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Such a phase has never happened before; happens just once. Wisdom of supreme significance relating science and humanity is getting revealed exposing the causal basis behind everything from a tiny particle to a mighty galaxy. Confirming all phases of knowledge from first human until now brought by prophets, reformers, scientists and thinkers, it discloses with logical evidence why human stands distinct with intellect from the rest of the species, why the Earth exists with its innumerable species in its nature and ecology and is kept in the solar system with its lively habitat at the position, orbit and distance from the Sun, and why humankind is included in this earthly environment. Its realm includes the bases of hue and mathematics, particles and cells, species and planets, stars and galaxies, water and air in short, everything. We learn now the physical and functional characteristics of atoms and cells, plant and animal species, natural phenomena, the solar system, galaxy clusters and dark energy. It is possible for human to decode the encoded primal reasons of why each object and living being formed and functions that way. Just as travelling to the infinities of the universe, we read here about a journey to the infinities of the intellect. The understanding of how an object forms and functions with its nature will take us with proof to the depths of formation and functioning of the entire universe.

General Information:

All heads of nations, UN bodies and Secretary General, international courts, religious heads, spiritual leaders, thinkers, writers, rationalists and agnostics need to note the Message with utmost seriousness and sense of responsibility. The heads of universities and research centres, mathematicians and scientists have to logically ponder upon this. All human rights officials, judges of courts, social reformers and visionaries must fulfil obligation to the Revealing Wisdom. Since it is for the sole purpose of fulfilling the covenant between the soul and the First Cause that knowledge, power and opportunities are given, it is the responsibility of all the heads of nations, judiciary, science communities, reformers, research centres and universities to understand the Message in depth in a deserving way, sternly holding to the fundamental law that human–fashioned with utmost eminence, given birth on Earth with exalted, profound intellect–is only one although diverse in race, country, belief or nature, and make urgent preparations for the forward journey unifying human as intended and ordered by birth. Just as air and water are one, beliefs regarding fundamental principles of creation must be one for all.

To enter the extensive areas of Ceenom, a team of dedicated, highly competent intellects needs to be formed at once. More than 1000 mails are being sent to selected List Informed (Ch:58) including all heads of nations, judiciary, UN, reputed universities, research centres, social and human rights organisations, religious heads, eminent researchers, Nobel laureates, scientific journals and media. A communication of such significance and urgency has never been sent in history nor sent to such a wide list of reputed centres and individuals. A study of the List reveals the gravity and profundity of the matter. We read now about us, about why we are here and what our final destination is. Answer to this intellectual enquiry that began from first human is getting obtained with analytical evidence.

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