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Rohingyas : Insecurity and Citizenship in Myanmar

By: Dr. Trevor Gibson, Editor; Helen & Lindsay James & Falvey, Editor

Includes a case study of new information

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Thai Leather : Quality Cattle Hides in Thailand

By: Pakapun Skunmun

This book covers a wide range of aspects of cattle and buffalo hide collection, storage and processing in Thailand. No previous collation of information on the subject exists and, together with research presented herein, this book represents a milestone in understanding of a neglected industry with great commercial potential from improved management. The story starts with the emergence of Thailand as one of the world’s major agricultural exporters in many fields often to...

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Budgeting for a Thai Autonomous University : The Case of Thaksin U...

By: Dr. Wasan Kanchanamukda

What this Book is About? The 1990s decision of Thailand to transition some public universities towards autonomy retained overall accountability for government allocations while internal university matters were to be left to University Councils. An autonomous university in Thailand is defined as a government agency that receives a block grant, operates outside the government bureaucracy and is overseen by the Minister of Education. This includes freedom to determine sa...

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Cyclone Nargis, Myanmar : Risk Reduction in Natural Resource Manag...

By: Dr. John Espie Leake

What this Book is About There is a commonly held view that the incidence and scale of disasters is increasing in the modern world although some disagreement on whether the incidence of events, such as Tsunamis, earthquakes, fires, floods etc., that can give rise to disasters is increasing. The view is understandable, both population and their built environment are increasing so more is at risk and this trend of increased risk will continue while populations continue...

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