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Entwined Realities : The Epic Tragedy of Neanderthal and Modern Human

By Hale, Roc

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Reproduction Date: 3/19/2016

Title: Entwined Realities : The Epic Tragedy of Neanderthal and Modern Human  
Author: Hale, Roc
Language: English
Subject: Non Fiction, Social Sciences, Psychopathy
Collections: Science Fiction, Authors Community, Most Popular Books in China
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Publisher: Planet Organic
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Hale, B. R. (2016). Entwined Realities : The Epic Tragedy of Neanderthal and Modern Human. Retrieved from

In 2055 humanity is confronting countless hardships inflicted on them by the powerful evil in control of the world. The Great Catastrophe had unfolded in waves that affected the environment, economy and society, and now enslaved the few hundred million survivors. As readers would expect from today’s trends, food was in short supply from runaway climate change, life support systems were overloaded with toxins, and ecosystems and the energy supply had collapsed. The story of three people living in one of a few remaining pockets of human reality is interwoven with chapters reaching back 33,000 years, when Earth was inhabited by two distinctly different hominids. The Neanderthal were nearly extinct. Homo sapiens, modern humans with advanced brains, were newcomers in Neanderthal territory. It soon became apparent that the species could interbreed. This short book aligns research showing that Neanderthal DNA is found in the human genome with findings from studies of the central nervous system. Approximately one to five percent of the population is born with brain anomalies correlated with psychopathy, a personality disorder marked by lack of compassion, conscience and remorse. Some researchers have concluded that psychopaths are a subspecies. Psychopaths’ behaviour reflects their experience of a different reality to humans’ and forces humans into their pathological reality. The book links recent findings in genetics with their manifestation in society, concluding that psychopaths have taken control of governments, big business, banks and other fundamental institutions. The survivors’ story is interwoven with vignettes illustrating the consequences of the merging of the two species, when Neanderthal personality traits were bred into the human genome. Most of us have asked, Why? Why all the unnecessary militarisation and wars, nuclear, chemical and germ warfare, environmental degradation, injustice, oppression, slavery, torture, aggressive violence, poverty, hunger and the rest of the insanity that humanity has had to endure? This book provides a credible answer based on science. It aims to alert humans to the fundamental cause of the multiple disasters unfolding on Planet Earth and empower us to develop responses that can finally and permanently reverse the tragic loss of human potential and natural abundance.

This story is true, though the characters are fictional. It is intended to awaken humanity to their single overarching problem, which has undermined them since the dawn of modern humans, and inspire them to find ways to overcome it. It’s highly probable that this problem resulted from the interbreeding of two species – Neanderthal and modern human. All of humanity’s suffering, the loss of human potential and the ruination of the planet’s environment may have been sparked by one wicked act of a near-extinct species as a last fling in a moonlit rape. In the mid-21st century, three survivors of the Great Catastrophe piece together the truth about the ‘bastards’, the progeny of that long-ago intermingled DNA, and their domination of true humans. The bastards forced their reality on us, entwined it with ours, and crushed us. Only by disentangling the two realities can humanity and the planet be saved.

“Wow!” said Edde. “What we learned about the bastards casually through our talks over the years makes more sense to me now. They acquired power stealthily and misused it to control humanity in accordance with how they saw the world, which was and still is connected to their brain structures. The world they see, the reality they act within, is reckless, selfish, cold and destructive, in contrast to our normal more cautious, altruistic, warm and creative reality.” “Yeah,” said Ave. “What we just learned about Neanderthal anatomy gives a special significance to what you’ve told us, Pops, about history and the lead-up to the Great Catastrophe. Now we know that the abnormalities of the bastards’ brains transform them into sub-human beings whose reality and behaviour drastically contrast with our humanness. No wonder their behaviour seems insane to us. Until now, I couldn’t understand why anyone in their right mind would pollute and despoil the environment they depend on for their life, continue to wipe out species as if they themselves were exempt from extinction, extract resources at any cost to the point of depletion, and burn fossil fuels when they knew the climate was disintegrating. All for profit! And it was never enough! “Now I understand. The bastards are physically incapable of conscience or concern for what they leave the next generation. As leaders they perpetrate injustice subtly but deceitfully, or become blatant, brutal dictators. Yes, now I understand. The bastards inherited all of this from their Neanderthal ancestors!”

Table of Contents
PART ONE: Convergence and Consequence Where We Were – 2053: Refuge from the Ruins What Went Wrong – 31,000 BCE: Dawn of Disaster Where We Were – 2053: Climate Chaos What Went Wrong – 31,000 BCE: Dreams of Doom Where We Were – 2053: Earnest Elder What Went Wrong – 31,000 BCE: Ruthless Reprisal Where We Were – 2053: Survival and Support PART TWO: Edde and Ave Where We Were 2035: Rescue and Readjustment 2041: Cooperation and Co-creation 2043: Sacred Sanctuary 2048: Awakened Awareness PART THREE – The Conversations Where We Were: 2048 The First Conversation: Hidden History The Second Conversation: Insanities Intersect The Third Conversation: Seeking Solutions PART FOUR – Change and Challenge Where We Were: 2055 Paradise in Peril Demons and Decisions AFTERWORD: What we can do ADDITIONAL READING


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