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Dieselpunk ePulp Showcase 2 : Volume 2

By: John Picha; Grant Gardiner

This sci-fi smorgasbord serves up 9 retro tales inspired by the pulp magazines of the 1920s - 1940s. It drops you into the deco chiseled cities of alternate Americana, airlifts you to exotic locales, then rockets you to the farthest reaches of yesterday’s tomorrows! Witness the otherworldly genesis of Wild Marjoram in a Chicagoland speakeasy as the violence of the all-female Killdeer Gang reaches vigilante-inspired fever pitch in "The Birth." Flying taxis fight for...

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ePulp Sampler Vol 1

By: John Picha; Matthew J Davies

Get ready to explore strange worlds, visit forgotten pasts, and delve into parallel histories. Prepare to encounter an eclectic mix of heroes walking the line between life and death. Duck as Rurik's blade carves demons in the Celtic landscape of dark fantasy. Witness the Dead Reckoner, a battlefield ghost looking for absolution in a weird war tale. Face Nazi occupation of USA with Wild Marjoram in an alternate history. Race through the Great Depression on an errand of me...


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The Skyracos Dicta

By: John Picha

This genuine sci-fi artifact comes from another world and is a companion piece to the Skyraco ePulps. This souvenir collectable is a must-download for any Skyraco fan across the Earth. The Skyracos Dicta was compiled from the notes of Ozgood Price, the first and most famous Skyraco. He meant for it to act as an operational guide, a code of conduct, a credo, a list of virtues, commandments, prime directives, and most importantly, a method for survival. Now, long after ...

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Dieselpunk Epulp Showcase : Volume 1

By: John W. Picha; Grant Gardiner

WELCOME TO THE RETRO FUTURE When I started the Dieselpunks website years ago, the word “dieselpunk” was still a curiosity. Sure, it was loaded with familiar tropes like Pulp Adventure, Film Noir, and Weird Horror, but the artists were mashing these concepts together with something different, something a little more contemporary. At that time, the steampunks were just starting to climb their way from the underground and gain traction as a legitimate style, but there ...

THE 1920s. MID-WESTERN COMMONWEALTH, CHICAGO. “Well if it ain’t that then what was it?” “It was all those damn fool bankers in New York.” “Bankers?” “Yeah, bankers. They’re the ones who caused everything that’s happened. A huge pack of New York bankers got greedy. And the country was the one to cop it in the teeth when it all headed south.” “Nah. It weren’t that.” “It was too. And everyone knows it. Bankers got greedy, they sold Louisiana back to the ...

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