At 61 and at ground zero financially - after being used and most unceremoniously dumped by a man I suspect to be somewhere on the continuum of narcissism to psychopathy - I have the amazing opportunity to "begin again."  To take responsibility for my part and to most assuredly SEE the alien-like presence of non-empathy and no remorse I, and so many others, encountered.

Faith has returned and I am much more aware than I ever imagined myself to be.  Two fantastic grandsons give my life grand flavor and they, along with my daughters and son-in-law, add glorious zest.  If one ever desires to know just what "living in the Now" means, having grandchildren genuinely helps!  Pets, my small house, and wonderful acquaintances and friends have blessed this lifetime.
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Writing Romance Stew,  I sought love again with all the trimmings as I rode the waves of my 50's.  My marriage to the black hole of needs in a most bizarre clan had me moving from compassionate woman ready to place my spouse's needs before my own, to a confused and always off-kilter being in a battle for sanity.  Life in the Aftermath of a Narcissist continues the saga as I am dumped once my funds and usefulness evaporated.  Psychopathy is not new and is not as most of us thought.  Serial killers are indeed psychopaths, but not all psychopaths are serial killers. 

The experience has changed me and my take on reality.  Interestingly, I now am unafraid to "call a spade a spade."  Hopefully, I am still kind...just no longer so naive.
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Title:   Romance Stew : The Way to a Woman's Heart
Author:   Esq. Becky (Ruff) Reed
Publisher:   Dandelion Books
Volume:  First
Language:   English
Subjects:   Non Fiction, Psychology, Dating after 50
Collections:   Authors Community, Romance
Book Id:   WPLBN0002955100
Format Type:   PDF (eBook)
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Title:   Life in the Aftermath of a Narcissist : Romance Stew
Author:   Ms. Becky (Ruff) Reed
Publisher:   Create Space - Self Pulishing
Volume:  Volume Romance Stew
Language:   English
Date:   2011
Subjects:   Non Fiction, Psychology, Psychopathy/Narcissism
Collections:   Authors Community, Psychology
Book Id:   WPLBN0002955099
Format Type:   PDF (eBook)
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