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No Frills on Java - Introductory Level

By: sherif hassan sadek

By the end of this book, you will be familiar with the programming world, be able to write a Java class and instantiate (create) objects that represent these classes and put them into action. You will be able to write a professional code and to deal with code written by others. The topics are tied together, and built on each other, so, if this is your first time with Java, it is recommended to read the chapters in the same sequence they are presented in the book. We

Is this book for me, do I need to read_the_book? 1. If these are your first steps to Java, then read_the_book = yes. 2. If you are not looking for a reference, but for a book that will help you understand the world of Object Oriented Programming beside Java, then read_the_book = yes. 3. If you want to focus on the 20% knowledge that will help you to do 80% of tasks required, then read_the_book = yes. If you are looking for a pile of real world scenarios and trai...

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