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Hypotheses on Ulysses

By: Antonio Mercurio

“The Odyssey is not an adventure story. It is, rather, a book of wisdom that explains the art of humanity’s journey toward becoming artists of life and of the life of the universe. It tells the tale of a love story that is based on love as a decision and as a project. It is not a tale of love based on falling in love or, worse, on love as passion, which is so greatly celebrated in literature and in the public opinion, but which has never brought happiness to anyone and has, instead, brought great grief and tragedy. It is based on a love that needs sky and earth, cosmic and human forces to be realized; a love that must meet and fuse within the hearts of Ulysses and Penelope. It is a love based on truth and freedom, values that are conquered at a very high price, where life faces pain and death over and over again so they can be transformed into a new creation of immortal beauty, that once created can no longer die. This type of project for the couple, which strongly contrasts with the c...

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