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Light Star : When All Else Fails, Part 1 of 4

By Kemp, Anthony, J

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Title: Light Star : When All Else Fails, Part 1 of 4  
Author: Kemp, Anthony, J
Volume: Volume Light Star Part 1 of 4
Language: English
Subject: Fiction, Drama and Literature, Science Fiction
Collections: Science Fiction, Authors Community
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Publisher: Self-published
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In this section Part 1 we are introduced to the area of space where the action takes place. We are told about the major event that provokes an unprecedented response from the Central Council of the empire. So we begin a journey following John Harris into an adventure the likes of which he could never have imagined in his wildest dreams, or for that matter, his worst nightmares. It started with a red flashing mail message on his computer screen.

“Light Star” is all to do with money and power, when the only interstellar servicing planet between the old empire and the new expanding frontier suddenly exploded, the economic collapse of the old empire was imminent.

Lieutenant Major John Harris was sitting at his desk on the twenty-third floor of the Astor Central Processing Building. He was busy classifying documents for levels of security clearance before entering them into the main archives. On his computer screen flashed the mail icon. Normally you have to open the icon to see your mail; high priority mail, however, flashes up instantly in red. The message flashed up in red. Messenger arriving. Harris was still looking at the message wondering what it meant when the doors at the far end of the large office opened with a rattle. A courier entered, followed by two of the station’s security guards. It seemed to take forever for the three men to walk the whole length of the room to where Harris was sitting. Naturally, all activity in the room stopped as everyone watched the three men to see where they were going. Eventually, the men came to a halt by Harris's desk. They stood in silence towering over Harris. Not that they were particularly tall, it was just that Harris was still sitting. “Lieutenant Major John Harris,” said the courier. “That’s me,” said Harris. “Identity,” said the courier. Harris fumbled out his identity card from his jacket, which was hanging from the back of his chair. He gave it to the courier, who showed it to each of the guards in turn to confirm the identity. The courier handed back the card, opened a small pouch he was carrying and pulled out a yellow envelope with two red stripes around it. Up to this point, you could have heard a pin drop in the office, suddenly a whisper went around the room. Messages did not come any more important than yellow with two red stripes. The courier handed Harris the envelope. Harris took the envelope and turned it over in his hand. On the back was an electronic seal. Harris found his identity card again and placed the gold corner of it in a small slot in the seal. It immediately snapped open. Harris slid out the single piece of paper. Another whisper started to run around the room as a few people nearby saw the logo at the top of the communication: ‘Grand Council Central Command.' Harris read the message on the paper, then read it again. It was rather strange. “Do you know what this means?” said Harris looking up at the elder of the two security people. “All I know is that arrangements have been made and we are to accompany you to Flight,” said the guard. Harris looked down at the message again. For starters it did not make sense. The message read: Message to: Lieutenant Major John Harris You are requested by the Chairman of the Central Command Grand Council to attend a special meeting of the Security Council on the 15th of Saganon 29870. You are to personally bring all information in the data file JHPDF8888 J. C. Batan, chairman of the Grand Central Council.

Table of Contents
INTRODUCTION Chapter 1 - - THE JOURNEY BEGINS Chapter 2 - - MORSTAN Chapter 3 - - ADMIRAL BAINBRIDGE Chapter 4 - - RAFTOS Chapter 5 - - LIGHT STAR Chapter 6 - - THE JUMP Chapter 7 - - PACKETS STORY Chapter 8 - - KIMLON'S STORY About the Author


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