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I and Thou

By: Martin Bube

...ilosophy and theology. 1 and TIum' is to be understood in the context of Buber's 'previous intensive study, chiefly of Jewish mystical writings. It... ..., as persons and as groups, in the modern world. This immediate value of Buber's work becomes clear if we consider its main thesis. There is, Buber... ...on of persons, organisa:tion in the connexion vii between things. It is Buber's signal achievement to have so expressed the nature of the personal... ...eaders of the cecumenical Church movement shows the explicit influence of Buber's thought in the sphere of " practical " ChriStianity. In the secon... ...g subjects within the sa.UJ.e closed system was not seriously considered. Buber has given intellectual status to the problem of the relation betwee...

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