Born on August 1970, of Filipino and Italian ancestry. Studied Sociology, English literature and Psychological Marketing. A natural born musician and art fanatic. Studied in The British School of Manila, Lourdes School Quezon City and The University of the East. Currently working as a freelance article writer and presently resides in Manila.

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Believes that facing the ugliness of the reality of life and accepting it is a genuine first step to attain contentedness and peace, removing the distortion and disillusion that may very well lead a person on the perception of "Hope in false pretense".

Took up Sociology in college to know the truth about society and the human psyche. Despite the evident brutality of man's ugly savage nature, Fred still believes that the human species can still evolve out of it's primitive perception of life.

"What we really have in this world is just each other and that's all there is. Bloated egotistical admiration for all of man's achievements for himself. All of these are a clear signs of insecurity and fear of the inevitable" -- Fred Jacob.

A writer not by choice but by a self consumed desperation to reach out by matter of words by that what can be written, and somehow try to send a simple message that as the whole humanity of this planet has lost a clear perspective on the "real" state of how we live our lives and our purpose for doing so.

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Coping with Diabetes : A Day to Day Struggle

By: Frederick Fontanilla Jacob

Unknown to most people, Diabetes is not just a single disease but rather a group of complex diseases which have stemmed from various causes resulting in people having an above average blood glucose count or more commonly know as hyperglycemia. Diabetes affects all gender and age groups and is very common among people with a prolonged medical history of high blood pressure, heart ailments and kidney problems among others. Besides adults, children are also affected with th...

Sometimes, over complacency may get the best of most of us, particularly those who resolve themselves for not feeling anything that may give them the urge to visit a doctor unless they feel that there is something wrong with them, which in most cases may be a little bit too late for preventive medications. Over time, high blood glucose level damages nerves and blood vessels, leading to complications such as heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, blindness, dental disease...

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A Moonlight Walk to Paradise

By: Frederick Fontanilla Jacob

“There are certain moments in an individual's life that makes them pause for a while and fall in a deep lost thought of sorting through their memories and picking out what they can assert as the “best day of their lives”. As same as everybody else, I too had quite a few good ones that I can decently share with people that I know of but the most memorable thought that I will never forget is during the time that I was in the company of a woman. Now, I know that most of...

"She began to smile as though the room was lit bright by her radiance and overtook the darkness that occupied the whole place! By now our hands were touching each other and intimately caressing, I on my part was slowly running the back of my hand to where a portion of the skin of her arm was showing. Lightly touching it with gentle strokes as though I was trying to feel its silky texture and was longing for more. I could see that she was not annoyed nor intimidated by...

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