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The Quantum Brain : Pulse Series

By Freitas, John

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Book Id: WPLBN0003971993
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Reproduction Date: 8/21/2015

Title: The Quantum Brain : Pulse Series  
Author: Freitas, John
Language: English
Subject: Science Fiction, Literatue, Adventure
Collections: Science Fiction, Dentistry, Science Fiction Collection, Criminology, Authors Community, Astronomy, Literature, Most Popular Books in China
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Publisher: Self-published
Member Page: John Freitas


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An IT contractor finds out that a great disaster is going to strike earth and uses the opportunity to commit a crime that will set him for life. He comes up with an ingenious and infallible plan. Or so he thought. This short story book includes two book previews.

When Mark finds out that a great disaster is going to strike earth, he uses the opportunity to commit a crime that will set him for life and comes up with an ingenious and infallible plan. Or so he thought. This short story book includes two book previews.

Mark left the ground and soared up from the street between the buildings. He was at the wrong angle and feared he might continue into the sky even after all his preparation only to fall to his death once the wave had passed. He gritted his teeth and leaned into the building. His calculations were perfect and he was going to hit twenty just as planned. He had to. Beyond the floors of the building flying by him, he saw cars twisting up into the air. It hardly looked real. “Real life has terrible special effects.” His own laughter hurt his ears inside his helmet. He saw benches, stone, manhole covers, and other debris he couldn’t identify twisting up from the ground and out through the top of the city. He saw other bodies writhing through the air without suits – without being prepared. If the cars were flying away, what chance did people have in this perversion of gravity? Mark’s back hurt as he leaned harder and saw the building racing toward his face. He was tempted to pull back, but that wasn’t the plan and the plan was perfect. Mark heard his own screams as he slammed into the window for twenty. It was the fourth window from the left exactly as planned. The glass shattered with the sound of a cannon. It thundered through his helmet. The deadly shards twisted in the air and then floated back out into the air spinning up into the sky. Mark continued forward into the labs. He bounded forward with the boots feeling impossibly light as he took one delicate step after another across the tile. He swept his gloved hands in front of him pushing aside floating glassware and equipment. A number of items were strapped down, but they had done an uneven job of securing the room before the scientists had bailed for home and bunkers in the wake of the announcement. They were going to lose a lot when gravity returned to its normal directional pull. They were going to lose “It” too by the time Mark was through. He rounded a corner and pushed through a swinging door that bobbed on its rail hinges. A bench twisted through the air at his head like a drill. He ducked catching one wooden leg across the helmet, but avoiding the bulk of the impact. He continued his slow hops forward. Mark swept aside a swarm of floating ink pens with one hand and a potted plant with the other. He rounded the last corner to bound down the hallway toward the door of the vault. Two security guards struck their knees against the ceiling and struggled to find something to grasp onto. It wasn’t like being weightless without the modified suit. The guards were struggling against a force trying to hurl them through the ceiling over and over. One was bleeding from his head. He covered his eyes with his hands as the blood gushed out and danced across the surface of the ceiling. That was going to be quite a mess when gravity reversed. The other guard stared at Mark in the astronaut costume as he passed toward the vault. Mark looked at the guard causing the man to stare into his own shocked reflection in the gold faceplate. The guard drew his gun off his hip. Mark faced forward and leapt toward the vault. The gunshot boomed behind him. The impact on the body armor across his back tilted Mark forward. He did not feel the pain of the hit, but it did challenge his balance for a few steps. The recoil of the gun kicked the guard through the air spinning like a satellite. He lost his grip on the gun and clawed out in both directions trying to catch himself on one of the walls. His feet hit a passing office chair and the guard twisted end over end back through the lab. Mark grabbed the handle of the vault. With his other hand, he punched in the numbers that corresponded to the phrase: MARK IS A GOD AMONG MEN. At Mark’s secret implanted code, the magnets released and the steel rods jumped out of their slots in the reinforced concrete wall back into the door. He twisted the handle and pulled the unbalanced weight of the door toward him. It too floated on its heavy hinges as Mark bounded into the low red light of the vault.


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