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A History of Fishing Practices and Marine Fisheries of the Hawaiian Islands : Oral History Interviews Vol. 2

By Kepa Maly

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Title: A History of Fishing Practices and Marine Fisheries of the Hawaiian Islands : Oral History Interviews Vol. 2  
Author: Kepa Maly
Language: English
Subject: Non Fiction, History of the Americas (Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, etc.), Hawaiian History
Collections: Authors Community, Education
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Publisher: Kumu Pono Associates
Member Page: Hale Kuamoʻo Hawaiian Language Center


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Maly, B. K. (2003). A History of Fishing Practices and Marine Fisheries of the Hawaiian Islands : Oral History Interviews Vol. 2. Retrieved from

This volume, compiled at the request of Scott Atkinson on behalf of The Nature Conservancy, includes excerpts from more than 130 oral history interviews that have been conducted by Kepa Maly over the last twenty-eight years. The interviewees were born between the 1890s to 1950s, and all shared personal knowledge—either in native beliefs, traditions, customs and practices; the locations of, and types of fish caught; or about the changing the conditions of the resources—in Hawaiian fisheries. The early interviews are taken from notes recorded and expanded by Maly as early as 1975, with excerpts from recorded interviews dating from 1996 to 2002. The interviews conducted specifically as a part of this study date from late 2002 to late 2003. As a result of many years of work, the oral history interviews cited in this study fall under two classes: (1) those conducted between October 2002 to April 2003, and are directly related to aspects of the present study; and (2) those conducted prior to undertaking this study, or as a part of other research, and which share important kama?aina knowledge of Hawaiian traditions and use of fisheries. All of the interviews cited, were conducted by Kepa Maly, most with elder kama?aina ranging in age from their late 60s to late 90s. The interviews document personal knowledge of fisheries of all the major Hawaiian Islands (Hawai?i to Ni?ihau), and also touch on the fisheries of Nihoa and the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands of the archipelago.

All of the formal recorded interviews were transcribed1 and the draft transcripts returned (with the recordings) to the interviewees. Follow up discussions were also conducted in review of the drafttranscripts, and the review process sometimes resulted in the recording of additional narratives with the interviewees, and modifications to the interview transcripts. Following completion of the interview process, all of the participants in the tape recorded interviews gave Maly their permission to include the interviews in this study, and for future reference of the documentation by Maly—some releases were given by signature, and others by verbal agreement. In requesting permission for release from the interview participants, Maly followed a general release of interview records form (Figure 1, at end). In addition to copies of the complete study being given to each participant in the primary interviews, copies will be curated for reference in the collections of The Nature Conservancy, Limahuli Garden- Hui Makaa?inana o Makana, University and community libraries, and at appropriate review agencies.

Table of Contents
Introduction. 1 -- Interview Methodology. 1 -- Release Of Oral History Interview Documentation. 2-Contributors To The Oral History Documentation. 2 -- Ka Hana Lawaia:-Kamaaina Observations (1900 To 2003). 8 -- Oral History Interviews. 10 -- (Cited By Date Of Recording And Island Locations)-Island Of Hawaii:-Mary Kawena Pukui-He Moolelo No Halaea–A Tradition Of The Aku Fisheries-Of Kalae, At Kau, And The Ocean Current Of Halaea-Oral History Interview November 7, 1977 – With Kepa Maly. 10-Camellia Kapuaianahulu Kahiwaaialii Wall-Heuer –-At Puueo-Pukihae, Hawaii-Resources Of The Keauhou-Hokukano Vicinity, North Kona Hawaii-March 1, 1996 – Oral History Interview With Kepa Maly. 11 -- Lily Namakaokaia Haanio-Kong, At Keauhou-Oral History Interviews And Site Visits With Kepa Maly-March 7th, March 27th And May 1st, 1996. 12 -- Louis Kanoa Hao, Sr.-Kapalilua Oral History Interviews April 13, 1996-(Follow-Up Discussions On May 24, And June 15, 1996)-With Kepa Maly. 18-William Johnson Hawawakaleoonamanuonakanahele "Billy" Paris, Jr.-Oral History Interview With Kepa Maly-At Lehuula-Nui And Honuaino, April 24, 1996; March 16, 2001;-And April 27, 2003. 37 -- Kaulupulehu Ma Ka aina Kaha--Opelu Fisheries, Wai opae, Ka Hana Paakai (Salt Making); -- And Deified Sharks:-Oral History Interview With Kupuna- Valentine K. Ako,-Margie Kaholo-Kailianu, David Keakealani, Caroline Keukealani-Pereira,-Arthur "Aka" Mahi, Joseph Puipui Makaai, Rose Pilipi-Maeda,-And Family Members With Kepa Maly December 7, 1996. 43 -- C. Arthur Lyman-Waiopae And Kapoho Region Fisheries-Oral History Interview Of November 21, 1997 - With Kepa Maly-(With Discussion Notes From November 14, 1997 And June 17, 1998). 73 -- John Hale And Gabriel Kealoha-(With William Hale On June 5th; And George Enriquez)-Interviews At Pohoiki, Puna — With Kepa Maly-June 12, 1998 (With Notes From June 5, 1998). 80 -- William Ah You Akau And Annie Kahikilani “Lani” Akau-South Kohala Fisheries – Oral History Interview At Kawaihae-July 6, 1998 – With Kepa Maly (With Notes From April 10, 1999). 101 -- Kahu John “Kumukahi” Makuakane-(With Violet Akamu Makuakane And Joni Mae Makuakane-Jarrell)-Oral History Interview Of July 21st, 1998-At opihikao With Kepa Maly. 124 -- Mary Tom-Ahuna-With Flora Ahuna-Chun, Henry Ahuna, Glenn Ahuna,-Amoi Sam Choy-Yee And Norman Yee,-And Joann Hookano (Caregiver For Mrs. Ahuna)-March 3, 1999 – With Kepa Maly. 136 -- Hannah Waha Pohaku Grace Kawaauhau-Acia-Recollections Of The Lands And Fisheries Of The-Kaohe-Milolii Section Of Kapalilua-December 11, 1999, May 13, 2000-And May 28, 2000 – With Kepa Maly. 143 -- Fred Kaimalino Leslie (With Weston Leslie)-Fisheries And Fishing Customs Of The South Kona Region-February 14, 2001, At Napoopoo – With Kepa Maly. 182 -- Joseph K. Keliipaakaua, Jr.-Fisheries Of Kiilae-Napoopoo, South Kona, Hawaii-February 13, 2001 – With Kepa Maly. 208 -- Myra Maile Keohohou-Mitchell-Near Shore Fisheries And Resources Of The-Napoopoo Vicinity, South Kona-March 8th 2001, And July 5th, 2002 – With Kepa Maly. 214 -- George Kinoulu Kahananui, Sr., And Annie Kalaniiini Coelho-Fisheries Of The Lands Of Kohanaiki, Kaloko And ooma, North Kona-April 4, 2002 – With Kepa Maly. 226 -- William Kalikolehua Panui (Joined By Namahana Kalama-Panui)-Fisheries And Customs Of The Kealakekua-Keei Vicinity, South Kona-July 3rd And October 28th, 2002 – With Kepa Maly. 239 -- Walter Keliiokekai Paulo-Fishing Customs And Fisheries Of Kapalilua, South Kona;-The Waianae-Kona Coast Of Oahu;-And The Northwestern Hawaiian Islands-July 14th, 2002 And March 5, 2003 At Milolii – With Kepa Maly. 253 -- Howard Ackerman (With Harriet Ackerman)-Fisheries Of The Kealakekua-Keei Region, South Kona-August 5, 2002 – With Kepa Maly At Kalamawaiawaawa. 328 -- Moana Kapapakealiiokaalokai “Mona” Kapule-Kahele-Fisheries And Native Lore Of The Kealakekua--Napoopoo Region, South Kona-August 5, 2002 – With Kepa Maly At Kiloa. 342 -- Fisheries And Native Customs Of The Kealakekua-Honaunau-Region, South Kona: Oral History Interview At Keei Nui —-With Howard Ackerman, Katie Kelii Kala-Andrade,-Mona Kapapakealiiokaalokai Kapule-Kahele,-Maile Keohohou-Mitchell, Weston Leslie,-William Kalikolehua Panui & Namahana Panui-August 30, 2002 – Interview By Kepa Maly. 352 -- Peter Keikuaana Park-Fisheries Of The Kaloko-ooma--Kalaoa Vicinity Of North Kona, Hawaii-November 2nd 2002 & January 14th 2003 – With Kepa Maly. 373 -- Edward Namakani Keliikuli Kaanaana- Fishing And Customs Of Kapalilua, South Kona, Hawaii-December 19, 2002 – With Kepa Maly. 391 -- Valentine K. Ako-Recollections Of Fisheries – Native Practices And-Commercial Enterprises (The District Of North Kona, Island Of Hawaii,-And The Island Of Kauai)-February 14th And June 21st, 2003 – With Kepa Maly. 420 -- Eugene “Gino” Keawaiki Kaupiko-Lands And Fisheries Of Kapalilua, South Kona-March 1, 2003 – With Kepa Maly And Gilbert Kahele. 470 -- Samuel Kamuela Waha Pohaku Grace-Lands And Fisheries Of Kapalilua, South Kona-Oral History Interview With Kepa Maly And Gilbert Kahele-March 1, 2003 – At Milolii, South Kona. 500 -- Robert Kaiwa Punihaole With Hanohano Punihaole-Lands, Fisheries, And Customs Of The Families Of The-Kekaha Region In North Kona, Hawaii-March 6th And 19th, 2003 – With Kepa Maly. 527 -- Island Of Kauai:-May Melapa Makanui-Corr-(With Richard Corr, Corrine Leilani Corr-Murata,-Pua Corr, And Valentine Ako) At Hanapepe, Kauai-October 13, 2002 And June 22, 2003 – With Kepa Maly. 575 -- Wayne Takashi Harada And-Keikilani Andrade (Haumea) Harada-February 9, 2003 – At Limahuli, Kauai-Oral History Interview By Kepa Maly-(With Carlos Andrade, Chipper Wichman & Takashi Harada). 601 -- Greg Kan Sing Ho-February 10, 2003 – At Hanalei, Kauai-Oral History Interview With Kepa Maly, Chipper Wichman And-Carlos Andrade (Also Takashi Harada, Onaona Maly-And Hauoli Wichman). 626 -- Stanley Ho-February 10, 2003 – At Hanalei, Kauai-Oral History Interview With Kepa Maly, Chipper Wichman-And Carlos Andrade (Also With Takashi Harada, Onaona Maly-And Hauoli Wichman). 637 -- Annie Tai Hook-Hashimoto-And Violet Hashimoto-Goto (In Later Part Of Interview)-February 10, 2003 – At Limahuli, Kauai-Oral History Interview With Kepa Maly And Chipper Wichman-(Also With Takashi Harada, Onaona Maly And Hauoli Wichman). 656 -- Thomas Hashimoto-February 10, 2003 –At Limahuli, Kauai-Haena-Napali Fisheries And Historical Recollections-Oral History Interview With Kepa Maly & Chipper Wichman-(Interview 1 Of 2). 684 -- Thomas Hashimoto (Interview 2 Of 2)-February 11, 2003 Koonohi To Kee– Field Interview With Kepa Maly,-Chipper And Hauoli Wichman, And Takashi Harada. 734 -- Valentine K. Ako-February 14,And June 21, 2003 – At Wailua, Kauai.-Recollections Of Kauai Fisheries And Native Practices-Oral History Interview With Kepa Maly. 786 -- Agnes Leinani Kam Lun Chung And-Mary “Lychee” Kamakakaonohiulaokala Tai Hook-Haumea -- February 17, And June 18, 2003 – At Anahola, Kauai-Oral History Interview With Kepa Maly And Valentine K. Ako. 823 -- Bernadette “Bernie” Kaiulani Alapai-Mahuiki-February 17, 2003 – At Waipa, Kauai-Oral History Interview With Kepa Maly,-And Chipper & Hauoli Wichman. 836 -- Charles Kininani Chu (With Susan Chu)-Recollections Of Haena And Kee-March 7, And July 2, 2003 – At Kaneohe, Oahu-Oral History Interview No. 1-With Kepa Maly And Val Ako. 841 -- Charles Kininani Chu (With Susan Chu)-July 8, 2003 – Hanalei, Haena And Limahuli Site Visit-Joined At Limahuli And Kee By Thomas And Annie Hashimoto,-And Kawika Goodale-Oral History Interview With Kepa Maly. 860 -- Charles Kininani Chu (With Susan Chu),-Agnes Leinani Kam Lun Chung,-Thomas Hashimoto And Annie Tai Hook-Hashimoto,-Violet Hashimoto-Goto, Kapeka Mahuiki-Chandler,-Mary "Lychee" Kamakakaonohiulaokala Tai Hook-Haumea-July 8, 2003 – At Limahuli-Oral History Interview With Kepa Maly And Chipper Wichman. 876 -- Island Of Lanai (See Also, Interviews Under Island Of Maui):-Apelehama Kauila-He Moolelo No Kaululaau – A History Of Kaululaau And-The Characteristics Of Certain Fish On Lanai-Oral History Interview Of February 21, 1975 – With Kepa Maly. 893 -- Solomon Kaopuiki-December 12 & 13, 1996, And July 27, 2001-Summary Of Interview Notes On Lanai – Kepa Maly. 895 -- Henry Kau Aki-Oral History Interview – Lanai Recollections-July 26, 2001 – With Kepa Maly. 896 -- Samuel Kaopuiki-July 27 & August 6, 2001-Summary Of Interview Notes On Lanai -Kepa Maly. 907 -- Island Of Maui-(With Islands Of Lanai, Molokai And Kahoolawe):-James Keolaokalani Hueu, Jr.-Koolau And Hamakua Region, Island Of Maui-Deified Sharks, oopu And Puhi Fishing-April 11 & 25, And November 6, 2001 – With Kepa Maly. 908 -- Stephen Cabral-Oral History Interview – Koolau-Hamakua Region-Moi Fishing And Collection Of opae-April 23, 2001, With Kepa Maly. 917 -- Mina Marciel-Atai-Oral History Interview – April 24, 2001-Keanae-Honomanu Vicinity, East Maui (And Recollections Of Kaupo)-With Kepa And Onaona Maly. 922 -- Helen (Helena) Akiona-Nakanelua-Oral History Interview - April 26, 2001-(Notes Of April 10th And November 8th 2001)-Koolau Region (Wailua-Keanae Vicinity)-With Kepa And Onaona Maly. 926 -- Joseph C. Rosa, Jr.-(With Nalani Rosa-Magliato)-East Maui Oral History Interview –-Fisheries Of The Waipio-Honopou Vicinity, Hamakua Loa-November 8, 2001 With Kepa Maly. 930 -- V. Leimamo Wahihako Lee And Pohaku Miki Lee-Recollections Of Lands And Fisheries Of Hana, Maui-May 6, 21, And 22, 2002 – With Kepa Maly. 940 -- Samuel Ponopake Chang-Recollections Of Makena, Maui-February 27, 2003 At Laie, Oahu-Oral History Interview With Kepa Maly And Nanea Armstrong. 955 -- James Tatsuo Tanaka-Recollections Of Lands And Fisheries Of Maui, Molokai, And Oahu-March 24, 2003, At iao Valley, Maui-Oral History Interview With Kepa Maly And Isaac Harp. 966 -- James Tatsuo Tanaka-Recollections Of The Mullet Fishery And anae Holo Of Puuloa, Oahu;-The Importance Of The Streams And Estuaries To Healthy Fisheries; And-Steps Needed To Ensure Sustainability Of Hawaiian Fisheries-October 22, 2003 – Kepa Maly (And Isaac Harp). 982 -- Robert Joseph Luuwai-Recollections Of Makena Region And Kahoolawe Fisheries-Oral History Interview With Kepa Maly And Isaac Harp-March 25, 2003, At Maalaea, Maui. 982 -- Frank Harrison And Teresa Smith-Neizman-Recollections Of Fisheries At Lahaina And Mala, Maui;-And Kaunolu Lanai; And opelu Fishing In The Present Day-Oral History Interview With Kepa Maly And Isaac Harp-March 25, 2003, At Lahaina, Maui. 1002 -- Isaac Harp-March 26, 2003, At Wahikuli, Maui – With Kepa Maly-Fishing Along The Waianae And Kahaluu Coasts Of Oahu;-The Maalaea-Lahaina Coast Of Maui; Off Of Lanai And Kahoolawe;-And Thoughts On The Northwestern Hawaiian Islands;-And Recommendations For The Long-Term Management-Of Hawaiian Fisheries. 1020 -- Gilbert Neizman (With Tammy Neizman- And Isaac Harp)-Recollections Of Lahaina Fisheries And Fishing Practices-Oral History Interview With Kepa Maly-March 26, 2003, At Kahului, Maui. 1050 -- Moon Keahi-Recollections Of Lahaina Region And Lanai Fisheries;-(With Stanley Chock – oopu Fishing At Kahakuloa)-Oral History Interview With Kepa Maly And Isaac Harp-March 26, 2003, At Waiehu, Maui. 1073 -- Island Of Molokai:-Daniel Alapainui Kekahuna-Recollections Of West Molokai-Oral History Interview Of November 21, 1996 -- With Kepa Maly And Scott K. Adams. 1087-Mac (Kelson) Poepoe-November 21, 1996, At Hoolehua, Molokai-Interview Notes By Kepa Maly. 1098 -- Scott Kauhanehonokawailani And Sylvia Mililani Adams-November 21-22, 1996, At Hoolehua, Molokai-Interview Notes By Kepa Maly. 1099 -- Wayde Lee-November 21, 1996, At Hoolehua, Molokai-Interview Notes By Kepa Maly. 1099 -- Lawrence “Brother” Joao, Sr.-Recollections Of West Molokai-Oral History Interview At Kaunakakai, Molokai-November 21, 1996 – With Kepa Maly. 1101 -- John Dudoit Jr.-Recollections Of East Molokai-Oral History Interview At Kainalu, Molokai-April 11, 1997 – With Kepa Maly. 1113 -- William H. Kalipi Sr.-Recollections Of East Molokai-Oral History Interview At Kainalu, Molokai-April 12, 1997 – With Kepa Maly. 1130 -- Island Of Niihau And The Northwestern Hawaiian Islands-(See Also, An Oral History-Consultation Interview With Isaac Harp, Above)-Elia Kuualoha Kawika Kapahulehua-Fishing Trips From Niihau To Nihoa And Hawaiian Sailing Skills-Excerpts From A Lecture At The Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum-December 17, 2002-1148 -- Elia Kuualoha Kawika Kapahulehua-Recollections Of Native Fishing Customs And Traditions On Niihau-Oral History Interview With Kepa Maly-December 18, 2002. 1155 -- Louis “Buzzy” Agard-Recollections And Thoughts On Hawaiian Fisheries Of The-Northwestern- And Main- Hawaiian Islands-February 27, 2003 – With Kepa Maly. 1179 -- Na Moku aha-(The Northwestern Hawaiian Islands)-Oral History/Consultation Interview-With Kupuna – Louis "Buzzy" Agard, Valentine And Elizabeth Ako,-John Dudoit, Eddie Namakani Kaana ana , E. Kawika Kapahulehua,-And Walter Keliiokekai Paulo-October 27, 2003 With Kepa Maly. 1200 -- Na Moku aha-(The Northwestern Hawaiian Islands)-Oral History/Consultation Interview-November 17, 2003 With Kepa Maly-Kupuna – Louis "Buzzy" Agard, Eddie Namakani Kaanana , And-E. Kawika Kapahulehua. 1249 -- Island Of Oahu:-Jack Napuaokalauokalani Williams-Mokapu And Kaneohe Bay Fisheries-March 2, 1995 And March 31, 1995 – With Kepa Maly. 1264 -- Agnes Mccabe-Hipa-Mokapu And Ka Neohe Bay Fisheries-March 4, 1995 – With Kepa Maly And Kawelo Barber. 1270 -- George Davis, Mary Furtado-Davis, And Edith Auld-Mokapu And Kaneohe Bay Fisheries-March 8, 1995 – With Kepa Maly. 1272 -- And-George Davis-Mokapu And Kaneohe-Kailua Bay Fisheries-Field Interview Of September 23, 1996 – With Kepa Maly. 1281 -- Joseph Ha-Ia (With Karmen Haia)-And Edith Kenoiaina Auld-Mokapu And Kaneohe Bay Fisheries-March 8, And April 4, 1995 – With Kepa Maly. 1298 -- Lucia White-Whitmarsh-Mokapu And Kaneohe-Kailua Bay Fisheries-March 15, 1995 – With Kepa Maly. 1305 -- Henry H. Wong-Mokapu And Kaneohe-Kailua Bay Fisheries-March 16, 1995 – With Kepa Maly And Kawelo Barber. 1311 -- Aaron Chaney-Mokapu And Kaneohe Bay Fisheries-March 16, 1995 – With Kepa Maly. 1316 -- Margaret Chiyoko Date-Mokapu And Kaneohe Bay Fisheries-March 17, 1995 – With Kepa Maly. 1319 -- Anita Kahanupaoa Gouveia And Toni Auld Yardley-Mokapu And Kaneohe Bay Fisheries-April 15, 1995 – With Kepa Maly. 1323-Sadao And Minnie (Wong) Haitsuka-Mokapu And Kaneohe Bay Fisheries-April 18, 1995 – Interview With Kepa Maly And Diane Drigot. 1327 -- Arthur Hyde Rice Jr. (With Haunani Thompson-Rice)-Mokapu And Kaneohe-Kailua Bay Fisheries; And-A Sighting Of Moku Papapa-October 3, 17, And 21, 1996 – With Kepa Maly. 1345 -- Ruby Kekauoha-Enos-August 1, 1995 – With Kepa Maly-And-Isabella Kalehuamakanoe Kekauoha-Lin Kee-August 2, 1995 – With Kepa Maly-Laie-Koolauloa Fisheries – Recollections Of The-Inland Fishpond Of Paeo. 1355 -- Joseph “Tarzan” Ahuna And Gladys Pualoa-Laie-Koolauloa Fisheries-August 3, 1995 – With Kepa Maly. 1357 -- Martha Maleka Mahiai-Pukahi-Laie-Koolauloa Fisheries-August 4, 1995 – With Kepa Maly. 1358 -- Roland Maiola “Ahi” Logan-Laie-Koolauloa Fisheries-August 7, 1995 – With Kepa Maly. 1361 -- William Kanahele, Agnes Kanahele-Lua, Annie Kanahele-Taua,-Lucy Kaio-Marasco And Maleka Mahiai Pukahi-Laie-Koolauloa Fisheries-August 8, 1995 – With Kepa Maly. 1368 -- Viola Kehau Kekuku apuakehau Peterson Kawahigashi-Laie-Koolauloa Fisheries-August 10, 1995 – With Kepa Maly. 1370 -- Walter Kong Wong Sr.-Laie-Kahana, Koolauloa Fisheries-August 15, 1995 – With Kepa Maly. 1371 -- Thelma Genevieve Parish-With Arline Wainaha Puulei Brede-Eaton-Oral History Interview—Lands And Fisheries Of Puuloa-Honouliuli,-ewa, Oahu, May 2, 1997 – With Kepa Maly). 1373 -- Albert “Cowboy” Hollis Silva-Recollections Of Waianae District Fisheries-December 21, 1997 – At khikilolo-February 5, 1998 – Makua-Kahanaha Iki Site Visit With Kepa Maly. 1384 -- Charles Keonaona Bailey-Waianae District Fisheries-January 5, 1998 – At Maili, Interview With Kepa Maly. 1399 -- William J. aila Jr.-Waianae District Fisheries-January 5, 1998, At Lualualei – Interview With Kepa Maly. 1408 -- Charles K. Reiny-Waianae District Fisheries-February 4, 1998, At Makua – Interview With Kepa Maly. 1421 -- Masato Yamada (With Joseph Hines And Niki Ahuna-Hines)-Recollections Of Waima Nalo Fisheries-November 15, 1999 – With Kepa Maly (And Lisa Ferentinos). 1427 -- William Kulia Lemn-Traditions And Practices Of The Moanalua Vicinity, Island Of Oahu-Oral History Interview At Anahola, Kauai-February 15, 2003 With Kepa Maly. 1437 -- Walter Melville Kaiapa Pomroy-Recollections Of Waikiki-Kapahulu, Waimanalo-And Other Oahu Fisheries-Oral History Interview With Kepa Maly-February 15, 2003 At Anahola, Kauai. 1456 --


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