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Our Extraterrestrial Neighbors

By: Shelton Ranasinghe; Bunchy Rahuman, Editor

A radio signal is traced from outer space by SETI. The story now heads in an unexpected direction. This narrative is serious, not heavy and has a novel mix of technology, philosophy and ideology to suit readers of all ages. The singular feature of the book unravels as the soft and gentle mannerisms underlying the basic nature of the aliens come to light in the later chapters

It was 7th August 2011, and 10.55 pm. Greg, one of Seth’s staff members who was about to pour a cup of coffee for him, heard an unusual beep coming from his monitor. It was pulsating on the monitor repeatedly at regular intervals. He went back to his seat immediately; diverted his concentration fully on it and realized that may be the sign of SETI’s dream coming through. .... He said “As human beings, we should respect each other more than anything. Now I could visu...

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