, the aircraft’s long shadow swam unseen through the huge distracted crowd. Roaring out steadily over the locality, Tide's predictions continued to overshadow the extremely significant arrival of the alien helicopter, presently hovering over the rooftop of the Nitebreak. In response to the helicopters arrival, the Nitebreak’s domed roof opened. Lowering its secret gleaming cargo through that aperture; the helicopter pilot set the massive glowing blue crate down onto the Nitebreak’s Downstage. Standing at the front of that Downstage, Tide soberly supervised the delivery of the priceless cargo. Emitting from the huge mysterious crate, thousands of antenna shaped rays of bright blue light bathed Tide in a deep azure haze. From the priceless invention, hidden inside the crate, came a strange melodic humming sound. Taking a moments break from issuing his announcements; Tide released the safety catches on the crate and let the metal sides of the crate slowly drop onto the Downstage floor. Standing back, he observed the larger of the secret inventions buoyant above the Downstage, surrounded by an aura of blue light. He smiled. “The world is my oyster,” Tide thought smugly. Watched over by a security crew, the Traysee had arrived on the Downstage without incident. Tide returned to his task of public speaking. “Greetings!” he called out enthusiastically. “Welcome to the Abovesallee, organised for you by Plankdirt, the world’s foremost travel and aviation group!”

Table of Contents
Part 1: Mountbreakday 4 Part 2: Abovesallee 11 Part 3: Neversell 107 Part 4: Fort Notcontest 246 Part 5: Drywell 366 Part 6: Dyensell 434 Part 7: Mustsell 448


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