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'Sweet September' : 'Lovers Of Spring', Volume 1: 'Lovers Of Spring'

By Aycox, Jon'te, Levar

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Reproduction Date: 05/23/2020

Title: 'Sweet September' : 'Lovers Of Spring', Volume 1: 'Lovers Of Spring'  
Author: Aycox, Jon'te, Levar
Volume: Volume 1
Language: English
Subject: Non Fiction, Philosophy, fiction
Collections: Romance, Authors Community
Publication Date:
Publisher: Jon'te Aycox
Member Page: Jon'te Aycox


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Levar Aycox, B. J. (2020). 'Sweet September' : 'Lovers Of Spring', Volume 1. Retrieved from

Susan always enjoyed her favorite month, September, that she was nicknamed 'Sweet September.' September is the season of Autumn, Spring, Harvesting. That month, her plants and fruits fully bloomed in her home town of Mississippi. Also doing that month, Susan is always looking forward to the Mississippi Festival. That following year in 1995, Susan was super busy getting prepared for the festival. She is growing apples in her garden, for her mom yummy apple pies, that's very popular in her town. Also Susan has been so busy with her own business, the Floral shop. A business that her and late husband Ted built together. Ted died a few years ago, from a Heart attack and that same year, her Dad Sir Walters died from cancer. Combining those deaths in the same year, Susan still hasn't got over those deaths till this day. From being on a busy schedule, she gets a surprised unexpected visit, from a high school crush named Rob Davis. Rob Davis was the handsome popular football player that always swept girls off their feet but then he broke their hearts. He was also the prankster and jokester. Susan was the nerdy shy girl in those days, that stared at Rob Davis from a far. Susan had a secret crush on Rob Davis. Rob Davis had classes with Susan but his pranks on Susan, like the time he put a frog in her shirt, was the most embarrassing for Susan, as the whole school laughed at Susan. Years later Rob Davis comes back to Mississippi to visit friends and family. He happens to be in the area, where Susan mom Betty lives. Susan happens to be at her mom's house that same day. Rob Davis comes over to Betty's house unexpectedly. So why Is Rob Davis at Betty’s House? How does Susan react? Can this truly be a match years later? How does Susan balance everything in her schedule, along with this unexpected crush, coming back into her life? Read in a quiet peaceful Place. Thanks for reading

Sweet September, is a short story. Subtitle Is, Lovers Of Spring. Susan was born in September, in Mississippi. Autumn and Fall, Spring always been her favorite seasons, along with nature and gardening. September also became a month very special to her, cause of the celebration of the town festival. Something that her and her family always looked forward to every year. The festival truly raise money for great causes, like finding a cure for cancer and heart disease, which both deadly diseases killed her dad from his battle of cancer and her late husband Ted from a heart attack. They both died in the month of September in the same year. Susan truly combines all this in the special month of September, but still have a hard time getting over those deaths but September is joyful for her at the same time. An unexpected high school crush comes back into her life years later. Susan was the nerdy girl in high school, who always fantasies about the most handsome popular football jock. Until Rob Davis tripped Susan in the cafeteria, when Susan was walking with her tray to the table, along with her nerdy group of friends. While Rob Davis and a group of his football jocks buddies sat at their table,he had his foot in the way. Susan and friends walking to a table, then trips over Rob Davis foot, Susan fell face first, then her friends fell over Susan, they all break their glasses, tray of food all over them. The whole lunch room laughs at Susan and her friends, who are now on the ground, soaked with milk and food in the middle of the Lunch cafeteria. That was the most embarrassment for Susan, along with more pranks from Rob Davis and his jock buddies. So why did Rob Davis comes back years later into Susan life,that September? How will she deal with overcoming the deaths of Ted and her dad, combining her busy schedule with her Floral Shop business, and preparing for the Festival, along with this past crush walking into her life?

Chapter 1- Excerpt- 'Susan sat up in her bed, Yawning..... Stretching .... out her arms. Feeling relaxed, well rested. She is ready for the day. She looked over to her right, saying "TED!"... TED!"... "baby wake up!!" "It's Sweet September!" "Like dad used to say every Sept." She kept looking at the right side of the bed as her words became more quiet, she then realized that no one was there. Susan starts to look sad, as she day dreamed at the sunset, shining out her bedroom window. Susan jumped out of bed, getting ready for the day. Her fun long beautiful many dresses, that she has hung up in her big closet, made her feel like a princess. Everyday she wore a beautiful dress. Her brunette long hair is pinned up in a bun, with a pink ribbon that matches her pink dress. She looked in the mirror, feeling beautiful, she picked up her red lipstick, and put it on her lips, blowing a kiss at the mirror. Susan opens up the back door of her house, looking from her house back patio, She is blown away by how beautiful her fruit and veggies have grown in her garden, and fully ripped. "YES..... YES....YES.... SWEET.. SEPTEMBER... HERE WE COME...!!!" Excerpt from Chapter 7- "Mom I'm confused," Susan said. "My dear, you have to move on from Ted." "Don't miss out on something so great." "Ted opened that door for Rob, to enter into the gates of your heart, to meet the light within." "You met Ted in college and so I think that both of these guys are meant to be with you." "Ted opened your eyes to what real love is, when Rob was just learning and becoming a better person." "So Ted gave you something special, you both became one." "It was Ted time to go but he will always be with you dear." "You really need closure." "Open your heart and let Rob show you the great man he is today." Excerpt from Chapter 7- "I have the best mom in the world," Susan said. Susan and Betty hugged. "Awww... my princess, the best little girl that a momma always enjoyed coming home to." Betty said. "Mom... I'm not a little girl any more," Susan said with a smile. "Well you will always be my little girl, no matter how old you get." "You and Rob are now forty years old, wow... how time flies," Betty said. "Don't remind me mom," Susan said. "Baby, lay on my lap like old times." "I used to read you this beautiful poetry piece called 'Sweet September.' Susan laid her head on Betty lap, both still on the couch. Betty gently touches Susan's face, and touches her hair, comforting her as she starts to read. "Summer left on the train, that breezy Sunny early morning as September moved into a new season." "Autumn and Harvesting came together." "The Heavens light shined down all over the lands of freedom. "Each crop, Every flower, Every Fruit, Every plant grew with love." "Water each soul, giving wisdom into a freeing spirit." "They all rise into a new beginning, moving forward into the sky." "They never looked back from the seed that brought them up from the soil." "A new beginning started that Sweet September." "The winds blew so gracefully in a slow dance so freely." "Mother Nature was now at peace." Betty stopped reading, she looked down at Susan laying on her lap. Susan is sleeping so comfortably and gracefully, so peacefully. Betty looked up and noticed a white reflection of her husband. Susan's dad spirit appeared in the living room, in front of the fire-place, across the living room. He puts a thumbs up, whispering the words," I love you both, Always." He then disappears. Betty smiled and then looked back down at Susan, touching her hair softly, caressing her head softly.'

Table of Contents
Chapter 1- Autumn Chapter 2- Momma Kitchen Chapter 3- High School Crush Chapter 4- Love Of Full Moon Chapter 5- Preparing Chapter 6- Mrs Susan Chapter 7- Comfort And Sorrow Chapter 8- Dinner Time Chapter 9- Lovers Road Chapter 10- Love Letters Chapter 11- Festival Opening Chapter 12- Yes Or No Chapter 13- Cinderella Chapter 14- New Beginnings, New Season


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