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By Beer, Gary L

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Book Id: WPLBN0002822003
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Reproduction Date: 12/23/2012

Title: Suzy  
Author: Beer, Gary L
Language: English
Subject: Fiction, Murder Thriller, Crime Thriller
Collections: Adventure, Criminology, Ophthalmology, Authors Community, Recreation, Literature, Finance, Economy, Most Popular Books in China
Publication Date:
Publisher: Gary L Beer
Member Page: Gary L Beer


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“Here you are,” says Suzy as she walks into the lounge carrying Doug's dinner; “looks like you have had a hard day.” she says as she sees the frown on Doug's face. “Hard day? You don’t know the half of it.” he snaps as he stares into her eyes not attempting to take the tray from her hands. “We are not going to argue are we? Come on, I have cooked your favourite roast dinner.” Suzy replies holding the tray out towards him. Doug stands up and knocks the tray out of Suzy's hands slapping her on the face before the tray hits the floor; “What are you after?” he demands in a cruel voice. “I want a quiet evening for a change.” she screams back. Doug punches her hard on the shoulder as she turns away and only succeeds getting as far as the fireplace; when he grabs her hair, twisting it viciously. Trying to grab hold of the mantel piece her fingers touch the long silver letter opener and Suzy's hand curls around it instinctively. As Doug pulls her towards him she lashes out with the opener stabbing it into his throat below the right jaw, she hadn't meant to stab him, and she just wanted to hurt him back. Pulling the silver letter opener out of Doug's throat as the blood pours out over her hand Doug slumps to the floor. She must have stabbed him in the main artery, the blade penetrating into his windpipe as he makes no sound. Suzy looks down at his dead body as tears fill her eyes; now she is in big trouble. With tears coursing down her cheeks she goes into the kitchen and washes the letter opener and her hands under the hot tap. Evening is approaching and she draws the curtains and turns on the light. Washing her face under the cold running tap she dries it using the kitchen towel and thinks as to what to do next.

Burying her husband in the garden under the runner bean patch seemed the best idea. At least burying him there she would be able to keep an eye on him. Suzy had not meant to kill him and then she meets her old friend Lewis, would he help her, or make things worse?

Pulling up outside the corner shop Suzy is pleased to see it empty of customers inside and gets out the car quickly; locking it she enters the shop and makes her way to the coffee and sugar. The supermarket seems too much for her at the moment and Suzy picks up a large jar of coffee and two bags of sugar. Taking them to the till she puts them on the counter and walks over to the fridge picking up two large bottles of full fat milk and returns to the counter as the lad who is serving, totals them up on the till. Paying her money Suzy says a polite 'Thank you' and arms loaded with her shopping walks out to the car. Putting the milk down onto the pavement Suzy unlocks the car and puts the coffee and sugar onto the back seat. As she picks up the milk a Volkswagen Polo pulls up close to her car and parks. Suzy looks up in irritation as the driver, parking so close has made it difficult for her to drive away as a car is also parked in front of her. “Hello Suzy.” says the driver as he opens his door and gets out; it is her university friend Lewis. “Hello Lewis, long time no see.” she smiles. “Yes been a while, how are you?” he answers with genuine pleasure at their meeting. Lewis still had long hair as she remembered and had gathered a few grey hairs and wrinkles as he has aged. But Suzy remembers him as if it was yesterday; not the fifteen years it has been. “Fine thank you; and you?” “All the better for seeing you, where's Doug?” “We split up about a week ago.” “Oh, sorry to hear that, but a week is not very long you will get back together again.” “No, not this time he has moved out, gone to live with his fancy woman.” Suzy lies. “So you are on your own now, no boyfriend?” asks Lewis hopefully, as he had always fancied Suzy. “Yes all alone now, going to leave it a while before I get involved with someone again.” “You sound positive about that, all right if I visit you?” Suzy looks at Lewis, she had always liked him and could do with some company; “Yes that would be nice.” she says her smile broadening. “What you up to now? I got the day off today if now is not too soon?” “Be good to see you; as long as you move your car back.” answers Suzy with a big smile as she opens her car door and gets in and puts the bottles of milk on to the passenger’s seat. Lewis holds her door open until she is settled and shuts it firmly; “See you in about five minutes, I gotta get some baccy.” “Ok see you in five.” smiles Suzy as Lewis walks back to his car and gets in behind the wheel. Starting the engine with the car door open he reverses the car about two metres and watches Suzy as she reverses and pulls out into the road. Giving her a wave Lewis drives his car forward and turns the engine off. Smiling broadly and thanking his god for starting the day off well he optimistically goes into the shop.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six Chapter Seven Chapter Eight Chapter Nine Chapter Ten Chapter Eleven Chapter Twelve Chapter Thirteen Chapter Fourteen Chapter Fifteen Chapter Sixteen The Author


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